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5 tips for easy entertaining

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Fall entertaining tips

I love to host little gatherings at house all year but as we come up to the holiday’s my hostess vibes go into full gear. I used to be a really anxious hostess. I would worry about everyone having a good time, was the food good, does the house smell nice etc. etc. Over the years, I’ve honed some tips on how to be a chill hostess and ensure that not only your guests feel special and taken care of but you have a great time too.

  1. Pick a theme- a theme can really help with all aspects of party prep. You can get your table layout designed with decor, decide on florals if any, work out your playlist and create your menu based off the vibe of your theme. This doesn’t have to be elaborate but something that sets the tone for you and your guests.

  2. Add some charm- now that you have a loose theme worked out, you can add little accents to your meal and table to make your guests feel extra special. I love using name tags for each guest. You can get really creative with these sweet touches from wood etched to hand written. Cloth napkins and your nicer dish ware show that you have given the setting extra thought. Florals are always a lovely touch. I like to keep my florals low and scattered to keep cross table conversation easy.

  3. Prep before hand- I love getting my table all situated and set up in advance to see what I’m missing or be able to play with the design a bit before hand. I pull out the appropriate serve ware based on my menu so I can have everything cleaned and ready to go. This also goes for the menu. I plan everything out in detail a couple days before hand so I have plenty of time do the shopping and food prep ahead of time. I’m still working on perfecting my cooking times but practice makes perfect right?!

  4. Libations and Apps-I feel like cocktails and appetizers are the kick off to any party. I like guests to have something yummy to snack on right away and be able to fill their cup with something festive. You can never go wrong with a fall inspired spiked punch or sangria and a yummy rustic charcuterie. Make sure to keep a little something for every pallet at fingers reach.

  5. Set the mood with a great playlist- the tone of any gathering is immediately set by the music. If you want a more energetic vibe get something tuned up that is poppy and fun. For a more laid back feel, find tunes that feel more relaxed and serene. Keep in my tunes with profanity. Some tracks have some sneaky lyrics that may make guests feel uncomfortable and may not be great for little ears.

Easter brunch menu

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Easter brunch is a must in our Easter plans and I keep our menu easy breezy so we can just enjoy the day! Something that is never not on our table is my “fancy salad”. Really any salad that has more than a couple ingredients is dubbed a fancy salad in my book but this one is so delish and my go to.

Easter table

We get all hands on deck making our table lovely and ready for our family. The girls love to help adding their own special touches. Capri’s favorite part is to set the table and decide the napkin design. Peyton is in charge of flowers this year and she is all about it.

Spring salad

Kacee’s Fancy Salad

( all ingredients can be found at Trader Joes)

Spring mix

Green grapes halved

Strawberries quartered

Grilled Chicken chopped

Candied Walnuts or fave nut

Dried cranberries or cherries

Crumbled goat cheese

Fig balsamic dressing

Assemble and enjoy!

Some other dishes that I love to whip up is a big batch of Kodiak Cakes waffles, a veggie packed frittata, bacon and a fresh fruit salad. You can’t forget the champs either! I have a variety of juices on hand for mimosas. For a kid friendly drink, we add frozen blueberries to lemonade so the kiddos feel like they are getting special treat too. The blueberries keep the lemonade cold and infuse a little blueberry flavor to the lemonade.


Cheery Easter tablescape

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Cheery spring table scape

I love the smell of citrus and isn’t it just the cheeriest with it’s bright colors and fresh smell?! Nothing makes me feel more full of energy and springtime! I love hosting at our home and making things pretty for our guests. This spring I have a couple brunch gatherings I’m planning and thought a citrus inspired table would be a fresh take on this tables cape.

Citrus inspired tables cape

I started with a large floral print table cloth with multiple fresh spring colors. We have a crazy orange tree in our backyard and when the girls brought buckets full in the house the other day I got an idea to use them on our table. I love the bright orange hue and bringing the outdoors in.

For place settings, I found this soft tan straw charger which I feel like brings in an unexpected texture but still ties into the light tan flowers on the tablecloth. I always use my favorite white beaded plates and this time tucked in a bright orange napkin to introduce a splash of fun and tie in the oranges. Each setting was finished off with shimmery gold flatware and clear drinking glasses to keep things light and airy.

Citrus tables cape

What’s a brunch with out the Chandon mimosa bar am I right? I love mixing and mingling out mixers and this time we are using fresh peach and cranberry juices. Don’t forget fun straws and the fruit garnishes. It’s the little touches that really make your guests feel like they are getting the extra treatment.

Citrus inspired table
Citrus inspired tables cape

For our centerpiece I popped into Trader Joes to see what tickled my fancy. I knew I was using the oranges so wanted to make sure I was offsetting the colors with other options. I decided on shades of pink, yellow and whites. I hap hazardly layered the blooms in a glass pitcher to create height but also keep things full and whimsy.

I found some adorable wood wagons to fill with the oranges from our tree. The key is to leave a couple of the leaves on the stems to create a casual, effortless look. Makes it feel less cute and a bit more organic. Toss a couple oranges around the bottom of your pitcher to fill that space and bring some bright orange color into the middle of the table.

Citrus inspired table scape

Brunch menus should be casual and absolutely easy breezy for the hostess. I love to make a big frittata filled with protein and veggies which is delish hot or cold. I plate up some fluffy waffles or pancakes for a decadent carb. Make sure to have a fresh green salad on hand and top your white serve ware with seasonal fruit. The menu is nice and balanced and a true taste bud pleaser for every guest.

Citrus inspired tables cape
Citrus inspired table scape

Friendsgiving lunch

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As I’ve gotten older I have grown to value my friedships so much! I have gathered quite a group of different ladies as my inner circle but man are they all crazy special to me in their own ways. I wanted to celebrate these girls with a Friendsgiving lunch.

After visiting Napa a couple months back, I’ve been in love with the easy breezy entertaining style of that area. I envisioned a menu full of Thanksgiving flavor but all family style. I wanted this lunch to be no fuss but still fall inspired. I chose a variety of flat breads and yummy mixed salads.

For our setting, I made soft blues and rustic tans my main pallet. I added foliage from my yard to give settle pops of color. A coastal feel always is my go to favorite so of course we added some of that ambiance with crisp white china and stripped napkins. My favorite fall accent was the sweet custom made maple leaf place cards from Delovely Designs. I think any custom element makes guests feel like you put in some extra love for them and it works as a great little party favor.

Holiday entertaining essentials

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holiday table

The holiday season has fully commenced and I am in major hostess with the hostess mood! To kick off November, I am hosting some of my favorite girls to a luncheon for Friendsgiving. I love setting beautiful tables. I feel like the effort really sets the tone for the party and let’s your guests feel how important they are to you by making it pretty. Over the years I have gathered some tried and true staples to make any table theme gorgeous. Here is my round up of home entertaining holiday essentials that work with any season and feel.

Gold flatware goes with everything for every season. I grabbed 6 settings of this gorgeous flatware last year and find they are all I use now for entertaining. They elevate any place setting and give it a little shine with a modern design.

Neutral chargers are my staple. I use these ratan chargers for literally every gathering. You have seen them in both Fall , Spring and Christmas gatherings. They go with everything and give a nice texture to a tables cape

Candle sticks add a little height and drama to your table. I like level changes through my settings. Simple candle sicks allow guests to still see each other but get some ambiance.

Serving bowls and platters are the most basic essential in setting any table for a gathering. No matter if it’s a potluck or a full spread it is lovely to have a cohesive feel to your serveware. I like to mix strong white peices with airy glass bowls for salads.

Versatile drink ware can both serve for everyday use or for any gathering. I keep a nicer set of plastic cups both big and small on our exposed shelves. They look pretty and are super handy to grab when entertaining.

Basic white china can be mixed and mingled any way you like. I registered for this beaded white china for our wedding and still use it for every gathering 11 years later. It’s simple yet the beaded rims add a little sweetness to my tables without being to distracting.

Lots of seating is a must! We just updated our dining room and have capacity for 8-10 seats at our new dining table. I keep a handful of extra chairs that match tucked away for occasions with more guests. That way you don’t always need to keep the leafs out on your dining table but are able to accommodate extra guests if needed.

Cheese boards are the chicest appetizer display in my book. If you have been following my Insta stories you know I am having a complete obsession with charterturie boards. They are perfect in any setting.

Speaking of snacks, make sure to have plenty of cute snack bowls available to add to your cheese boards, scatter around the house or add to your tables for smaller condiments.

Kate Spade inspired Easter Tablescape

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Easter tables cape

I adore Easter decor and wanted to try something a little different with my table this year for Easter brunch. I found this fun floral Kate Spade table cloth and black and tan striped runner and ran with it!  I layered the two linens with sweet bunny place mats and added blush pink linen napkins to adorable wooden bunny napkin rings.  For place settings, I layered my favorite rattan chargers with classic white beaded dinner and salad plate.  To top the setting, I added blush crystal coupe glasses filled with gold foiled eggs ( tutorial here) .  I love mixing metals and added gold flatware to my galvanized metal peices for a chic touch.  Next, I gathered straw reeds from a field nearby our house and created a simple center piece with an oversized galvanized bucket.  Our brunch menu will include all sorts of yummy treats including waffles and my favorite frittata.  I added some cranberry orange scones to a blush crystal basket.  I fell in love with this metal and wood, wheelbarrow salad bowl.  I just think it's the cutest little addition.  I layered a variety of bagels on a scalloped metal cake stand for some height contrast.  I find with creating a table space you want to keep an eye on your heights and make sure to have a variety to make the table interesting.  For an extra Easter touch, I added the cutest little straw bunny.  

Easter table
Easter table
Easter table
Gold foiled eggs

Galentine's Brunch

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Galentine's brunch

Valentine's day is almost here!  I decided to invite some of my favorite ladies over for a little celebration of my love for them with a Galentine's lunch.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by such special, smart, kind and amazing women.  They inspire me daily!  I wanted to make sure I was able to love on them as they have loved on me!  

I started my table with a girly color palette of pinks, blue and yellow.  I layered my table with a Hearth and Hand striped table runner and pieces like sweet bud vases, drinking glasses and striped pitchers from the newest Hearth and Hand Spring collection.  I filled each vessel with different fluffy roses.  I added little sweet treats to heart shaped ramekins and added my favorite Chandon Rose Mini's for some festive bubbles.  

For our place settings, I layered simple blue and white placemats, straw chargers and pretty coral Hearth and Hand  hand towels as napkins.  Next, I added crisp white chargers and dinner plates and topped the setting with beautiful floral china.  I received these beautiful dishes as a wedding shower gift and I still feel like they are the prettiest addition to the table.  Goes to show that you can incorporate any piece into a setting and make it feel fresh and new. 

I added little notes on each setting for each of my friends sharing three of my most favorite things about them. Nothing like a love note to cap off a girly lunch! 

Galentine's brunch
Galentine's table
Galentine's table
Galentine's table

Our Cozy NYE Party

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As I sit and gather pictures for this post my house is still full of glitter and balloons are still floating. We had the best time ringing in the new year with some sweet friends!

NYE champagne bar

If  you follow me on Instagram you saw my story about not having much a decor meter. I either go full out and have a whole styled decor situation or I do nothing. Not great at the middle ground.  I decided to keep my crazy down to a normal level and do a festive drink station and only a couple other sparkly accents.  I love how our little champagne bar turned out!  


 I wanted to keep the vibe celebratory but super comfy and simple.  We had each family wear their comfiest pjs and bring a little something to eat.  I put together some sparkly cupcakes and a charcuterie board along with a handful of pizzas and sipped on Chandon.  

NYE party

The kids started the night with a round of Twister while us adults got into my pile of games.  I have been really wanting to start hosting game nights so this was the perfect excuse to bust out the games.  Us girls broke open What the Meme and the boys joined us for Telestrations, Left Right Center and Cards of Humanity.  I had never played Telestrations but it quickly became my favorite!  My tummy muscles hurt today from laughing so hard.  

NYE Party games
NYE party

We were hoping to pop our poppers and do an early East Coast ball drop to keep it an early night.  We quickly ditched the idea of turing in early and kept the fun going until 11:30.  I had a handful of poppers for the kids and some super big crackers for us adults.  Our house was quickly full of glitter!  I have to say it doesn't bother me one bit!  

NYE party

Cheers to you and a sparkly 2018!  I can't wait to share new content, videos and travel with you this year! 

NYE party

2018 Goal setting gathering

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Goal setting for new year

It's a sparkling fresh new year and time for new goals and dreams!  One of my best friends is a major promoter of vision boards.  I make pretty thorough goals for myself throughout the year but never have made a vision board.  We thought how fun would it be to do our vision boards together and have a couple more of our favorite ladies play too.  It became a thing!  Goal Gathering!  I like a name for get togethers!  

We kept our gathering small and intimate with just 4 of us.  I put together a Charcuterie board with yummy snacks and we sipped on mini Chandon splits.  

Charcuterie board

A couple of the girls have done intense courses on goal planning for their businesses and helped create a format for both our big goal lists and our vision boards.  We broke down the goals into categories.  

Here is how it looked: 

Family: to encompass anything family or relationship related.  This would include family camping trips, quality time with each child, date nights or getaways with your hubby, lunch dates with parents, special notes and coffee dates with friends, etc. 

Spiritual: faith based goals like incorporating a daily devotional into your morning routine, attending a women's bible study, making Sunday's a priority to attend church, read faith based books, etc. 

Physical: this could be the obvious like getting back to the gym or cleaning up your eating.  This category could also be things like bleaching your teeth regularly,trying that new haircut you have been eyeing, doing weekly at home masks or practicing yoga daily.  

Educational: this category could be business related or personal development related.  I am going to take an official photography class to learn more about my camera.  You could make it a goal to go back to school, attend conferences in your field or reading educational books like biographies or biz books. 

Business /Work: this category can include your work goals for promotion or even little goals like keeping your office drawers organized regularly.  

Material things: this is a bigger category.  This would include the material things or projects you are aiming to gain or finish in the year. This category can also include getting debt free or adding to your savings. Some of my material goals this year are to add built ins and a powder room to the house.  I also want to create my garden this year.   

Then you get to my favorite part!  The vision board making!  I am super visual person and really get inspired by beauty.  We chose our most powerful goals for the year and found inspiring images for each from Pinterest.  We all found the most inspiration from pins we have already gathered on our boards. We then  used  templates to upload our images and create our beautiful vision boards.  


I hope you are more than inspired throughout the year to attain your goals and dreams!  I am a huge goal setter and believe in 1, 5, 10 year goals!  I'd love to see your vision boards too!  If you create one add it to Instagram and tag me in it! Cheers to a gorgeous 2018!

Best New Years Champagne

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I love Champagne and can't wait to ring in the new year with my favorite people!  In order to pop only the best bubbly correctly, I asked my adorable sorority little sis and champagne professional ( no really!! it's her career! ) Alissa to help me guide you through the best champagne for your 2018 celebration.  She rounded up the best champs priced from lowest to highest, gave us the scoop on each selection, food pairing and party tips for how to make sure you are prepared to be the perfect hostess!   Don't miss the best champs fun facts at the end!  My favorite part! 




Domaine Chandon Brut Classic

California Sparkling


A great choice if someone is a fan of buying local.  This amazing winery was opened by Moet & Chandon in Yountville, CA in the mid 70's.  They create their sparkling in exactly the same fashion as it's French Cousins and have a very playful side.  Their we bite features cocktail recipes as well as entertaining tips and tricks.  They even release special limited edition holiday bottles and this year the bottles were designed by the incredibly talented Rebecca Minkoff

2017 Winter.jpg


Etoile by Domaine Chandon

California Sparkling

$20- $25

Etoile, French for Star, is the Prestige offering from Domaine Chandon.  A hugely food friendly sparkling and presented in an exquisite bottle with long neck and simple gold writing.  this is an awesome, esoteric offering and one that is splendidly priced for gifting.


Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV


Epernay, France

$30- $40


Veuve Clicquot "Yellow Label" Brut


Reims, France

$40- $55


Champagne Ruinart, Blanc de Blancs


Reims, France



Dom Perignon, Blanc Vintage 2009


Epernay, France

$149- $199




Reims, France

$179- $200





When selecting your Champagne for this holiday season, it is definitely a good idea to look around for the best price available.  Champagne and sparkling are an affordable luxury and if you are going to splurge a little ….. now is the time to do so.  From Big box chains, to your local grocery store, to independent wine and spirits shops, and yes even online only stores…. everyone is offering their best foot forward when it comes to pricing and availability this time of year.  Some helpful hints and tips:  Above is a list of some of the world's most loved bubbles.  Including the oldest Champagne house, as well as the very first Sparkling Winery from Napa and of course Champagne Royalty …. KRUG and the beloved Dom Perignon.  

When looking for Champagne for your holiday gathering it is a good idea to keep a few things in mind when shopping around on price.  

1) Number of people in attendance- each 750ml bottle of Champagne will provide approximately 5-6 glasses.  If you are having a small party of 2 or a large gathering of 100 there is a Champagne for you and a size to match.  Sizes include individual "mini" bottles in 187ml (Moet & Chandon and Domaine Chandon) "Half Bottles" 375ml (Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, KRUG) or Large formats such as the "Magnum" 1.5L or the equivalent to 2 regular 750ml bottles(Domaine Chandon, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Dom Perignon, and KRUG)..  

2)Who is your audience and what is on the menu?: will your guests be simply toasting to the New Year or do you have a home filled with wine aficionado's?  Champagne LOVES food so if your group falls into the later category…. your menu will be a huge help in your selection.  If you are having lighter fare such as Turkey, Fish, Vegetarian or Vegan…. a brut or Blancs de Blancs will be the true companion to your spread.  Should your menu include items such as red meat, lamb, pork, or items with hearty sauces…. then Rose will truly be the perfect choice to wow your guests whether they be Sommelier's or first time Champagne Sippers.

3) Have FUN! Champagne is a beautiful way to not just celebrate the holidays but the everyday and the people you are with.  It is truly unique in that it can be carried from welcome, to appetizers.  Main dishes, desserts and of course ringing in the New Year.



Fun Facts:

  1. there are approximately 49 million bubbles in a 750ml bottle of Champagne
  2. Marilyn Monroe is believed to have taken a both in over 350 bottles of Champagne
  3. There are approximately 100 calories in a single serving of Champagne
  4. The velocity at which the cork leaves the bottle can garner speed of up to 100 mph





Fall Tablescape inspiration

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As I curled up with my Fall Magnolia Journal, I came upon their article talking of soup gatherings. A simple meal for your dearest friends to gather and enjoy each other's company.  The whole mission is to create a standing date of soup, gathering and quality time  No fuss !  I of course don't mind a little fuss so I decided to create a lovely tables cape to accompany my launching of the monthly " Soup Sioree" ( yes I gave it a name). I have so many incredible friends and wanted to mix up my group a bit and grab some of my most dynamic.  I have 3 girlfriends coming over for lunch tomorrow.  One is a fine art photographer, one a self made bad ass attorney with her own practice and another attorney with the most impeccable home decor taste I have ever seen! Just interesting, cool, funny ladies.  Some of us know each other better than others and some not at all. Love that part!  I can't wait to see where our conversations lead.


Farmhouse table,Faux fur pillow,White dot pillowSoup bowls, Napkins, Beaded dinner plate, Straw charger, Gold flatware,  Striped runner, Grasscloth runner, Brass bell, Pitcher, Brass name plates

 I am prepping an easy Ablondigas soup which is hearty and all things yummy.  I created an airy table filled with Fall feels yet kept things coastal like I love.  I topped my layered grass cloth and striped runners with straw chargers and beaded plates that we received as wedding gifts. I love how simple pieces can be refreshed over and over.  I added more texture with a simple plaid patterned napkin and an adorable vessel for our soup.  For my runner, I grabbed pumpkins from our porch and foliage from our yard to bring nature in.  I added Hearth and Home pieces to make things personal and warm.  

Cheers to amazing, inspiring, funny friends! 


Baby Shower for Duke

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My cousin Jenna has a bun in the oven and we couldn't be more excited to share her gorgeous baby shower from a couple weeks back.  My mom and I adore throwing parties and we we so giddy to get to dream up the perfect shower for baby Duke!  We envisioned a seaside feel with fresh white blooms and succulents scattered amongst driftwood.  We topped the table with burlap and layered on a frayed edged runner and a blue and white striped searsucker runner.  The straw chargers where topped with white china and blue and white napkins in mix matched patterns to create some interest.  We sipped custom mimosas and noshed on handmade crepes.  I was a piggy and had two because I couldn't decide if I wanted a sweet or savory crepe.  I went with a California Sunrise which was made up with avocado, egg, bacon and sun-dried tomatoes.  For my second option, I chose a Cinnamon Apple crepe with carmel and mascarpone cheese.  I mean!!! Now you know why I had two! We kept the games simple and opted for baby bingo.  As we ate and mingled, each guest could drop a sweet message to the mama to be in our message in a bottle station.  As Jenna, opened up presents we cut the gorgeous succulent topped cake which was chocolate with a raspberry filling. It was heaven!  

Thank you to all the amazing vendors that helped create our vision for the day!  

My dress: Rent the Runway

Photography: Gina Diaz photography

Floral: Bottles n Blooms

Table and Chair rentals:  All Occasion rentals

Chargers and Napkins: Pottery Barn

Crepe station: Crepes Bonaparte

Mimosa bar: Bottles n Blooms



4th of July Soiree

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I love the summer ease of the 4th of July. Cutoff shorts, tanned skin and summer dresses are donned as the smell of BBQ fills the air.  The day is so patriotic and so fun!  We adore summer BBQ's and I've put together some of my favorite 4th of July entertaining decor picks. You will no doubt have a great time but the guests will be wowed by your effortless hostess skills.

Zinc table and chairs, Burlap Banner, Pinwheel, Pillow, Mini Cake Stands ,

Lemonade dispenser, Galvenized Condiment set, Star Napkin Ring, Gingham napkins,

Star Serving Set, Beverage Basket, Navy Striped Runner ,Plates, Bulb lighting

Baby Shower

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  Baby shower

In the spirit of Mother's Day I am so excited to share my sweet sister in laws baby shower.  We can't wait to welcome baby Wesley in a couple weeks!  I am an aunt to both my niece and nephew on my husband's side but I am so eager to meet my baby brother's son!


We noshed on the most decadent, fluffy Belgain waffles prepared at our interactive waffle bar from 24 Carrots. Talk about endless waffle toppings!  A colorful mimosa bar made for the perfect libations.  My littlest lady won baby Bingo via my mother in law and was giddy to find the prize being the yummiest B. Toffee.  Capri and Peyton wanted to give Wesley something special from just them.  The nursery is " Under the Sea" themed with bright orange and light blues.  We made  sweet " hand fishies" for his room and the girls were beyond excited to share their goodies with Brittany.

The gorgeous mama and sweet babe got spoiled rotten and we can't wait to see him in his sweet outfits.

Baby showeri-XqNzrtR-LBaby showerBaby showerBaby showerBaby showerBaby shower

We can't wait to meet you little guy!

Photos: Alice Hu, Rentals: Archive Rentals, Linens: La Tavola, Waffle bar: 24 Carrots, Paper Goods: Darla Marie Designs, Floral: Poppy and Blush, Cake: Simply Cakes, Bingo prize: B. Toffee

My dress, on Capri and Peyton

Backyard Fiesta

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Backyard fiesta It's been warm enough to eat outside here in So Cal and this mama has been craving tacos!  We decided to invite some friends over for a little Taco Tuesday and to add to the fun I made the table extra festive.

I whipped up my favorite Pine Nut and Mango guacamole and threw together an easy Sangria to sip on.  Backyard fiesta

Add lots of bougainvillea to your table for a pop of color and throw some limes and oranges on the table to complete your centerpiece.

Backyard fiesta [show_shopthepost_widget id="680813"]

Photos: Corey Morgan

Oscar sioree

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And the Oscar goes to…... I love award show season and sit with my favorite snacks and bubbly devouring the red carpet fashion before each show.  I've decided to throw my own simple little soiree this year with all my fashion and movie crazed friends.  We will sip champagne and nosh on popcorn and soft pretzels in true movie style.

Oscar party inspiration

Who's got your vote? Throw on some sparkles and  cast your picks on Fandango's printable Oscar Ballot like we are.

Oscar party inspirationOscar party inspirationOscar party inspirationOscar party inspirationOscar party inspiration

Galentine's Mommy and Me Soiree

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There is nothing sweeter than Valentine's day and to kick off the month of love, I decided to throw a girl's only "Galentine's day" soiree to celebrate some of my dearest girlfriends and their little ladies.  While the mommy's adorned handmade Valentine's cards, our littles made friendship bracelets for their friends or their mommy's.  It was perfect occasion to celebrate with our little sweeties. kacee v-day shoot finals 0287kacee v-day shoot finals 0047

Each mommy had a personalized scrap box ready for crafting along with a plethora of sticker and rhinestone embellishments and markers.  kacee v-day shoot finals 0001

No party is official without a little bubbly and Lindor Milk Chocolate!  vday

Our " I love you more than wine" printable was my favorite!

kacee v-day shoot finals 0049kacee v-day shoot finals 0016

The little ladies noshed on heart shaped PB & Js, pink lemonade and strung beads to make their friendship bracelets.

kacee v-day shoot finals 0061kacee v-day shoot finals 0396kacee v-day shoot finals 0139kacee v-day shoot finals 0025-2 kacee v-day shoot finals 0192kacee v-day shoot finals 0413


To get our oh so cute printable visit Joie de Vie Paperie for downloadable version !

Photography: Paul Schaefer


Friendsgiving Playdate

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Friendsgiving playdate With the busiest of school schedules and the hustle of the holidays upon us, we decided to host a "Friendsgiving" playdate to take a moment and celebrate some of our special friends before Thanksgiving.  We adorned a mini picnic bench with fluffy burlap, the most precious straw woodland creatures, fluffy cotton and birch wood pillars.  We used galvanized tin pales filled with toppings for to decorate our carmel apples.

Friendsgiving playdate

Our friends could decorate their carmel apples however they liked using Marshmallows, M&Ms, Oreo crumbles and Candy Corn.Friendsgiving playdateFriendsgiving playdate     Friendsgiving playdate

To catch all the our loose toppings and house or gooey carmel apple, we used paper trays to keep all our treats in one spot. Friendsgiving playdateFriendsgiving playdateLifeWithLipstick_FriendsGiving-4106Friendsgiving playdateFriendsgiving playdateLifeWithLipstick_FriendsGiving-4245

After we perfected our apples, the kiddos climbed trees, played duck duck goose and tag and found cloud formations.  We had so much fun watching them play and enjoy each others company.  Friendsgiving playdateFriendsgiving play dateFriendsgiving playdate

Decor and tables cape: Life with Lipstick On

Photography: Corey Morgan

Papergoods: Joie de Vie Paperie

Goodie bags: Simply Made



Herb planting girl's get together

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Spring has come and gone but and I have been craving fresh herbs in my cooking!  Spring is my favorite time of the year to try my hand at my black thumb and attempt some form of fresh produce.  I decided a while back  to get together some of my closest girlfriends to share the love of fresh herbs.  I wanted to add fun and sweet little touches to make the afternoon even more personal.  I  started with my hunt for the perfect mini clay jar label that would be water resistant and adorable. Enter Kidecals!!  Their labels are not only super cute and  versatile but totally water-resistant!  My kind of deal! herb collage 1       Kaceeparty0008-2 I froze fresh blueberries and added them to lemonade for a fun pop of color and added chill.Kaceeparty0098-2

How sweet is the "PARTY" tray? It's just the perfect portion size for little nibbles. Kaceeparty0131-2

Kaceeparty0119-2herb 2

Each of my girlfriends were given mini water cans as a thank you for joining me in the fun of the afternoon.  The cans were adorned with my favorite and super simple recipe Caprese salad using their newly planted fresh basil.  I adore the simple ease of these precious "From the Pantry of" labels to give them an extra personal touch.Kaceeparty0381-2

I grabbed mini planting pots that are just the right size for a window sill and slipped on these great chalkboard labels so we could label our herbs in the most adorable way! Kaceeparty0240-2Kaceeparty0235-2 herb 3Kaceeparty0382-2Kaceeparty0322-2

Photos: Dana Grant

Labels: Kidecals, Mini Pots: Micheals, Table cloth: World Market, Party tray: Wayfair


Cinco de Mayo nibbles and sips

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We had so much fun putting together this fiesta for Cinco de Mayo featured last week on Inspired by This!  The girls love any chance to celebrate anything!  They were my helpers as we made our churros, chilled our mocktails and garnished our guacamole.  My hubby threw some steaks on the bbq and we enjoyed our snacks before dinner.  We wish you a safe and fun filled Cinco de Mayo! cinco collage

Photos: Corey Morgan

Goat Cheese, Mango and Pine nut Guacamole

you will need:

6-8 avocados

3 roma tomatos chopped

2 -3 T red onion finely chopped

1/2 Jalepeno pepper finely chopped

1 mango chopped

2 T cilantro roughly chopped

Juice of one lime

salt and pepper to taste

1 T toasted pine nuts

2 T crumbled goat cheese

to make:

Mash avoados.  Mix in tomatos, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, lime juice salt and pepper.Garnish with mango, goat cheese and pine nuts