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Quick Smoky Eye

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It's holiday season and we all know that we are gonna try and looking smoking hot at all of our holiday parties!!  Smoking hot = Smokey Eye.  This is seriously the number one tutorial I get asked to do.  This quick and super simple tutorial will make your holiday makeup prep a breeze!  Don't forget my amazing Beauty Gift Guide to find all your must haves from the beauty department!  

Quick Smokey Eye tutorial

Step 1: Prep your skin with moisturizer and primer.  

Step 2:  Apply favorite foundation with moisten  beauty blender.  Tip!!!  Check foundation ingredients to make sure your formula doesn't have to much metal in it.  Nothing worse than that horrific white picture face.  If a foundation has to much metal it can kick up the flash and make you look ghostly white in pictures. 

Step 3: Almost done with face and will soon be on to the good stuff I promise….Okay, set foundation and concealer with a translucent powder.  This is important to help with any eye shadow fall out.  

Step 4: Eyes!  Yay! Apply a bronzy yet grey eye shadow to whole lid. 

Step 5: Blend crease with a mid tone brown to create seamless smokey look.

Step 6: Line lash line with a thick line of either dark brown gel or pencil liner.  

Step 7: Blend that messy thick line line with dark brown shadow.

Step 8: Apply 2 coats of black mascara

Step 9: Line under eye with waterproof dark brown pencil liner. Blend with mid tone brown eye shadow under whole lower lash line.  

Step 10: Make sure to bronze and blush and top off look with a great nude lip ( my fave happens to be dirt cheap, yay! ). 

Voila!  Hottest girly at any party!  

For a step by step picture tutorial check out my post with momtastic!