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Glowy 5 Minute Makeup tutorial: VIDEO

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You guys ask all the time about my every day makeup look!  I am happy to share it here for you all!  I hope you guys find it as easy as it really is!  I firmly believe in natural beauty and am not a personal fan of perfection!  My belief is brows are supposed to be sisters not twins!  Everything doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!  

Here are all the products I used: 

Step by Step: 

1. Prime face and neck and hydrate skin with a spritz of rose water

2.  Apply dime size of CC Cream to foundation brush and stipple on whole face to blend. Make sure to blend down neck and ears. 

3.  Swipe concealer under eyes and pat with moistened Beauty Blender to blend.  I like to pat my concealer down near my nose to outer corner of eye to create a triangle as well as cover my whole lid. This acts like an eyeshadow primer. 

4.  Set foundation and concealer with loose setting powder 

5. Using a fan brush, dust bronzer under cheek bones to contour as well as eye lids, neck  and hair line.  This is where the sun would natural kiss the skin.  Adding it to your eye lids starts an eyeshadow layering process without all the extra work. 

6.  Using an angled blush brush, apply blush to apples of cheeks

7.  Apply lighter eyeshadow from your Cordura duo to the outer socket of the eyelid.  Wiggle back and forth to build up a little color in the corner top portion of the eye.  Without picking up any more color,, using small circular motions, blend the shadow with your eye shadow brush through the crease concentrating on outer corner. 

8. With an angled liner brush, use the darker shadow from the duo to create a soft smoky liner.  Start from the middle of the eye's lash line and wiggle color along the lashes until you reach the outer corner.  If you want to draw the up a bit ( my eyes slope down naturally) create a little wing or flick with the shadow.  This doesn't have to be perfect. The smokier and smudged the better. Soft is best!  Add a bit more color to brush and start your lower lashe line from the outer corner working towards the center. By keeping darkness on outer corners only you draw the eye up and open.  Use your finger to smudge any harsh lines. 

9.  Apply three coats of black mascara. I like to wiggle a little on the bottom outer lashes. 

10.  Using a brow brush or your fingers, brush brows upwards. Begin creating light small strokes with your brow pencil.  Concentrate color only in the center of the brows. With light stroked draw small "hairs" upwards in the inner eye area of brow.  Lastly elongate and shape the end of the brow to come to a soft point. I find a small peak at the top of the brow is universally flattering. Finish by brushing your brows up again to see if you missed any spots or to blend your work.  

11.  Apply cream highlighter to apples of cheeks, brow bones, temples, tip of nose and cupid's bow.  Blend with fingers. 

12.  Finish your look with a light shimmery bronze lipstick.