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Fall Beauty Favorites

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Fall is great time to focus on skin! I am scrubbing off all the summer and working on that winter glow! As our temps will be dipping our skin can lose moisture and get dry.

This Pumpkin Enzyme mask has been a front runner for the last couple weeks. It’s the yummiest fall scent and really gets your skin squeaky clean and decongested but also resurfaces at the same time.

Tackling fine lines and skin texture are some of the major issues I’m tackling this fall. I’ve introduced this Glycolic Night Serum into my night routine and already can see results!

I’m guilty of being a total sun worshiper in my past. I still love a Cali tan but try and do my best to keep my sun exposure to a minimum. To keep a summer tan all year, this Sunless tanner is my all time favorite and I can’t recommend it enough! Make sure to snag the mit too for flawless coverage and no streaking!

Nothing screams fall more than rich tones on your digits! A fall mani/ pedi isn’t complete without a deep dark red paired with a classic red that never goes out of style or season!

I noticed my pores where getting really congested and started switching up my moisturizer to see if that was the culprit. I swapped my daily moisturizer for this Rose Hip oil and all of my pores seem to be happy again! It’s all natural and can be used to boost skin elasticity, minimize scars, burns, stretch marks you name it!

Lastly, is getting all that dead skin off your pucker! I’ve been using this Sara Happ duo and the grapefruit flavor is heavenly!

Easy back to school hair styles for girls

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All Things Back To School.png

With school back in full swing, our schedule get’s more packed by the second. We need simple, cute hair styles to get us out the door looking great with little effort. Here are some of our fave go to looks for all things hair cute.

Twisted bun:

This style is so simple! You part the hair on the side. The start rolling a 2 inch section away from the face tightly until you reach nape of neck. Pin and repeat on the other side. Secure the rolls with a rubber band. Tuck under the remaining hair to create a little bun. Add a fun scarf tie or a scrunchie to hide the rubber band. This style is great for dirty hair!

hairstyle for girls
hairstyle for girls

French braid pony tail:

This is exactly as the title says. Start by brushing all hair back. Then start an inside out french braid ( instead of sections going over each other these sections go under) Stop braid at crown of head. Sweep the rest of the hair up to meet braid and make a pony tail. Secure hair with a rubber band. Pancake or fluff the braid by gently tugging each loop out to make a thicker look. Add favorite scrunchie or bow.

Easy hairstyle

Headbanded side bun:

We love a good head band moment in our house! They handle a world of weird hair days with one simple step. This look is easy peasy. Part hair and brush smooth. Top with favorite headband. Then brush all hair smooth to side and secure into a pony tail under the ear at neck. Twist ponytail and wrap into a bun. Secure with pins. This looks is ideal for dirty hair or bad hair days.

Easy hairstyle for girls

Half up:

With shorter hair a top knot really isn’t as easy. This cute half up style is still out of the face but give that perky cheerleader vide. Sweep hair towards top of head starting at the ears. Brush top section and secure with a rubber band. Loop the pony tail section under to create little tucked under bun. Secure with cute bow or scarf to match outfit and give flair.


Nordstrom Sale: Beauty

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Okay girls! Here are my best of the best beauty picks from the Nordstrom Sale. I have some major, well used, faves in this batch. Hands down my most used product is the best self tanner. This one is a jumbo size which is a major steal for the size! It’s 3 times a much as usual for $6 more! Seriously the most gorgeous tan every time! My most coveted devices ( here and here ) that I may just have to pull the trigger on finally and lastly my most used device. I’ve also included my most used makeup products ( here and here ) to master my favorite 5 minute face. I also included some of my hair favorites ( here and here) both for myself and for my work kit.

Getting out of winter rut

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winter rut

You guys! I have been in the biggest winter rut and to be honest, not all that sad about it. I have been all about the cozy, snuggly weather we have been having. This then equates to the most comfortable, warm clothes and very little effort in much else. While I’ve made progress on some house projects like organizing, cleaning and decluttering, I’ve been way to lazy on myself. So it’s time to get it together! Here is the plan!

  1. Get dressed- like actually dressed. Pants, top, coat the whole thing. I was in a heavy rotation of not so cute workout clothes and sweaters with UGGs and it wan’t my best look to say the least. So simple but each morning I am getting an outfit on and putting some effort into it.

  2. Upping my water intake- this seems time and time again to be a struggle for me. I am just never ever motivated to drink nearly enough water. This of course leads to me feeling sluggish and totally dehydrated. So I’m starting with 1 32 oz bottle a day this week and next week upping to 2 32 oz. I’ve got my Hydroflask basically strapped to my hand to make sure I’m forcing myself to do it. For some reason the straw lid totally helps. Who knows why!

  3. Start a structured eating plan-guys, my eating habits have been so fat and happy lately! I can’t even for one second lie and say I haven’t loved just eating what I’ve wanted when I’ve wanted to. The problem with that is that I am just not a body type or person that can do that and keep the portions in control. Bowl of ice cream after pizza/movie night? Yep! And don’t even get me started on the Girl Scout cookie consumption party I’ve been on. Now it’s been all fun and games until my system is just not loving it anymore. I am so bloated and yucky feeling and just have no energy. Enough is enough! I get really motivated by a structured eating plan and have jumped back on the balanced/healthy eating of Tone it Up. The meals are super yummy and I get to eat all the time which is my favorite!

  4. Get that booty moving- All of the above combined has nearly extinguished my excericise consistency. So I’m forcing myself ( somewhat unhappily) to get back into the program! Because I am on the shorter side, any excess fluff really shows. So it’s time to get this booty moving. I’ve committed to 4-5 days of exercise in some form. This for me is looking like short bursts of Tone it Up, walks in the neighborhood ( I am highly energized by the sunshine and being outside) and classes at my favorite gym T3 like barre, piloxing and yoga. I’m not going to beat myself up over it but definitely need to get a consistent mindset of daily exercise. Aiming to get it be mindlessly just part of my routine.

  5. Spice up my beauty routine- this is my favorite one! I got myself a new cleanser and toner to revive my dehydrated skin. I also added in Collegen to my diet to help hydrate from the inside out. I am making a point to apply some self tanner once a week cause everyone is happier with a tan in my mind. And lastly bleaching my teeth and favorite face mask once a week. It’s all in the little things! I may even get ambitious and give myself a mani/ pedi.

These are all such small, easy things to do but I’m already feeling the benefits! I have my pep in my step back and feel so great to be on the move again!

Tween makeup

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Hello awkward tween age!!!! We aren’t quite in it yet with Capri but it’s coming and it’s going to be glorious. We have a friend who’s daughter Lilah is 12. For her birthday she asked for a makeup session with me. How cool am I????!!! Lilah’s mama Kristi suggested we hit 100%Pure to keep her products as clean as possible, which I thought was an amazing idea. The whole line is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, natural and fruit pigmented. I hear all the time that so many women have no clue how to make themselves feel beautiful with makeup. Either it intimidates them or their mom never taught them. I feel like it’s such a skill to teach our girls. To not only educate them on how to take care of their skin with basic hygiene but also teach them how to highlight their own beauty in a natural way. It can only help them in so many occasions to know how to put their look together and put their best foot forward.

lilah makeup

Now a little background on why this mama trusted me with her babelet. I have been in the beauty industry for 11 years with my hair and makeup biz KG Hair and Makeup. My whole philosophy when it comes to beauty is to accentuate and highlight each person’s individual beauty. Kristi knew I would have a light touch when it came to keeping my recommendations and lesson very age appropriate.


I wasn’t super familiar with the 100%Pure line so it was really fun to get my hands on the products and educate myself on the goodies. I also find it really important to learn about our own features and learn how to properly. Lilah is starting into puberty with a little acne but nothing big. We wanted to address that to give her tools to feel confident through that fun phase. I really wanted to focus on ease also. I chose products that didn’t need a lot of fuss or finesse.

Here is what we chose and why…

Luminous Primer - “Silicone-free, vitamin and antioxidant-infused, luminous primer makes cosmetic application last longer and flawless; fills in lines for smoothness while light-reflective pigments diffuse flaws and illuminate for a healthy, glowing complexion.”

Why? a. makeup goes on so much smoother when skin is prepped with a primer. It also helps create a barrier between skin and makeup. I asked Lilah if she liked a dewier look or something more matte. She liked mine (personal high five) which is on the dewy end. Tween skin can be on the oilier end so we are going to watch that and see how the Luminous formula looks on her.

Powder Foundation- “Talc-free, fruit pigmented® powder foundation absorbs oil and reduces shine with medium coverage, mattifying rice powder. Made with nourishing fruit oils.”

Why? a. I was between the Powder foundation and Tinted Moisturizer . I loved both but figured the powder would be more user friendly for Lilah and less likely to get over done. I wanted to get something that would even out any redness and blur any of the new little pimples that may come up.

Cheek and Lip Tint- “Designed for double duty as both a cream blush and lip tint. Made with vibrant fruit pigments, plus shea and cocoa butters for intense skin and lip-softening.”

Why? a. I loved the simplicity of a double duty product. We chose the color Pink Grapefruit Glow which was the perfect light pink for her fair skin. I showed her how to apply it lightly on the apple of her cheek. When using tints like this you want to build the color slowly. Pat your ring finger on the product and tap the color on to get a good read on how color is building. You want to mimic a natural flush.

Satin Eye Shadow-

Why? a. I love a cream eye shadow for ease of application. You can apply a swipe of a creme eyeshadow with your finger and you are good to go. Simple and pretty! I didn’t want to jump into blending lesson with Lilah yet. I explained to her how her eyes are almond shaped with a monolid so she knew how to describe her eyes and work with their unique shape. I explained the goal with her eyes would be to open them up and keep them bright. We chose the color Bahamas for it’s soft flesh color shimmer.

Ultra Lengthening Mascara- “Lengthens and separates lashes without clumping, smudging, or flaking. Coats each lash with conditioners and natural pigment from black tea, berries, and cocoa.”

Why? a. We definitely didn’t need the lengthening aspect of this mascara but wanted to give Lilah some darkness on her light blonde eyelashes. She has the prettiest blue eyes and I opted for the Blackberry color for her. It’s a really gorgeous deep plum color to pop her baby blues. I explained to her that plums and warm brown colors are best for her blue eyes. Another great option would be a brown mascara but I thought the plum was something a little fun and different for her.

Day in the life of a momprenuer

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I had a funny conversation with a friend the other day about what was on my agenda for my "average Momprenuer" Monday.  I was saying how relaxed the day was going to be and then got to really thinking what my "normal" Monday would be. Momprenuer life is no joke!  Mom's wear many hats and then add in work life the hats double and triple.  I am so fortunate to have a couple businesses that allow me most of the time to work from home.  Nevertheless, my days are run like a well oiled machine.  Not every day is the same but here is my Monday from this week.  Don't miss the big GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!!! It's a good one!!! Let's get into it!

7:00 am I rustle up throw on my robe over my pjs and get to the morning routine. Yes, I am 100% the mom that rocks her robe to school drop off!   Peyton is not a morning kid and loves to be cozy so she takes quite a while to get rolling.  Capri is much more like me and once we are up , we are up.  We check the weather and quickly decide what to wear that day.  As the girls wake up and get dressed, I start breakfast. Our hens are giving us so many eggs so mornings consist of scrambled eggs, berries and english muffin. As the girls eat, we listen to some music and I work on lunches.  Lunches consist of half a sandwich ( peanut butter only for Capri and peanut butter and jelly for Peyton- Don't mix them up mommy!!) a piece of fruit like a cutie orange and a healthy chip or pretzel with juice.  Snacks get packaged and put into backpacks while the girls grab their vitamins and start working on brushing their hair.  Hair done, teeth brushed, shoes on and off we go!  

Day in the life of a momprenuer

7:40 am Off to school.  We love to listen to music and chat on the way to school.  I really try and make mornings fun so it starts our day off great!  

8:05 am We roll into school drop off with kisses and love

9:00 am 2 cups of coffee and email checking begins while one load of laundry gets started.  

9:30 am I make a couple protein pancakes or eggs and get to responding to my emails, making grocery lists for the day, list of things I need to accomplish that day ie. change sheets, pay bills, clean bathrooms, workout, bleach teeth, shower etc.  

To do list

10:00 am Start to do list.  Fold and restart new load of laundry. Strip the sheets on the beds.  Clean dishes from morning and clean kitchen countertops and reorganize living room.  Run Puppy ( Roomba) 

Smile brilliant
Smile Brilliant before and after

Smile Brilliant before and after results

10:30 am Workout for the day ( quick Tone it Up workout or a class) and beauty maintainence.  This would be doing some self tanner, giving myself a mani pedi, face mask or teeth bleaching. This may seem silly but being a blogger and work in the wedding industry it's important for me to keep my self situated.  Nails are in my bride's wedding photos and in my blog photos.  We randomly need to shoot a look or something quick for the blog so self tanner helps me not look scary.  Teeth bleaching was on my 2018 goal list.  I partnered this year I partnered with  Smile Brilliant and have the prettiest teeth I've ever had.  I've used white strips in the past and would be so frustrated with them sliding around and missing the stains on my gum line not to mention ouch to my sore gums.   Smile Brilliant bleaching trays have been a game changer!  I got customized trays that fit my teeth perfectly, bleaching gels and even desensitizing gel to keep my gums happy.  I pop in my trays and get on without a hitch in my to do list.  I can tackle phone calls without sounding funny, do a workout, take a shower or even run an errand and they are virtually undetectable. I brush my teeth to get my morning coffee off, pop on my trays with bleaching gel in for 30 minutes.  Brush with wet ,sans toothpaste and follow with desensitizing gel for 20-30 min.  I rinse and viola! I pop in my trays and get on without a hitch in my to do list.  I can tackle phone calls without sounding funny, do a workout, take a shower or even run an errand and they are virtually undetectable.   

11:30 am  possibly shower and back to computer.  This time I follow up on morning emails and start working on timelines for upcoming bride trial runs and weddings.  Next, emails go out to my team to keep them up to speed on upcoming appointments or weddings.  This is my time for brainstorming on new blog posts and/or shooting them and online shopping for items for upcoming posts or trips.  

12:30 pm  out of the house chores.  This Monday,I dropped my car off at car wash and walked over to  Target to get a competition team little present for Capri's competition team sister, more La Croix ( obviously) and trash bags.  Next was grocery store for week's worth of groceries and Erik's meal prep items.  

1:00 pm Run home with groceries.  Throw together a simple lunch ( I love leftovers or lettuce wrap or salad).  After lunch, I put away the morning's laundry and listen to a podcast ( I'm into Goal Digger or Lady Gang) 

2:00 pm I grab a La Croix and head to pick up the girls from school

After school snack

3:00 pm I prep a snack for the girls while they relax and start getting homework out.  We like crackers, celery and peanut butter, apples or pretzels and quac or hummus. Snack plates and fruit bowls are big favorites.  

3:15 pm Homework for both girls while I go through their school folders to see what's up for the week from their teachers.  

4:30 pm  Capri gets ballet gear on and hair up in bun and off we go do dance for the night.  Monday's dance schedule consists of Ballet and Lyrical for her. 

5:15 pm  Peyton finishes up homework or works on some chores while I start dinner.  Tonight we are having spaghetti.  Ground turkey, yummy Rao's sauce, whole wheat noodles for girls and zoodles  for me and Erik.  After dinner is ready Peyton and I play a game or watch a movie together. 

7:00 pm We pick up Capri from dance and daddy gets home from work. 

7:30 pm We gather at the table for dinner ( non-negotiable) and chat about our days.  We have our routine of "Best Day"  we each take a turn discussing the best part about our day.  This could be something awesome that happened that day or something simple like the pretty weather or great song we heard.  It gets us all talking and connected.  I'm a big believer in family dinners and lots of conversation at the table.  


8:00 pm Girl's jump in shower, brush teeth, brush their hair and night time books picked out for reading.  Hugs and kisses and na night time.

8:30 pm Erik usually tucks in around this time too for his early morning wake up call (3:00 am) while I clean up after dinner.  I usually hit my emails one more time to make sure I got any lingering emails answered, blog posts finished or projects wrapped up.  Tonight I finished up my computer work and plopped down on the couch to work on my bible study lesson for Thursday.  After my study, I either play on instagram and watch all my favorite stories, watch a quick episode of my shows ( The Crown or Animal Kingdom) 

10:30 pm Lights out for mommy! 

Every day is different and I keep a tight eye on my schedule for the week to make sure to stay ahead of any things that may need prepping.  Girl Scout badges needing sewing, school party treats, new dance tights etc etc etc.  In honor of all you busy working mamas, I've partnered with Smile Brilliant to giveaway $149 credit towards your own Smile Brilliant bleaching kit and 15% to all my readers using the code below! 


15% off coupon code: lifewithlipstickon15

Giveaway link:


Glowy 5 Minute Makeup tutorial: VIDEO

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You guys ask all the time about my every day makeup look!  I am happy to share it here for you all!  I hope you guys find it as easy as it really is!  I firmly believe in natural beauty and am not a personal fan of perfection!  My belief is brows are supposed to be sisters not twins!  Everything doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!  

Here are all the products I used: 

Step by Step: 

1. Prime face and neck and hydrate skin with a spritz of rose water

2.  Apply dime size of CC Cream to foundation brush and stipple on whole face to blend. Make sure to blend down neck and ears. 

3.  Swipe concealer under eyes and pat with moistened Beauty Blender to blend.  I like to pat my concealer down near my nose to outer corner of eye to create a triangle as well as cover my whole lid. This acts like an eyeshadow primer. 

4.  Set foundation and concealer with loose setting powder 

5. Using a fan brush, dust bronzer under cheek bones to contour as well as eye lids, neck  and hair line.  This is where the sun would natural kiss the skin.  Adding it to your eye lids starts an eyeshadow layering process without all the extra work. 

6.  Using an angled blush brush, apply blush to apples of cheeks

7.  Apply lighter eyeshadow from your Cordura duo to the outer socket of the eyelid.  Wiggle back and forth to build up a little color in the corner top portion of the eye.  Without picking up any more color,, using small circular motions, blend the shadow with your eye shadow brush through the crease concentrating on outer corner. 

8. With an angled liner brush, use the darker shadow from the duo to create a soft smoky liner.  Start from the middle of the eye's lash line and wiggle color along the lashes until you reach the outer corner.  If you want to draw the up a bit ( my eyes slope down naturally) create a little wing or flick with the shadow.  This doesn't have to be perfect. The smokier and smudged the better. Soft is best!  Add a bit more color to brush and start your lower lashe line from the outer corner working towards the center. By keeping darkness on outer corners only you draw the eye up and open.  Use your finger to smudge any harsh lines. 

9.  Apply three coats of black mascara. I like to wiggle a little on the bottom outer lashes. 

10.  Using a brow brush or your fingers, brush brows upwards. Begin creating light small strokes with your brow pencil.  Concentrate color only in the center of the brows. With light stroked draw small "hairs" upwards in the inner eye area of brow.  Lastly elongate and shape the end of the brow to come to a soft point. I find a small peak at the top of the brow is universally flattering. Finish by brushing your brows up again to see if you missed any spots or to blend your work.  

11.  Apply cream highlighter to apples of cheeks, brow bones, temples, tip of nose and cupid's bow.  Blend with fingers. 

12.  Finish your look with a light shimmery bronze lipstick.  

My top skin savers of 2017 Video

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I worked really hard on my skin this past year and am so excited to share with you some of the products that made my skin super happy. We tackled fine lines, melasma, hydration and crows feet majorly this year and I've linked all my finds below! 

Disclaimer: while watching this video you will experience a severe amount of jazz hands. 

Gifts for the Beauty Lovers

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What's the deal with Charcoal?

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All I hear about in the beauty biz is the hype about charcoal.  We have the charcoal masks and pills and I even came across charcoal lemonade this weekend.  So what's the deal with charcoal?  I wanted to see what the fuss was about. The thought of ingesting charcoal seemed so gross and the idea of putting on my face seemed like a big mess!  Here is what I've found! 


My investigating: 

The benefits of charcoal are actually quite amazing!  It has been mostly used in hospitals for alcohol poisoning and other poisoning.  It essentially is a filtration system for whatever it is applied to.  Chemicals attach to it and pull the toxins from your body.  It's all natural and detoxifies and reenergizes skin, hair and your gut.  

How it's being used for beauty:

So I made the mistake of going to charcoal full force without doing the full research.  And I made Erik do it too!  LOL!  He had no clue I was doing it wrong!  I'm dying now laughing but it was a mess!!  I literally put a tsp of Activated Charcoal in water and slapped it all over our faces.  Yep!  We looked like chimney sweeps!  So note....that is the wrong way!!!!  The whole point of charcoal applied to skin is that it grabs all the impurities, oil and all the gunk that sits on the skin and lives in your pores.  It doesn't leave any residue of itself behind so your skin is left squeaky clean.  It helps oily skin and  shrinks pores because they aren't holding a bunch of junk in them.  If you use an exfoliator before you even get deeper clean out!  Make note though, you aren't supposed to use charcoal daily!  Once a week is fine! 

How I was supposed to use it: 

1/2 tsp of Activated Charcoal

1/2 tsp Bentonite Clay ( this is the step I missed.  The Bentonite helps give potion an extra punch and also helps bind the mask together.  

1 1/2 tsp water

Mix in a little mixing bowl and apply to face. Wait 7-10 minutes. Wash off your face and pat dry.  Let skin breathe for a bit then apply your regular moisturizer.  Say good by to black heads!


Everyday makeup shopping trip

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The other day I took you makeup shopping with me on Snapchat to pick up some of my tried and true makeup staples ( I explain why in the video) .  I am super simple with my everyday makeup and love products that check off a lot of boxes and save time.  I headed to Ulta for my favorite foundation from It Cosmetics.  I love this one because it offers full coverage but also gives SPF 50!  I've used it for years now and would highly recommend!  . 

I chose Ulta because they carry my foundation but there are other products I swear by from other shops.  

I love DiorShow mascara for fluffy lashes.  

RubyWoo lipstick is my ultimate favorite red lip. 

For eyeshadow that doesn't move, I use Lorac Pro eyeshadow primer

For the look of airbrushed skin I love Artis Elite Mirror brush


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Since I've hit my 30's I've noticed a major change in my skin.  Not the good kind #neckwrinkles !!  I wanted to start targeting my new found ailments like hyperpigmetation and fine lines.  After circulating through a couple new product lines, I decided it may be time to bring in the big guns and get on a facial routine.  

FacialWorks to the rescue!  I visited the Newport Beach location and was welcomed with a glass of champagne and new I was in the right spot!!!! I cozied into my plush recliner and explained my skin concerns with my esthetician.  We decided to start with a BrightWorks facial.  This treatment targets brown spots and sun damage. We added on the O2Works which is an oxygen treatment.  I had never had an oxygen facial but heard they were amazing.  As my skin, got gently cleaned, exfoliated and treated with  serums and moisturizers, I sipped my champs and caught up with Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch.  I forgot how much I liked that movie.  Nothing like a chick flick and champs!


As we were finishing up my treatment it was time for my oxygen.  My esthetician explained to me that the serum is added first, then followed up with the oxygen.  Essentially the oxygen pushes the product deeper into the skin than it would absorb normally.  The treatment felt so refreshing and light.  The fact that my skin was getting the maximum out of the serum made me giddy!  My skin was glowing for days!

I loved that there was something for everyone.  From the ClearWorks the helps fight acne prone skin to AgeWorks that they say is a time machine for your face they even offer an OrganicWorks facial for those who want an all natural treatment.    For those wanting to go even more in depth with their treatments FacialWorks also offers HydraFacial MD which sounds amazing!  It's effective for every skin type, offers immediate results with no downtime.  This treatment addresses specific skin concerns and is the most powerful non-invasive treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles!  Sounds pretty incredible right?!  


I not only had a fantastic facial but the super chic and girly atmosphere was just to fun!  I can't wait to come back with some girlfriends for a girls night or even a bachelorette party.  With chick flicks and bubbly though, you may just find me there all the time!  

Quick Smoky Eye

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It's holiday season and we all know that we are gonna try and looking smoking hot at all of our holiday parties!!  Smoking hot = Smokey Eye.  This is seriously the number one tutorial I get asked to do.  This quick and super simple tutorial will make your holiday makeup prep a breeze!  Don't forget my amazing Beauty Gift Guide to find all your must haves from the beauty department!  

Quick Smokey Eye tutorial

Step 1: Prep your skin with moisturizer and primer.  

Step 2:  Apply favorite foundation with moisten  beauty blender.  Tip!!!  Check foundation ingredients to make sure your formula doesn't have to much metal in it.  Nothing worse than that horrific white picture face.  If a foundation has to much metal it can kick up the flash and make you look ghostly white in pictures. 

Step 3: Almost done with face and will soon be on to the good stuff I promise….Okay, set foundation and concealer with a translucent powder.  This is important to help with any eye shadow fall out.  

Step 4: Eyes!  Yay! Apply a bronzy yet grey eye shadow to whole lid. 

Step 5: Blend crease with a mid tone brown to create seamless smokey look.

Step 6: Line lash line with a thick line of either dark brown gel or pencil liner.  

Step 7: Blend that messy thick line line with dark brown shadow.

Step 8: Apply 2 coats of black mascara

Step 9: Line under eye with waterproof dark brown pencil liner. Blend with mid tone brown eye shadow under whole lower lash line.  

Step 10: Make sure to bronze and blush and top off look with a great nude lip ( my fave happens to be dirt cheap, yay! ). 

Voila!  Hottest girly at any party!  

For a step by step picture tutorial check out my post with momtastic!  

Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

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Pumpkin Enzyme mask

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   Why not put your left over pumpkin puree to good use!  The enzymes in pumpkin are so good for your skin and work as natural exfoliators leaving your skin smooth and glowing.  It is packed with Vitamin A and C , zinc and alpha hydroxy acids that help aid in skin turn over.  And best part is you can grab all the ingredients out of your pantry and fridge.    You will need:  2tsp pumpkin puree ( I used canned)  1/2 tsp honey ( raw is best)  1/2 tsp milk    


Why not put your left over pumpkin puree to good use!  The enzymes in pumpkin are so good for your skin and work as natural exfoliators leaving your skin smooth and glowing.  It is packed with Vitamin A and C , zinc and alpha hydroxy acids that help aid in skin turn over.  And best part is you can grab all the ingredients out of your pantry and fridge.  

You will need:

2tsp pumpkin puree ( I used canned)

1/2 tsp honey ( raw is best)

1/2 tsp milk 



Step 1: Mix ingredients together to create smooth consistency. 

Step 2: Grab a small handful of the mixture and massage into face avoiding eyes.

Step 3: Let mask sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm washcloth.  Follow with favorite moisturizer.


For extra dry skin additives check out my full article on Momtastic. 

Tutorial Tuesday: How to use a Beauty Blender like a pro

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I get asked constantly what the heck you are supposed to do with that "pink egg" aka Beauty Blender.  Why are their so many options?  Why do you need one?  Don't fret!  This little "pink egg" will be your new best friend after my easy "how to" steps. 

Step 1: First, moisturize your face then apply your favorite primer to your full face and neck.  Moisten your Beauty Blender with Rose water spray.  I use MAC Fix+.

Step 2: Apply a nickel size amount of your favorite liquid foundation to the back of your hand. Dab damp Beauty Blender into foundation.  

Step 3: Using dabbing motions , press foundation into skin.

Step 4: Continue dabbing until you've blended your face fully. For fuller coverage, apply more foundation. Top foundation with dust of loose setting powder and continue with bronzer and blush. 

Tutorial Tuesday | Quick Fall Makeup tutorial

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I love a quick and chic makeup look that gets me out the door quickly and stays put.  Below are my tried and true favorite makeup products along with my super quick Fall makeup look. 

Step 1: Exfoliate and moisturize skin before applying a medium coverage foundation.  

Step 2: Using a brightening concealer, conceal dark circles by creating V shape from center of eye to end of nose to outer corner of eye.  Pat with finger to blend.

Step 3: Using a fluffy brush set makeup with loose powder to keep makeup in place all day.

Step 4: Dust bronzer onto cheeks and temples with a fan brush.  Top with favorite blush. 

Step 5:  Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara to lashes and brush up brows to wake up eyes.  

Step 6: Line lips with lip liner and apply your favorite fall lipstick shade.  I swear by lip stains when using a darker lip. 

Step 7: Top off look with an illuminator to cheekbones and temples to make skin glow. 


Tutorial Tuesday : How to spice up your ponytail

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Let's be real!  The main reason I have two inches of hair is because I have no patience to do anything with my hair on a daily basis.  For you ladies that aren't ready to take the short hair plunge I've got your "go to " ponytail spiced up.  

Step 1:  Using second day hair or loosely curled hair.  Douse hair with a good dose of dry shampoo to give hair some grit. 

Step 2: Gather hair to crown of head and secure with clear rubber band. 

Step 3: Braid your pony tail and secure at bottom with another clear rubber band.  Pull and tug braid to create loose look as you like. 

Step 4: Wrap a small amount of hair around the bottom rubber band and fasten into braid with a bobby pin.  

The key to this look is that is effortless yet so chic.  This is a great look for an evening out or even the gym.  Super versatile.  

To see more of my ponytail spice ups visit here.

Tutorial Tuesday: 2 minute Side Bun

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Most of us busy girls have two seconds to get out the door and look chic! Always seems impossible but don't you fret!  I have started this new series to help you hustling ladies out!  I will go through various quick tips and looks to help you get out the door looking fabulous!  I will also give my top product recommendations below so you can get situated with the right tools.  

To kick off our first Tutorial Tuesday, we have this super cute and simple side bun. 

Step 1:  Start by loosely curling hair or best on second day hair that is already curled.  Blast hair with a good dose of Dry Shampoo to add some grit to hair. 

Step 2: Gather hair to side and fasten near lower ear.  Pull rubber band down a little  to loosen. 

Step 3: Split ponytail into two sections and loosely twist them around each other to bottom.

Step 4: Wrap the twisted ponytail around the rubber band to create bun.  Keep loose so make sure bun looks casual and effortless

Step 5: Fasten around the bun with a couple pins.  Fluff as you like. Mist with hairspray.

Products to create this look below

See full tutorial in pictures here!!