Life With Lipstick On


As CEO and author of Life with Lipstick On Kacee has been honing her craft and making brides gorgeous for the last 7 years. Her main goal is to create attainable styles for the everyday woman, as such she focuses on fun youthful looks that still maintain classic, tailored, and elevated beauty. Everything Kacee does and creates revolves around inspiring women to embrace the glamorous bits of life. As a proud mama of two Kacee understands that there is a certain joy in taking time to feel pretty and expressing yourself through style. 

For Kacee the work has all been well worth it, seeing women take on her looks and recreating it for themselves keeps her passionate for blogging. To Kacee style and beauty are more than just a job, they are tools to inspire creativity in others by showcasing her own personal style. Kacee is still looking forward to the many adventures and opportunities to come, and hopes to soon be working along side large brands on travel, beauty, and fashion collaborations. 

Kacee hails from Southern California, where she is currently living with her husband Erik and two daughters Capri and Payton. When she is not busily running Life With Lipstick On she loves to spend time traveling, whether it be on quick weekend get aways or long family vacations. Kacee enjoys unwinding at the end of the day with a glass of wine and finding new sources of inspiration to share with others. 

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