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Watermelon Lime Mocktails

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watermelon lime mocktail

This is the yummiest mocktail that may make you not even miss the booze! We love the kids to be able to drink anything we are so mocktails are our jam these days!

You will need: 

1/4 cup watermelon juice 

2 T lime juice

1 t agave nectar

To make: 

Chop watermelon and blend until smooth.  Strain the watermelon to separate juice.  Stir in lime juice and nectar.  For spicy kick add jalapeño like my hubby likes!  

You could also blend with ice and rim glass with sea salt. 

For boozy option, add tequila!  

Spring Sunday whites

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Spring has sprung and nothing gets me more excited that outdoor fun on a sunny day!  I grabbed my favorite new book and something sparkly and planted myself for an afternoon of lounging this weekend. It was heavenly!  

Tobi off the shoulder top

Since our weather has been so nice I decided for a fresh white look for the day.  I paired my new favorite off the shoulder top from Tobi with a crisp white denim skirt.  Topped my look with a hat and off I went. 

Tobi off the shoulder top

I love whites for any occasion.  This Tobi off the shoulder blouse is just the perfect top!  I could pair it with denim cutoffs for a super casual look or  a flow midi skit for something a bit more dressy.  It's so versatile.  

Tobi off the shoulder top

How to pack a capsule wardrobe for vacation

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We are off to a couple big trips this year and I am the self proclaimed queen of packing practical and light.  I am a firm believer in a capsule wardrobe and think this premise is super helpful when it comes to packing for a getaway. Let's be real ladies we don't need all the options! Save your sanity and keep it light.  Here is my go to method and some tips and tricks I've found tried and true when it comes to packing with the capsule mindset.


Tips to get you started: 

1.  Plan your itinerary.  Will you be walking all day, everyday? Lounging at the beach? Enjoying dinners out?  What will be filling your days up? 

2.  Check your destination's weather for when you will be there.  Rainy? Don't pack your leather shoes or jackets that aren't waterproof.  Gloomy? Layers will be key.  Windy? Plan on no hats and chic hair situations to not look crazy windblown  Hot? Think loose fitting and light fabrics. 

3.  Check out your destination's color pallet.  This may seem odd but if you dress with the pallet of your location in mind you will always look perfectly chic in every photo.  This will also help you keep on track with a cohesive packing color pallet to allow to mixing and rewearing items. 

4.  This is always something I think about too... I like to eat and enjoy myself on vacation so I purposely avoid tight fitting outfits so I can be as full and comfy as needed.  I may add a belt to cinch in my waist for some shape or a fitted jacket but I keep my outfits loose fitting for the most part for my eating!  

5.  Decide on hair looks.  I wash my hair about once a week so I plan accordingly.  I usually start my trip with fresh hair then plan for hats and accessories like headbands and clips for the rest of the trip so I can avoid traveling with a million styling products.  Dry shampoo is the best and plan for wash and wear styles like cute braids.  If you must, plan on one curling iron to touchup any simple styles.   

I have sort of a fool proof science when it comes to my packing.  I go day by day and pack for the whole day each day at a time so I don't forget something.  I visualize the day from start to finish and pack literally each item as I would envision using it per day. 

With this structure, I rewear a lot of items. I pack two pairs at maximum, one jacket in a neutral color, one pair of sunglasses and one hat. One beach tote that I use as my carry on and one crossbody bag to keep hands free. I also try and pack my swimsuit cover to double as a shawl for chillier evenings. 

This is how my packing would look for a beachy vacation with mulitple different additional outings: 

Tropical packing list

Swimsuits can be worn under denim shorts, green shirt or sarong for beach days.  Breezy sundresses and rompers for exploring local areas or dinners out.  White blouse and denim cut offs or crisp white jeans for more comfy options.  

Westin Mission Hills, Palm Springs - Spring Break 2018

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Westin Mission Hills

Palm Springs is always our favorite go to when it comes to spring break.  We love that if feels like a real getaway but is still close to home.  We stayed at the Westin Mission Hills this year and were so excited to explore.  


First off, we made a b-line for the pool!  It was a mad house but we hit the water like no one's business. I booked this resort solely for it's waterslide to be honest.  The girls swam for about 3 hours and took turns on the waterslide a million times.  We had a hankering for Mexican food and drove a couple blocks for some yummy tacos and chips.   We decided to tuck in early that night and continue our Star Wars marathon we had started earlier in the week.  Us girls had never seen Star Wars so Erik thought it would be fun to watch all of them over the break.  


Day Two, we hit the pool super early.  This pool seating situation was no joke.  I set my alarm and off we went at 7:45 for our spots.  Once our mission was accomplished, we grabbed a nice easy breakfast at the Mission Hills Market Cafe.  I love the ease of this sort of breakfast.  They offered fresh pastries and Starbucks coffee along with toiletries and snacks for the rest of the day.  Cereal for the girls and coffee for mommy and we were set.  We also had the option of fresh pancakes by the pool too which smelled delish.  That was definately a perk of getting to the pool early was  yummy breakfast options and quiet pool.  The Westin hosted super fun kids activities all throughout the day. From family fishing to waterslide lifeguard games to watermelon eating contests there was always something fun to do.  Capri decided to participate in the watermelon eating and won!  Girl can take a watermelon down!  


That night we ordered Dilberts pizza in for more Star Wars.  They were playing a fun movie that night by the pool but we were all sun kissed and exhasted from the pool all day.  

Palm Springs

Day Three greeted us again with a simple cafe breakfast and comfy spot at the pool first thing.  My idea of a vacation is parking myself by the water and absorbing myself in a book all day.  I got my wish!  I literally barely moved and was so happy about it!  For lunch the girls noshed on freshly grilled burgers and mommy got a fresh watermelon salad while Erik hit the gym.  The girls swam all day and when we had our fill, we hit the road reluctantly.  


Tips for your stay: 

- Get to the pool no later than 7:55 am to get a spot.

-Take advantage of poolside breakfast and cafe.  They will save you money and time getting a whole family breakfast situation at a restaurant. 

-Plan to keep an eye on little ones, the pool does not have lifeguards.

-Take advantage of the kids activities and kids club for a nice adult free couple hours. 

-Bring fun pool floats and balls.  There are a million kiddos around and the floats were a hit. The pool also has a volleyball net to play with. 


Overall, another great family Spring break vacation for the books.  


Day in the life of a momprenuer

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I had a funny conversation with a friend the other day about what was on my agenda for my "average Momprenuer" Monday.  I was saying how relaxed the day was going to be and then got to really thinking what my "normal" Monday would be. Momprenuer life is no joke!  Mom's wear many hats and then add in work life the hats double and triple.  I am so fortunate to have a couple businesses that allow me most of the time to work from home.  Nevertheless, my days are run like a well oiled machine.  Not every day is the same but here is my Monday from this week.  Don't miss the big GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!!! It's a good one!!! Let's get into it!

7:00 am I rustle up throw on my robe over my pjs and get to the morning routine. Yes, I am 100% the mom that rocks her robe to school drop off!   Peyton is not a morning kid and loves to be cozy so she takes quite a while to get rolling.  Capri is much more like me and once we are up , we are up.  We check the weather and quickly decide what to wear that day.  As the girls wake up and get dressed, I start breakfast. Our hens are giving us so many eggs so mornings consist of scrambled eggs, berries and english muffin. As the girls eat, we listen to some music and I work on lunches.  Lunches consist of half a sandwich ( peanut butter only for Capri and peanut butter and jelly for Peyton- Don't mix them up mommy!!) a piece of fruit like a cutie orange and a healthy chip or pretzel with juice.  Snacks get packaged and put into backpacks while the girls grab their vitamins and start working on brushing their hair.  Hair done, teeth brushed, shoes on and off we go!  

Day in the life of a momprenuer

7:40 am Off to school.  We love to listen to music and chat on the way to school.  I really try and make mornings fun so it starts our day off great!  

8:05 am We roll into school drop off with kisses and love

9:00 am 2 cups of coffee and email checking begins while one load of laundry gets started.  

9:30 am I make a couple protein pancakes or eggs and get to responding to my emails, making grocery lists for the day, list of things I need to accomplish that day ie. change sheets, pay bills, clean bathrooms, workout, bleach teeth, shower etc.  

To do list

10:00 am Start to do list.  Fold and restart new load of laundry. Strip the sheets on the beds.  Clean dishes from morning and clean kitchen countertops and reorganize living room.  Run Puppy ( Roomba) 

Smile brilliant
Smile Brilliant before and after

Smile Brilliant before and after results

10:30 am Workout for the day ( quick Tone it Up workout or a class) and beauty maintainence.  This would be doing some self tanner, giving myself a mani pedi, face mask or teeth bleaching. This may seem silly but being a blogger and work in the wedding industry it's important for me to keep my self situated.  Nails are in my bride's wedding photos and in my blog photos.  We randomly need to shoot a look or something quick for the blog so self tanner helps me not look scary.  Teeth bleaching was on my 2018 goal list.  I partnered this year I partnered with  Smile Brilliant and have the prettiest teeth I've ever had.  I've used white strips in the past and would be so frustrated with them sliding around and missing the stains on my gum line not to mention ouch to my sore gums.   Smile Brilliant bleaching trays have been a game changer!  I got customized trays that fit my teeth perfectly, bleaching gels and even desensitizing gel to keep my gums happy.  I pop in my trays and get on without a hitch in my to do list.  I can tackle phone calls without sounding funny, do a workout, take a shower or even run an errand and they are virtually undetectable. I brush my teeth to get my morning coffee off, pop on my trays with bleaching gel in for 30 minutes.  Brush with wet ,sans toothpaste and follow with desensitizing gel for 20-30 min.  I rinse and viola! I pop in my trays and get on without a hitch in my to do list.  I can tackle phone calls without sounding funny, do a workout, take a shower or even run an errand and they are virtually undetectable.   

11:30 am  possibly shower and back to computer.  This time I follow up on morning emails and start working on timelines for upcoming bride trial runs and weddings.  Next, emails go out to my team to keep them up to speed on upcoming appointments or weddings.  This is my time for brainstorming on new blog posts and/or shooting them and online shopping for items for upcoming posts or trips.  

12:30 pm  out of the house chores.  This Monday,I dropped my car off at car wash and walked over to  Target to get a competition team little present for Capri's competition team sister, more La Croix ( obviously) and trash bags.  Next was grocery store for week's worth of groceries and Erik's meal prep items.  

1:00 pm Run home with groceries.  Throw together a simple lunch ( I love leftovers or lettuce wrap or salad).  After lunch, I put away the morning's laundry and listen to a podcast ( I'm into Goal Digger or Lady Gang) 

2:00 pm I grab a La Croix and head to pick up the girls from school

After school snack

3:00 pm I prep a snack for the girls while they relax and start getting homework out.  We like crackers, celery and peanut butter, apples or pretzels and quac or hummus. Snack plates and fruit bowls are big favorites.  

3:15 pm Homework for both girls while I go through their school folders to see what's up for the week from their teachers.  

4:30 pm  Capri gets ballet gear on and hair up in bun and off we go do dance for the night.  Monday's dance schedule consists of Ballet and Lyrical for her. 

5:15 pm  Peyton finishes up homework or works on some chores while I start dinner.  Tonight we are having spaghetti.  Ground turkey, yummy Rao's sauce, whole wheat noodles for girls and zoodles  for me and Erik.  After dinner is ready Peyton and I play a game or watch a movie together. 

7:00 pm We pick up Capri from dance and daddy gets home from work. 

7:30 pm We gather at the table for dinner ( non-negotiable) and chat about our days.  We have our routine of "Best Day"  we each take a turn discussing the best part about our day.  This could be something awesome that happened that day or something simple like the pretty weather or great song we heard.  It gets us all talking and connected.  I'm a big believer in family dinners and lots of conversation at the table.  


8:00 pm Girl's jump in shower, brush teeth, brush their hair and night time books picked out for reading.  Hugs and kisses and na night time.

8:30 pm Erik usually tucks in around this time too for his early morning wake up call (3:00 am) while I clean up after dinner.  I usually hit my emails one more time to make sure I got any lingering emails answered, blog posts finished or projects wrapped up.  Tonight I finished up my computer work and plopped down on the couch to work on my bible study lesson for Thursday.  After my study, I either play on instagram and watch all my favorite stories, watch a quick episode of my shows ( The Crown or Animal Kingdom) 

10:30 pm Lights out for mommy! 

Every day is different and I keep a tight eye on my schedule for the week to make sure to stay ahead of any things that may need prepping.  Girl Scout badges needing sewing, school party treats, new dance tights etc etc etc.  In honor of all you busy working mamas, I've partnered with Smile Brilliant to giveaway $149 credit towards your own Smile Brilliant bleaching kit and 15% to all my readers using the code below! 


15% off coupon code: lifewithlipstickon15

Giveaway link:


Glowy 5 Minute Makeup tutorial: VIDEO

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You guys ask all the time about my every day makeup look!  I am happy to share it here for you all!  I hope you guys find it as easy as it really is!  I firmly believe in natural beauty and am not a personal fan of perfection!  My belief is brows are supposed to be sisters not twins!  Everything doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!  

Here are all the products I used: 

Step by Step: 

1. Prime face and neck and hydrate skin with a spritz of rose water

2.  Apply dime size of CC Cream to foundation brush and stipple on whole face to blend. Make sure to blend down neck and ears. 

3.  Swipe concealer under eyes and pat with moistened Beauty Blender to blend.  I like to pat my concealer down near my nose to outer corner of eye to create a triangle as well as cover my whole lid. This acts like an eyeshadow primer. 

4.  Set foundation and concealer with loose setting powder 

5. Using a fan brush, dust bronzer under cheek bones to contour as well as eye lids, neck  and hair line.  This is where the sun would natural kiss the skin.  Adding it to your eye lids starts an eyeshadow layering process without all the extra work. 

6.  Using an angled blush brush, apply blush to apples of cheeks

7.  Apply lighter eyeshadow from your Cordura duo to the outer socket of the eyelid.  Wiggle back and forth to build up a little color in the corner top portion of the eye.  Without picking up any more color,, using small circular motions, blend the shadow with your eye shadow brush through the crease concentrating on outer corner. 

8. With an angled liner brush, use the darker shadow from the duo to create a soft smoky liner.  Start from the middle of the eye's lash line and wiggle color along the lashes until you reach the outer corner.  If you want to draw the up a bit ( my eyes slope down naturally) create a little wing or flick with the shadow.  This doesn't have to be perfect. The smokier and smudged the better. Soft is best!  Add a bit more color to brush and start your lower lashe line from the outer corner working towards the center. By keeping darkness on outer corners only you draw the eye up and open.  Use your finger to smudge any harsh lines. 

9.  Apply three coats of black mascara. I like to wiggle a little on the bottom outer lashes. 

10.  Using a brow brush or your fingers, brush brows upwards. Begin creating light small strokes with your brow pencil.  Concentrate color only in the center of the brows. With light stroked draw small "hairs" upwards in the inner eye area of brow.  Lastly elongate and shape the end of the brow to come to a soft point. I find a small peak at the top of the brow is universally flattering. Finish by brushing your brows up again to see if you missed any spots or to blend your work.  

11.  Apply cream highlighter to apples of cheeks, brow bones, temples, tip of nose and cupid's bow.  Blend with fingers. 

12.  Finish your look with a light shimmery bronze lipstick.  

Easter basket treats

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I asked you guys last week on Insta Stories what your Easter basket go to's are and got so many awesome ideas!  I am avoiding candy or sweet treats and wanted to keep the whole thing simple. My girls get little treasures all year with a new movie or a Disney day so all the gifting doesn't feel super necessary to me.  But who doesn't love a sweet Easter basket?!  We got so many great ideas from swim suits, coloring books to bubbles and chalk.  My most favorite one was additions to our fairy garden!  We have a special spot in our yard we planted last year that houses our fairy garden and I can't wait to add precious little additions to it. We now have two new fairy residents of our precious little spot.  Their home is complete with tree swing, bark path and wishing well.  I had so much fun creating this sweet little land and adding blooms from our peach tree for a little extra.  I have gotten so excited about all the fun treasures and created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to all the magical things people have created for their gardens.  

Kate Spade inspired Easter Tablescape

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Easter tables cape

I adore Easter decor and wanted to try something a little different with my table this year for Easter brunch. I found this fun floral Kate Spade table cloth and black and tan striped runner and ran with it!  I layered the two linens with sweet bunny place mats and added blush pink linen napkins to adorable wooden bunny napkin rings.  For place settings, I layered my favorite rattan chargers with classic white beaded dinner and salad plate.  To top the setting, I added blush crystal coupe glasses filled with gold foiled eggs ( tutorial here) .  I love mixing metals and added gold flatware to my galvanized metal peices for a chic touch.  Next, I gathered straw reeds from a field nearby our house and created a simple center piece with an oversized galvanized bucket.  Our brunch menu will include all sorts of yummy treats including waffles and my favorite frittata.  I added some cranberry orange scones to a blush crystal basket.  I fell in love with this metal and wood, wheelbarrow salad bowl.  I just think it's the cutest little addition.  I layered a variety of bagels on a scalloped metal cake stand for some height contrast.  I find with creating a table space you want to keep an eye on your heights and make sure to have a variety to make the table interesting.  For an extra Easter touch, I added the cutest little straw bunny.  

Easter table
Easter table
Easter table
Gold foiled eggs

Money saving tips you can start today

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Money saving tips

I was having a interesting conversation with a friend the other day about spending.  What we each choose to spend our money on and what our habits are.  As I get into my mid 30's I've started cutting back on my spending and focusing on the bigger picture when it comes to money.  Thankfully, Erik has a wonderful career and my biz has been very good to me over the last 10 years but it's never to early to be more frugal.  Also I find that the things that I want are always more $$ than I have.  #adulting Over the last year, I've starting making small adjustments on my spending habits and tweaking my spending to put more away towards bigger projects or goals.  Here are some small changes I've made that have created to put roughly $400 back in my pocket each month!  

Do my own nails- sounds not that fun right? I know but hear me out!  I work in the beauty industry and my nails needs to be done or looking clean at all times.  I found that a. I don't care that much and b.  I was spending around $60 a month on nail maintenance with my gel manicures and regular pedicures.  No more!!!!  Now I plop myself down in front of my favorite show at night and give myself a little mani pedi when I need it.  I've collected about 10 nail polishes to cover all seasons and get it done.  Total savings per month: $60

Make coffee at home-I actually prefer sipping my coffee at home during the week but was making a habit on weekends ( my work days) of grabbing a latte and protein box before work.  That would add up to be about $8 each week at least.  $16 if I was doing it both Saturday and Sunday.  Now I brew my favorite coffee, add my almond milk and sweetener, healthy preplanned breakfast and off I go.  I don't have to fret about waiting in the drivethru line and I that money goes straight towards other things.  Total savings per month: $32 ( $8 a week) 

Stop drinking during week- Erik and I made a rule of no more drinking and man has it changed out spending.  This was a surprise one to be honest.  Erik never cared about his wine being nicer but I acquired a taste for a middle of the road costing wine.  We don't drink now outside of the occasionally date night or getaway and are saving roughly $45 a week just by not drinking.  Whaaaa?????  Total savings per month: $180

Cut fresh flowers from my own yard- I love fresh flowers in the house.  There is nothing more cheery than a vase full of blooms on the kitchen table.  I would gather about $12 worth of pretty stems from Trader Joes about twice a month for around the house.  Since Spring is upon us, it's the perfect time to spend that $12 on potted blooms for our yard or porch.  I now can plant my favorites and enjoy them whenever I want.  Total savings per month: $24

Batch meal-I'm not a fast food person but my hubby is.  I live for a grocery list and my hubby likes to walk the aisles for options.  I CANT!  So I made him a deal, if I batch meal for the week for us will he cut down on his eating out and extra grocery trips.  If I'm batching for myself, whats it to me to make double portion?  Nothing!  I budget around $150-$200 on groceries per week which feeds the 4 of us breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 days.  The 7th day we usually go out as a family.  Some of our go to's are tuna or chicken salad with pita chips for after school snacks, Spagetti, Burrito bowls and Tacos.  I always try and utilize our local produce stand for our veggies to save major bucks.  I can only get away with that budget because I meal plan and make a list like a machine!  I get us all organized on Monday's and we are good to go!  Total savings per month: $75

Comb through my subscriptions- I started combing through my bank statements and noticed a handful of subscriptions I've gathered over the last couple  years.  Yes YEARS I've been paying $3.99 here and $9.99 there for services that we don't use!  NOOOO!  When I totaled them up I was spending about $30 on nothing!  Just throwing it out the window!  Needless to say I cancelled those lingering things that I just didn't need and wasn't using and can put that towards something actually I will use!  Total savings per month: $30



Spring J.Crew sale for little girls

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You guys know I lose my mind for J.Crew's kids line Crewcuts!!  It's the perfect time to snag some major deals on all things spring for the little ladies.  Use code ZMTWKIP for up to 40 % off!  Just in time for Easter! 

J.crew sale for girls

Weekend in Palm Springs

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the saguaro

You all know I've been itching for a getaway with my hunny.  I cashed in on my Christmas gift and we booked a quick overnighter to Palm Springs.  I had never stayed at The Saguaro and it looked like the perfect spot for some fun and sun!  Erik and I haven't been out of town just us two in three years.  This mama was EXCITED!  I had outfits all situated and checked out all the yummy eats around the area.  I was ready!   

Palm Springs weekend

This lemony outfit felt so perfect for Palm Springs.  I wanted something fun and a little retro.  I paired the tie front top with a flowy, pleated yellow midi skirt.  So fun!  To add some extra, I paired the look with a bright orange clutch, pink and white striped bauble earrings and white slides.  

The Saguaro

At check in, we were welcomed with our choice of Hibiscus Margaritas or Bloody Mary's.  YEP!  First things first, we ventured out to catch the last of the sunshine at the pool and sip our drinks.  They were featuring a "Valley of the Dolls" on the lawn for a fun movie night.  I love a movie night!   We planted ourselves next to the fire pits and had the best time under the stars.  

The Saguaro

The next morning we made our way over the Norma's at The Parker for brunch. I had heard their Lemon Ricotta pancakes were beyond delish so I was on a mission.  If you follow my stories you saw this adorable jumpsuit before our trip.  I love the ease of a jumpsuit.  I paired my straw hat, striped bauble earrings and white sunglasses with the pinstriped suit.  The tie front makes it a little extra feminine. I later topped the casual look with a denim jacket. 

The Parker

The pancakes were the best I've ever had!  Erik got the egg and bacon quesadilla.  The portion was huge but I never wanted to stop eating them. They were just the slightest bit lemony and so fluffy! 

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
the Parker

After finishing up our amazing breakfast we plopped ourselves by the pool for the rest of the day. I chose my favorite bright pink off the shoulder suit and wrapped a scarf   around my waist for some coverage. I love the retro feel of white sunglasses, pom pom tote and an oversized hat to add fun to my pool outfit.  

The Saguaro pool
The Saguaro

Best Valentine's gift for him or her

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Valentine gifts

Erik and I aren't really big gift givers so Valentine's gifts are really nonexistent most of the time. I always love time together or a simple dinner at home with the girls.   I know Vday is usually splashed with jewelry and flowers. I  have never been  a huge jewelry person and really love simple classic pieces that are timeless and have some meaning.  Now give me some chocolates and we are talking another story.  

Valentine gift

 When I came across this Jord watch I fell in love immediately. I planned to give it to my hubby as a little surprise for Vday but the wood watch was just too gorgeous that I stole it for myself.   I loved it's classic frame and nautical feel with the wood frame.  You know I live for that timeless, coastal feel.  The design is so unique yet still feels lux.  The part that stole my heart is the watch personalization option.  I had it enscribed with my favorite verse.  Jeremiah 29: 11.  I know this is a very popular verse but it bears repeating.  "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  So good right?!  I chose this message because I feel like time moves so fast.  We all find ourselves rushing through our time, hurriedly to the next thing on our to do list.  Worrying about having enough time with our babies before they grow older.  Spending quality time wiht our spouses.  My whole life revolves around time and how to best lay it out each day.  Such a silly thing to fret about when God already knows our plans.  He has our whole life planned and all for good.  It's my favorite reminder to relinquish my stress about time and let God take it.  

Jord watch

I feel like this is the perfect gift not only for your spouse but for yourself if you are single!  The styles are unisex and are so versatile.  

Jord watch

Just in time for Valentine's day, I've partnered with Jord to giveaway $100 code towards a Jord watch of your choosing!  

Here are all the details on how to enter!  

Giveaway link:


The giveaway will close February 9th at 11:59pm. As a reminder, winner receives $100 Coupon Code. All other entrants receive a 10% off Coupon Code. The $100 and 10% off Coupon Codes will expire February 23rd.



Best red dresses for Valentine's day

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It's time to pick out that perfect red dress for Vday!  I've rounded up all my favorites in all the styles.  We have off the shoulder, frilly lace options and comfy shift dresses. 

Galentine's Brunch

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Galentine's brunch

Valentine's day is almost here!  I decided to invite some of my favorite ladies over for a little celebration of my love for them with a Galentine's lunch.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by such special, smart, kind and amazing women.  They inspire me daily!  I wanted to make sure I was able to love on them as they have loved on me!  

I started my table with a girly color palette of pinks, blue and yellow.  I layered my table with a Hearth and Hand striped table runner and pieces like sweet bud vases, drinking glasses and striped pitchers from the newest Hearth and Hand Spring collection.  I filled each vessel with different fluffy roses.  I added little sweet treats to heart shaped ramekins and added my favorite Chandon Rose Mini's for some festive bubbles.  

For our place settings, I layered simple blue and white placemats, straw chargers and pretty coral Hearth and Hand  hand towels as napkins.  Next, I added crisp white chargers and dinner plates and topped the setting with beautiful floral china.  I received these beautiful dishes as a wedding shower gift and I still feel like they are the prettiest addition to the table.  Goes to show that you can incorporate any piece into a setting and make it feel fresh and new. 

I added little notes on each setting for each of my friends sharing three of my most favorite things about them. Nothing like a love note to cap off a girly lunch! 

Galentine's brunch
Galentine's table
Galentine's table
Galentine's table

Palm Springs vacay packing list

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    I am so giddy to be heading to Palm Springs with my guy next month!  We used to make this our annual trip and haven't been able to make it happen for a couple years now.  I booked us at The Saguaro which I have never stayed at before.  I love the bright, retro vibe of the hotel and can't wait to lounge poolside all day!  So excited!  Of course, my outfit situation is in full force!  I can't take a mini vacay without an outfit!!

Palm Springs packing list

     Here's what my overnight bag will be holding!  I like to keep my packing really simple when we travel.  I wash and wear my hair on most days or blast it with dry shampoo.  Throw on sunnies add a little color to my cheeks and hit the pool.  I have officially embraced my one piece life and love a good bright swimsuit for a day at the pool.  Erik and I like to keep our dinners out simple.  We like to walk to a new restaurant or explore after eating.  A comfy sundress and slides makes for the perfect evening outfit.  

Master Bedroom Before and After with Serena and Lily

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     When Serena and Lily reached out to collaborate on a bedding project the timing just couldn’t have been more perfect. Not to mention Serena and Lily is my all time favorite brand. My master bedroom needed some sprucing. As I poured over bedding textures and patterns I fell in love with so many pieces.  The thing I love about Serena and Lily is how their designs flood life and energy into each room but still has a sophisticated, relaxed feel.  I strongly believe a  bedroom is where you shut out the noise of the world.  It’s that intimate space in a home where you put your thoughts to rest and bring peace to your mind. 


Tips for revamping your bedding: 

-Be aware of scale of patterns. Keep a small and larger pattern together.  

-Trust your gut. You know what makes you happy.

-Keep in mind the other people that share this space.  Not too flowery ladies!  Give your men a little bit of a masculine feel in your choices. 

-Stick with a color pallet of three colors or three different shades of one color to not overwhelm. 

-Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box in terms of pattern and texture mixing. 


     I kept things fun and a little unexpected by mixing the Oxford Stripe sheets and the Sanibel Chambray sheets.  I topped the sheets with the fresh white Chambers quilt. The quilt has a subtle blue stitching to keep things feeling light yet also adding a slight texture.

Serena and Lily bedding

      I love the Chambers pattern and wanted to tie it back in with three large Euro size pillows against the headboard.  Against our dark wood frame the white feels so crisp and ties into the quilt.  Next, I layered the  Two Tone Zip pillows.  The zipper detail on these pillows had me at hello.  This is where I was able to bring in some masculine details and add some subtle sophistication to the light and airy sheets and quilt. I topped off the pillows with the Whitley Embroidered Midnight pillow.

Serena and Lily bedding

    To add another layer of texture and bring in one more pattern, I added the Avery throw in the Harbor blue tone.  This throw is so luxe!  It adds another rich blue tone and completes the whole bedding just perfectly. 

    I wanted to bring up the lightness on our dark furniture again and found the perfect compliment in the Tinsley table lamps.  The soft bubbled texture adds interest without taking away from the busier bedding. 


Before and After 

Before and after

A huge thanks to Serena and Lily for collaborating on this post. 

My top skin savers of 2017 Video

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I worked really hard on my skin this past year and am so excited to share with you some of the products that made my skin super happy. We tackled fine lines, melasma, hydration and crows feet majorly this year and I've linked all my finds below! 

Disclaimer: while watching this video you will experience a severe amount of jazz hands. 

A day of detox meals

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After our super fun New Years Eve party it was time to clean out all the champagne, sweets and pizza from our systems.  I have done multiple juice cleanses and love the results of Whole 30 and decided to jump into Tone it Up's 5 day Detox on January 1st.  I can't tell you how over the idea I was when we woke up after our fun party and I had to make a clean meal and some batch meals for the week.  It ended up being the perfect day to start.  We didn't have any plans that day other than puttering around the house and cleaning up.  

The whole purpose of the detox was to flush out the toxins and sugars from the last couple months and restart our systems, minds and energy levels.  Not to forget our metabolisms. I think mine has been on a break for a bit.  

 I consider myself to be fairly knowledgable about healthy eating and what our body thrives yet was surprised by two new things I learned.  One, is getting plenty of water ( 90 oz. helps not only your body flush itself clean but also helps your muscles recover effectively.  Secondly, I learned about the major benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.  APC is essential to keeping lean.  I helps control your appetite by maintaining your blood sugar levels.  It also is rich in potassium which helps muscle growth.  It also is a great anti viral , anti-bacterial and anti-fungal due to its extremely high levels of malic acid.  It helps break down fat and not store it.  I'm in!     So here is what a day of detox looked like: 


protein pancakes

Breakfast: Morning Mocktail : 8 oz. water, 1 T of apple cider vinegar, juice of half a lemon and pinch of cayenne pepper) I can't at all lie.  This is rough to get down but the benefits are beyond important to cleansing your body.   

Coffee ( always add a splash of unsweetened almond milk )

Coconut protein pancakes: 1/2 half banana smashed, 1 scoop coconut Tone it Up protein powder ( you could use vanilla too), 1/4 cup egg whites.  Wisk together to make batter.  If consistency is to thick you can add a little almond milk to thin.  I like my batter fairly thick for fluffier pancakes.  Spray pan with coconut spray and pour two dollops of batter into pan.  Cook on each side until brown.  Top with 1/2 cup fresh berries and sprinkle of unsweetened coconut flakes.  

Apples with cinnamon


Midmorning snack: Sliced apples with sprinkle of cinnamon

Detox lettuce wraps

Lunch:  Lettuce wraps were my favorite easy go to.  I would top two lettuce stalks with sliced turkey ( nitrate free and low sodium) chopped veggies ( I love mushrooms, red bell pepper cucumbers and red onion) I would drizzle each wrap with regular or dijon mustard and roll up to eat.  So filling and yummy.  


Afternoon Snack: Slimming soup ( disclaimer: make this one mid morning so it's ready for the week. One batch can last you for four days.)  You will need 2 T olive oil, 4 carrots, 1 inch piece of fresh ginger peeled and sliced, 1 onion, 2 cups veggie broth, 1 cup red lentils, 1 T cumin, 1 T chili powder, 1 T Corriander and pinch of cayenne pepper.  Heat oil in  a large pot or dutch oven.  Add chopped carrots and onion.  Cook until onion is translucent or about 3 min.  Dump in lentils, spices and broth.  Bring to a boil then lower heat to a simmer.  Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.  Carefully add half of the soup into a blender and blend until smooth.  Repeat with the remainder of the soup.  I stored our soup in mason jars so they were easy to transport and eat while on the go.  

Mexican Shrimp bowl


Spicy Mexican Shrimp bowl- I make this meal often and just tweaked a couple things to fit the detox plan. Add 2 T of olive oil to a pan on high. Toss in  1 1/2 cup cauliflower rice and sauce with my favorite taco seasoning ( 1 T cumin, 1 T chili powder, 1 t garlic powder, 1 t coriander and little pinch of cayenne)   Add in chopped bell peppers and half of an onion.  Once veggies are cooked through, add about 1 1/2 jump uncooked shrimp.  Cook until shrimp is cooked through and pink.   I add in a can of organic black beans and stir to warm. Serve warm and top with a little avocado.  So yummy you won't miss anything else!  This would also be super yummy with ground turkey. 

5 ways to refresh your home for the new year

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Always after the new year, I get itchy to clean my house.  Sort of an early spring cleaning of sorts.  This could be a big closet clean out or declutter of my pantry.  I have to admit I haven't done either of those things yet but I have done 5 little things that make my house feel fresh and bright. I hope these tips help you start your new year fresh and calm. 

home refresh

1.  Open all the windows- my dad has always been so big on getting all the windows open during the day and the lights on at night.  We always eye roll when he is bustling through the house opening all the windows.  I'm officially becoming my father in my fresh air ways.  I absolutely love having all our back doors open and the fresh breeze coming through our windows. I say this because it's 75 degrees in California!  Even a little cool winter air can freshen up any space. 


2.  Lemon in the garbage disposal- age old kitchen trick but always works.  Since redoing our kitchen we did replace our garbage disposal but there is nothing like the fresh smell of lemon.   I use lemon in my water and through the rinds  in and grind them up.  


photo via

3. Dust your hard to reach spots- you know those spots.  The tops of the fan blades, on taller shelves and on top of the fridge.  There are a million more places but tackling these make me feel that much more clean at home.  

greenery in home

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4  Bring in nature- we have a couple monstrous rose bushes on our porch.  They are huge and bloom bright pink and purple roses.  While I'm a major white rose only person, these gorgeous blooms get brought inside more often than not for a pretty pop of color.  If you don't have flowers at home some branches with pretty leaves are always lovely and create interest in a room. 

kitchen sink

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5. Hang tea towels- simple but there is something really pretty to me about tea towels.  I love to collect pretty ones on my Home Goods runs and hang then over the oven handle or drape them over our sink.  It's just makes me feel fancy somehow.