Life With Lipstick On

Black Tie

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I've always loved the buttoned up look of a blouse with  a tie.  It feels feminine yet has a masculine touch like a bow tie.  I paired this blouse with leather leggings and my favorite over the knee suede boots for an edgier feel then brought back in the classic with a bold red lip and a pea coat.  

Pins of the Week

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Life with Lipstick On

I just can't deal with a Frenchie in a princess headband!  I just can't!  

This frothy pink panty situation will be me after a couple more salads and a little less In n Out!

Champagne over cotton candy!  I mean…..

I'm so in love with these ice-cream cones!  I need a party to plan so we can have them..or just a Tuesday will do to. 

We are house shopping and I'm slowly losing my mind over sweet breakfast nooks!  I NEED!

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Casual Valentine's outfit

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It's almost the day of luuuuvvvvv!!  Erik and I are not the hearts and flower kind.  Now I'm not opposed to flowers! I am a girl after all!  We just have never been really mushy so Valentine's Day isn't that big of a deal for us!  That being said, we do make Valentine's Day special for the girls.  I got them both little mailboxes a couple years back and each morning they are filled with little trinkets counting down to Vday.  I do it up the morning of with heart shaped pancakes and then we do a special "fancy" dinner that night.  I can't wait to share our fun in a week.  

Simple Natural Contour routine

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I am beyond simple with my makeup and really like to keep my look no fuss.  As a makeup artist, I get asked constantly about contouring.  I love a good contour and think it can look amazing if done correctly.  I also think that a major contour has it's time and place.  For a quick daily chisel I like to swipe on a  matte bronzer ( the TooFaced Chocolate Soleil actually smells like chocolate!!) to create a setting tuck in under the cheekbones, temples and jawline.  My one tool  that keeps this looks super soft is a fan brush!  Seriously the most random but one of my most favorite brushes.  

Natural Contour

Grey and Black

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After a super slow to 2016, I'm excited to hit the ground running after a couple quiet weeks.  I have been slowly getting to my to do lists, organizing the house and getting back into the girl's school and activity schedules.  I'm also excited to announce that our new website for my hair and makeup business is launching this week!  Yay!  It's been 8 years now and I'm excited for an exciting fresh look for my company.  

I  decided to make one of my goals this year to get dressed every day.  I mean " really dressed" not the "I may have a covered up version of my pjs from school drop off" dressed, I've been sporting.  I had a couple meetings and errands to do this week so kicked off my schedule with this dark grey and black outfit.  I love these heels because they are edgy yet still super comfortable with a slightly smaller heel.  

Cheers to an amazing 2016!

Photos: Corey Morgan

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Blue Ruffles

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I've always loved blue as a party dress alternative to black.  Blue is  seasonal color and can go from pastel in spring, vibrant in summer and navy in the winter for all things optional.  You can even carry your bright blues into the holiday season as a pop of color like I love to do.  It sets you a part from the sea of black or red.   I plan on wearing this beauty to ring in the New Year but a good party dress in a classic silhouette is always right.  

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Christmas Eve Festive

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We are so excited for Christmas this week!  We are headed to my in-laws on Thursday and this festive and still cozy outfit is perfect for the night of celebrating. 

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Our Family Christmas pics

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 I live for Christmas pictures!  I used to make a big fuss over them and have a whole theme.  This  year I just wanted us captures as we are.  Simple and just us.  Time is so fleeting and I was happy to capture us in our current moment with our big dreams, toes in sand and skirts twirling.

Thank you to the amazing Alice Hu who has captures our little family for the last 6 years.  


Emerald Party Dress

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I love a good sassy slogan and why not gift yourself or the sass in your life something that speaks to her.  

Wine coat

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Plaid Frolicking

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There is nothing I love more than my two littles!  I have the best little built in buddies and man are they fun!  We have been working our way through our Christmas bucket list.  Our favorite past time is picking out the saddest little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We like the most pathetic one.  This year we found our keeper and man is she mini.  We got her home and fluffed her up with a string of tinsel, gold beads and loads of our favorite ornaments.  Peyton is the notorious ornament crusher in our family ( 7 last year) and tried her best to not be a klutz and destroy some on day one.  Poor thing can't help herself!  Thank goodness for our Elf Sugar who I enlist to help keep her little fingers off the tree. We feel like she is happy now with all her holiday fluff!   

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Mommy and littles Pjs

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Fur Wrapped

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Black on Black

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