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Newport Dunes Camping

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We snuck away for some beach camping this summer at Newport Dunes.  Not only is camping one of our most favorite family activities it's the best way for us to unplug!  We grilled, swam, fished, worked endlessly on our 1000 piece puzzle.  If looking for a super fun and super easy family vacation in Southern California, you must try Newport Dunes!  We are already planning our next trip!

Disclaimer...Capri lost her two top teeth and was pretty excited about it!  Look at the big cheesy grin in every shot!  

Our New Home

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As many of you know if you follow my Instagram or Snapchat (username: LifewLipstick) , that we recently moved!  A little back story....for years we had been envisioning ourselves moving closer to the beach. We had a plan to relocate before the girls got to engrained in school.  My husband got a new job near the coast around the new year and it seemed like the time was right.  We went on full force crazy house hunting.  I mean check Redfin, Trulia, Zillow 7,000 times a day crazy! It was bad!!  I would call my husband in the middle of his work day after just leaving open houses.  He would send me link after to link to different options.  In the end nothing felt right.  Nothing gave me the "pitter patter heart" feeling of wanting spending Christmases and hosting dinner parties and taking walks in the neighborhood in each house.  You know, that "girl" feeling.   We had basically thrown in the towel after  so much frustration.  I started poking around in our current area again and landed on one that looked promising.  I drove the street and just knew it was right.  When I got to the house, I of course snuck into  the backyard since no one was living in the home and had all the "feels" .  It was OUR house! I called Erik and we scheduled a walk through with our realtors and made a game plan to make it happen.  Within a month we were in our new home!  We have endless plans for it and couldn't be more thrilled!  

Since our home was built in the 1950's we are planning for lots of updates and adding personal touches!  We started with the front of the house.  We changed out the paint, freshened up the landscaping and added on a gable to the front as well as new lighting and front door. We loved the feel of chic modern farmhouse.  Very Joanna and Chip Gaines of us, I know! We also plan to continue the brick on the porch and add on rocking chairs and some potted plants.   For more photos from Instagram , make sure you look through the hashtag #LWLOHome. 

Here is a fun before and after! 



Nordstrom SALE: SHOES

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It's eye candy overload in the shoe department!  I'm dying for these booties!!  I also snagged another pair of Salt water duck boots in cream and these super comfy sneaks for work!

Nordstrom SALE: BAGS

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Don't miss out on some gorgeous steals on swoon worthy bags! The Kate Spade blush tote  is over $140 off and the Sole Society backpack has made this busy mama hands free countless times.  Sale prices change on August 8th! 

Nordstrom SALE: HOME

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We have been in our new home for about 3 months now and I've been in major decor mode.  Talking hours of Pinterest!!  We definitely have a coastal, nautical love in our decor and I picked my faves from the Nordstrom Sale that may just make their debut in our new kitchen and family room. Let me know if any of you are interested in seeing our renovation process and progress. Leave me a comment and I will add in some of that fun stuff if you all are interested. 

Grey Cape

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Striped Shirtdress

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I am constantly searching for comfy dresses that work for business as well as running errands.  This sweet striped shirtdress hit the perfect note with it's cute white cuffs and nipped waist.  It also has pockets!  Done and done!!!  

Nautical Black and White

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Nothing has ever made me feel more like a girl boss than wearing all white and black. I don't know why but it's my "gonna crush this" uniform. Mix that with a little nautical and I'm such a happy camper!  These amazing black pants fit like sweatpants and make even my short legs seem long!  There is nothing more in my life that I want than to feel tall and these pants did the trick! I'm telling you, GIRL BOSS!!  The buttons put me over the edge and I just had to have them!  

Floral scalloped blouse

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Spring has sprung in So Cal and I am so giddy about it!  There is nothing sweeter than the walking out into warm sun and the smell of fresh cut grass.  Talk about boost of endorphins!!  

Hat, Blouse, Sunglasses, Bag, Pants similar here and here, Flats also love these and these

Blue and White Tassels

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This weekend was a blast!  We celebrated my cousin's wedding and Sunday I spent the day beautifying a beautiful bride!  We are back reality this Monday. This adorable tasseled top could make any Monday more fun! I paired it here with a comfy skirt for hitting my chores.  I also plan to throw it over a swimsuit this summer at the pool or with white skinny jeans on cooler nights. 

Jacket, Striped top, Skirt, Sunglasses, Bag, Flats older but similar here in silver

Easter dresses

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We love Easter in our home and this year we may even be in our new house!  EEEEKKK!  We typically celebrate Easter with a big brunch at our house. I love planning the menu full of frittatas, fruit salad and of course deviled eggs.  Last year we did a waffle bar and it was pretty epic.  Toppings galore full of chocolate chips, fresh whipped cream, berries and sprinkles.  We may need to make that a staple for our menu.  I love to deck the table out with fresh flowers and sweet Easter bunny accents.  We have more additions to the family these days in our cousins which makes the Easter egg hunt that more competitive!  Capri is so nosy and cheats by watching us hide eggs through the window.  They love dressing up in their sweet party dresses and this year I can't even deal with the cuteness of this bunny ear headband!  I'm also dying over these gorgeous handmade floral ear headbands by our lovely friend Carissa at JL Designs.  So gorg! 

Easter dress


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The biggest SHOPBOP sale ( use code BIGEVENT16 at checkout) of the year is here and I've rounded up my favorite picks that will send you into Spring looking like perfection.  I have a handful of trips I am working on myself.  Erik and I always try and sneak away in the springtime to Palm Springs and plan on grabbing a margarita at our favorite Mexican restaurant Las Casuelas  in this little white top and short set. 


Pink straw bag, Tan sandals , Cream top and shorts, Black off the shoulder jumpsuit , Arrow necklace , Blush embellished dress , Ruched halter swimsuit , Kate Spade watch, White ruffled dress,  Pink pom pom bag,  Pink flamingo pool inflatable, Pink sunglasses, Black and white espadrilles , Green and white dressNavy tie front romper,  Salmon drop waist dress

I am also in love with these super simple basics to bring any outfit together.  I love this easy white pocket tank , I also could live in this classic button up .  I live in stripes most of the summer and love this simple striped tee paired with denim shorts

Now that we have almost wrapped up Whole30, it's time to get this bod into the gym or do some sort of sweating.  Ugh!  I'm 100% on board with the notion that new workout clothes are the best motivators.  I'm pretty sure that this sports bra and I'd feel pretty serious in these pants. 

Printed full skirt

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I'm pretty sure that as soon as I put on this dress I felt like a princess ready for my tea party!  What is it about a full skirt that instantly transports you into the days of dress up and pixie dust? I was immediately 6 again!  When I was little, I had a gold ball gown that I wore for about 5 years on Halloween because I loved it so much.  I remember I paired it with a gold sequined handbag that my mom gave me.  I can remember like yesterday the feel of that dress and it's instant magic as soon as I put it on.  I probably was a pint sized hot mess but I didn't care. In my head, I was the prettiest princess in all the land!  

Whole30 Week Two Recap

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We are halfway through!  Phew this a is major long 30 days!  We heard all the warnings of the dreaded week 2 of Whole30.  Most of the reviews we read or people we had talked to said that week 2 is the worst because the "newness" has worn off and now you are getting into the nitty gritty.  You are pretty over your standard recipes and over the food prep.  That was us this week!   I also had a big obstacle with my cousin's bachelorette party last weekend.  The drinking wasn't really a big issue it was more what to order to eat.  This was my first dinner out and I also being with a lot of people.  I just didn't to make a big deal about watching my intake.  I studied up on my approved cocktails  ( sign up for my newsletter to get the recipes of my favorite mocktails) and looked over the menu before hand so I didn't have be super annoying with 20 questions and changes to the waitress.  I decided on a Tonic water with lime for my drink and was shocked when it came.  It tasted sweet!  So weird!  I thought maybe the bartender had added a  splash of Sprite or something yummy.  It was to good!  I had my cousin taste it and we even sent it back to make sure.  The second drink came and it was just as good!  Score for me!  The flatbreads at Seasons 52 came next !  Danger zone!!!  They ordered 4 for the table and man did they smell amazing. Thank goodness for a healthy restaurant pick though. I would have been screwed if I was up against bar food.  I decided on Cedar Plank Salmon with veggies and smashed potatoes.  I was such a happy camper.  Crisis averted!  Also this week was the unwelcome visit of "that time of the month"  I am a major PMS chocolate eater and that has been a bit tricky.  


No bloat feeling

Pretty skin- no but seriously I feel like my skin looks so happy and dewy

Sleeping better- I am a light sleeper and found myself recently waking a lot throughout the night.  I noticed this last week I have been noticeable sleeping better. I also added herbal tea to my night time routine and I think that has been helpful too. 

Coffee without sugar is getting better- I am not a huge coffee drinker but more like the morning routine of it.  I typically sweeten my coffee with Stevia drops and was majorly missing that last week.  This week I found I needed to swap the Coconut milk I had been using to Almond milk.  I was getting horrible gas.  I am so much better now with that little switch up.  



Wine still is quite missed

Sluggish- this week with PMS grossness and catching a cold I felt so sluggish.  I went to bed around 8:00 two nights in a row.  

Cranky- again this could have been the PMS but man was I crabby this last week.  


Erik seemed to make it through his week pretty well at work which was great!  We have to batch meal a bunch of things for him so he can grab and go.  Our lifesavers this week have been this hash with a couple fried eggs on top.  Erik also is a big protein bar guy so he was happy to find some approved LARA bars to much on when he was in a pinch.  I am also getting myself a "zoodler"  because a. I like the word zoodle and b. because I think it'll be fun to mix up our veggies a bit.  Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for exclusive recipes.  This week will be all the mocktails I've tested and am loving! 


The Talking Shirt

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As moms we have that moment of "what the heck am I doing"  feeling most of the time , no?  I have no idea of what I'm doing is ever right or if any of the lessons are ever sinking in.  What I do know is that I adore my little ladies and they have the kindest hearts.  My mom always tells me when I'm struggling with motherhood, that leading by example is the best lesson you can give.  Kids see everything and they are our biggest reflectors.  The moment I became a mother to my girls I thought long and hard about how my parents raised me and what kind of mother my mom was.  She always instilled love and tough love but the biggest lesson I took away and my biggest character trait is confidence.  I always felt that confidence was the key to any success I ever had. The number one thing I pray I enstill in my girls is confidence.  I think this can be tricky in our time.  With the faces of young women being celebrated for wearing the most makeup and the most revieling clothes.  Don't get me wrong, I wore some pretty itty bitty outfits in my time #brittneyspearsera . I wonder in our time what my girls will face in their future.  What struggles will come their way.  I want to arm them with love and give them the armor of self confidence to tackle all that is ahead.


 I've teamed with The Talking Shirt in spreading this message. Their whole company inspires me and I love what they stand for.  They have taken adorable designs and driven them with a message that "kindness is always in style".  As a gift to all you confidence builders, hug givers, positive message mamas out there, use code KEEPTALKING at and receive 20% off all online orders.  

Pink oversized sweater

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So lots and lots of exciting things have been going on in the "House of Lipstick"!  We have made an offer on a new home!  Yay! If you follow my Snapchat ( LifewithLipstick) you know this has been a on going project!   My cousin is getting married next month and  we have started Whole30!  

Our gorgeous So Cal weather has been heavenly and makes me feel Spring upon us!  That means Spring break!  Where should be jet off to?  We want to head somewhere we can have a fun family adventure and unplug.  

Whole30 Week One Recap

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After the holiday's and changing of work schedules, Erik and I decided we needed a jump start on our healthy eating habits again.  We decided to challenge ourselves to Whole30. If you follow my Snapchat ( LifewLipstick)  I'm a pretty diverse and healthy eater so came into this challenge super cocky!  Erik on the other hand is pretty picky and the man likes his sauces.  Here are some of the pros and cons of the first week for us. Also don't forget to subscribe to my site for exclusive recipes that are keeping us sane!  Recipes and tips will be sent out every Saturday! 




-Meal prep is my language and I love being prepared for my day with meals already prepped. 

-Lots of eating!  I'm a food person and typically am thinking about food round the clock.  The fact that I can basically eat all day is perfect for me. Erik dittos! 

-Erik like any boy loves to be cooked for and I can't lie in that I love to cook for my family too.  Not only do I prep for myself but I do all his prep.  He's pretty happy about that!

-Knowing that everything we are putting into our body is healthy and pure. 

-Realizing my bad habits and becoming more aware of them.


-Wine!!!!!  Need I say more?

-Milk and Stevia in my morning coffee are one of my most favorite things.  Adjusting to no sugar in coffee is a major bummer!

-Being creative and trying to keep Erik full and fed.  

-Valentine's day treats were super rough!  I was pretty proud of us being able to dodge them. 

-Not confidently being able to dine out.  

Overall, we are making it through okay.  I've had little issue overall other than my habitual snack grabs or wine at night.  Erik I think has struggled more due to his more picky eating habits.  He suffered from headaches a lot for over a week.  I luckily didn't get any headaches yet felt pretty tired and sluggish which is not helpful for a busy mama!  My sanity savers have been fruit and Iced Green Tea from Starbucks.  I have my cousin's bachelorette party this weekend which will be tricky.  If anyone has any tips on mocktails that are Whole30 approved I'd love them!  

  I will keep you all updated with some of my favorite recipes we've tried and a recap of how we do on Week Two.  Wish us luck!