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Getting out of winter rut

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winter rut

You guys! I have been in the biggest winter rut and to be honest, not all that sad about it. I have been all about the cozy, snuggly weather we have been having. This then equates to the most comfortable, warm clothes and very little effort in much else. While I’ve made progress on some house projects like organizing, cleaning and decluttering, I’ve been way to lazy on myself. So it’s time to get it together! Here is the plan!

  1. Get dressed- like actually dressed. Pants, top, coat the whole thing. I was in a heavy rotation of not so cute workout clothes and sweaters with UGGs and it wan’t my best look to say the least. So simple but each morning I am getting an outfit on and putting some effort into it.

  2. Upping my water intake- this seems time and time again to be a struggle for me. I am just never ever motivated to drink nearly enough water. This of course leads to me feeling sluggish and totally dehydrated. So I’m starting with 1 32 oz bottle a day this week and next week upping to 2 32 oz. I’ve got my Hydroflask basically strapped to my hand to make sure I’m forcing myself to do it. For some reason the straw lid totally helps. Who knows why!

  3. Start a structured eating plan-guys, my eating habits have been so fat and happy lately! I can’t even for one second lie and say I haven’t loved just eating what I’ve wanted when I’ve wanted to. The problem with that is that I am just not a body type or person that can do that and keep the portions in control. Bowl of ice cream after pizza/movie night? Yep! And don’t even get me started on the Girl Scout cookie consumption party I’ve been on. Now it’s been all fun and games until my system is just not loving it anymore. I am so bloated and yucky feeling and just have no energy. Enough is enough! I get really motivated by a structured eating plan and have jumped back on the balanced/healthy eating of Tone it Up. The meals are super yummy and I get to eat all the time which is my favorite!

  4. Get that booty moving- All of the above combined has nearly extinguished my excericise consistency. So I’m forcing myself ( somewhat unhappily) to get back into the program! Because I am on the shorter side, any excess fluff really shows. So it’s time to get this booty moving. I’ve committed to 4-5 days of exercise in some form. This for me is looking like short bursts of Tone it Up, walks in the neighborhood ( I am highly energized by the sunshine and being outside) and classes at my favorite gym T3 like barre, piloxing and yoga. I’m not going to beat myself up over it but definitely need to get a consistent mindset of daily exercise. Aiming to get it be mindlessly just part of my routine.

  5. Spice up my beauty routine- this is my favorite one! I got myself a new cleanser and toner to revive my dehydrated skin. I also added in Collegen to my diet to help hydrate from the inside out. I am making a point to apply some self tanner once a week cause everyone is happier with a tan in my mind. And lastly bleaching my teeth and favorite face mask once a week. It’s all in the little things! I may even get ambitious and give myself a mani/ pedi.

These are all such small, easy things to do but I’m already feeling the benefits! I have my pep in my step back and feel so great to be on the move again!