Life With Lipstick On


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Since I've hit my 30's I've noticed a major change in my skin.  Not the good kind #neckwrinkles !!  I wanted to start targeting my new found ailments like hyperpigmetation and fine lines.  After circulating through a couple new product lines, I decided it may be time to bring in the big guns and get on a facial routine.  

FacialWorks to the rescue!  I visited the Newport Beach location and was welcomed with a glass of champagne and new I was in the right spot!!!! I cozied into my plush recliner and explained my skin concerns with my esthetician.  We decided to start with a BrightWorks facial.  This treatment targets brown spots and sun damage. We added on the O2Works which is an oxygen treatment.  I had never had an oxygen facial but heard they were amazing.  As my skin, got gently cleaned, exfoliated and treated with  serums and moisturizers, I sipped my champs and caught up with Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch.  I forgot how much I liked that movie.  Nothing like a chick flick and champs!


As we were finishing up my treatment it was time for my oxygen.  My esthetician explained to me that the serum is added first, then followed up with the oxygen.  Essentially the oxygen pushes the product deeper into the skin than it would absorb normally.  The treatment felt so refreshing and light.  The fact that my skin was getting the maximum out of the serum made me giddy!  My skin was glowing for days!

I loved that there was something for everyone.  From the ClearWorks the helps fight acne prone skin to AgeWorks that they say is a time machine for your face they even offer an OrganicWorks facial for those who want an all natural treatment.    For those wanting to go even more in depth with their treatments FacialWorks also offers HydraFacial MD which sounds amazing!  It's effective for every skin type, offers immediate results with no downtime.  This treatment addresses specific skin concerns and is the most powerful non-invasive treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles!  Sounds pretty incredible right?!  


I not only had a fantastic facial but the super chic and girly atmosphere was just to fun!  I can't wait to come back with some girlfriends for a girls night or even a bachelorette party.  With chick flicks and bubbly though, you may just find me there all the time!