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When to not be a "mama bear"

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mama bear

“Mama Bear” by definition: A woman, especially a mother, who is extremely protective of a child or children. We have all been there right?! I believe there is nothing more scary than a mama bear protecting their baby. It’s a very overwhelming feeling to make sure that no harm in any way comes to our babes. As my girls are getting older we are inevitably coming up against more situations that make my mama bear instincts flare. I want to bubble wrap them from disappointments, hard lessons, unkindness, gossip, failure, literally all of it. The hardest part for me is to separate the times where I need to step in and protect them and the times that I need to buckle up my mama bear desires and let the situations play out with quiet advice from the sidelines. Our biggest goal is to help our girls become capable and smart. To treat unkindness with strength but love. To apologize if we have hurt someone’s feelings unknowingly. Most importantly to never have a victim mentality.

We had a situation recently, where one of the girls was up against a little bit of bullying. As soon as my girl shared the situation with me, my hackles went up. I literally lost sleep over it for days. I gave her my best advice on how to calmly diffuse the situation but the behavior got worse over a couple days. She calming went to her on day one and tried to talk it out to see what the root of the issue was. We discussed at home what she may have done to the little girl to make her react like this all of a sudden. We wanted to make it better but weren’t sure how. I always want the girls to look at these things from someone else’s shoes in case they unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings. To be sensitive to other’s perspectives. To never be reactionary. The next day behavior really ramped up. It was just getting unkind and I really had to make the tough decision on to step in or not. My thoughts went straight to “I’m going to discuss it with the mom”. I would certainly want to know if one of my girls was being unkind. I discussed me stepping in with my girl . I never want to take action without her knowing. I like us to be a team on this sort of thing. I had to weigh the worst case scenario in my mind. If I stepped in with the other mom, what would the ripple effect be of that? 1. I am now potentially spotlighting this other little girl and making her even more mad at mine which could lead to more unkindness. 2. I am not letting my girl deal with her battles herself. How will she ever know how to handle these sorts of issues in the future when I’m not there to step in? After lots of thought, I explained to her that I wasn’t going to discuss it with the mom and why.

So here is what we did. We decided to build a couple scenarios to practice what she would say if certain things happened. I’m a big fan of being mentally prepared for potential confrontations so you aren’t caught of guard. Being prepared I’ve always found keeps you from feeling helpless, frazzled or the situation escalating. Our big goal was to not allow someone to mistreat her but also deal with it kindly and firmly. She needed to stand up for herself. We decided on “ Please don’t talk about me behind my back. I would really like to get back to being friends again.” If gossiping was continuing. Another option for if unkind behavior was happening would be “ Please don’t be mean anymore, I would really like to be friends again if we can”. The truth was, my babe did still want to be friends with this girl and I agreed. Thankfully, the little girl snapped out of whatever was bothering her the next day and all went back to normal so my babe didn’t have to use any of our scripts. Phew! Crisis averted and I’m so happy I didn’t step in like I really wanted to.

I know this was a very little hiccup for my girl and there are so many serious bullying issues that so many mamas have to endure with their little ones. My heart breaks over it! I pray we help our babies be strong and brave and always enable them to stand up for themselves kindly.

Fall wardrobe for girls

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5 Slumber party tips for tweens

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Slumber party for tweens

The age of the sleepover is upon us! I’m all about a slumber party and love priceless memories they bring! We haven’t yet let the girl’s attend sleepovers but that hasn’t stopped us from having some super fun ones at our house. Here are some of our tried and true must haves to throw a simple yet really fun night that tweens love!

  1. Have loads of snacks! Fun popcorn with sprinkles, pizza, chips, bubbly water, pizza and root beer floats where on the menu for our last one. Some of our sweet mamas brought waters, cookies, chips and some candy which the was so awesome for our movie night.

2. Try a new movie. Our choices were the new Aladdin or my personal all time favorite Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken. UGH! So good! I checked with mamas first to make sure they were okay with that choice and we all agreed it was the BEST! Make sure to keep your movies and music age appropriate! We are pretty heavy with our censoring in our house but it’s important to run by any choices with parents so everyone is comfortable. The girls picked Wild Hearts and loved it!!!!

Sleepover tips for tweens

3. Keep a couple simple activities on hand. We always make sure to have the poloroid ready to rock and roll for fun pictures. We keep nail polish, makeup and loads of hair stuff on hand for them to play with. They always seem to want to do each other’s hair at some point so we are ready!

Sleepover to tweens

4. We put together a sweet spa mask that was edible for the girls to mess with. You will need sprinkles, powdered sugar and milk. Mix and smear on face for some yummy fun!

Edible masks

5. Cell phone free zone! We dubbed our house a cell phone free party zone. I made sure all the parent’s were aware of the rule and all the girls were super cool with it! We wanted to make sure that they had access to them if they did need to reach their parent’s but out of their hands so they were free to just play and have fun. It was so great and really allowed the girls to be present.

Lastly, I let them do their thing! I make sure they know the house rules and that they are more than welcome to ask me for anything and then I hang back and let them play! I grab a good book and snuggle in with my door open and listen to the giggles.

Cell phone box

How we are teaching confidence to our girls

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Confident girls

I whole heartedly believe that any and all success that has happened in my life have been gained by confidence. It’s the single biggest lesson we are actively being very intentional with while raising the girls. I believe with confidence, they won’t be talked into situations that they don’t want to be a part of, they will feel good about standing for what they believe and not be swayed by their peers, they can move and shake in life knowing that they can handle any situation etc. Here are some of the very intentional ways and practical steps we are working on our building confidence in our girls.

Enforcing their voices- listening and hearing their thoughts. Of course, not everything they have to say is riveting or interesting, but to them it is, so we like to give them a platform for it each night. When we sit down for dinner, we take turns sharing the best part of our days. We very intentionally don’t discuss the negative. We find that giving any air space to negative just sucks the life out of the night and isn’t what we want to give attention too. We want them to be focused on finding the good always in their day. We go around each of us and discuss the best part of our day. It can be anything from crushing a test, seeing a butterfly, eating a really good sandwich or getting to wear our new shoes. Anything goes! Letting them actively share what’s on their mind has been really interesting. We are trying to make sure that both of them know that their voices are important to us.

Not everyone is thinking about you- to juxtapose the above, we also are very intentional with making sure that we instill the certainty that not everyone is thinking about them. Everyone is worried about their own stuff. We don’t take things personally. We aim to not overthink and just believe the best of intentions from everyone. We can only control ourselves not others and we can’t worry ourselves about what someone else may or may not be thinking or doing. Stay in our own lane.

Self deprication- to piggy back on the last topic, we keep a really strong sense of humor in our house. Really strong! We tease insesently! We are very conscientious to be kind but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Both Erik and I have pretty similar senses of humor. I really never take myself to seriously and can whole heartedly poke fun at myself. None of us are perfect and will never be! Why not keep our opinions of ourselves light and fun. We know who we are and what we stand for, the rest is just fun. Nothing can be that serious! Drama free house is the goal always! Check back with me in a couple years when all of us are pmsing at the same time!

Valuing their opinions on silly topics like shoes and what dress to wear- my dad gave me this advice a while back and I really took it to heart. He suggested giving the girl’s some say in things like what shoes I should wear to date night, what lipstick works best, or which earrings. It’s fun to see what their tastes are and what they think looks good together. I know these are fairly frivolous things to be deciding on but it gets them involved and subtly lets them know that they opinions matter to me. It also teaches them how to put together an outfit for an occasion and what goes into the look.

Letting them be in charge of adult things like the airport and parking places- this one is HUGE!!!! We are so fortunate to travel a lot as a family but also with my mom for our girl’s trips. When I was little she would give us our tickets at an airport and we were supposed to lead the way to our gate. We do this with every trip we do. If they know how to navigate their world they will be less intimidated when they get to adventure on their own. This practice also helps teach them how to problem solve when things get confusing or tricky.

Enforcing social graces like eye contact and conversation skills- this is such a lost art in our digital age. There is nothing more powerful than eye contact and conversation skills. To be able to enter any room and not be a wallflower is big in our house! There will be a lot of situations in their life where they are uncomfortable or not sure how to interject themselves but by leading with a smile and knowing how to converse they will be able to handle any awkward moments. We practice this every time we sit down for dinner with our “best day” conversations. Each person has to follow up with a question about each other’s day . This helps teach them to ask about others and not just talk about themselves. We also are very hard core with eye contact and manners in restaurants. Each of them has to order their meal for themselves, look at the waiter, smile and use their pleases and thank you’s. This includes every time the waiter fills their water. They are taught to stop what they are doing look up at the waiter and say thank you every time. It’s a lot but we feel it’s so important to teach them that they are not the most important person there and to acknowledge when someone does something for them.

All in all, we aim to raise them to feel good about their choices. To make decisions on their own and never be followers. If we reinforce these things with not only words but by actions and exercises daily, we hope that when they get into a tricky situation they can fall back on who they are and what they know.

Chocolate chip peanut butter protein balls

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Protein balls

We have some major growing girls up in our house! I feel like I’m feeding these two constantly! I thought I get smart this school year and get ahead of grab and go snacks. First on that list by popular demand was our Chocolate chip peanut butter protein balls. They are the BEST! The girls get a good solid dose of protein with all super healthy ingredients sneakily tucked in. #momwin!! These are our favorite after school snacks and afternoon treat for mommy! They are decadent!

protein balls

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Balls recipe

1 cup oats

2/3 cup organic coconut flakes

1/2 cup organic peanut butter

1/2 cup ground flaxseed ( we’ve used whole flaxseed and it’s totally fine)

1/2 cup chocolate chips ( could also swap for dried fruit)

1/3 cup honey

1 Tbs chia seeds

1 tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl thoroughly with spatula. Once mixed, scoop about a T size amount and form a ball. Place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. They might fall a part a bit at this point but it’s okay. Refrigerate for approximately an hour to firm up. Keep refrigerated!

protein balls
protein balls

Family Halloween costume ideas

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While we aren’t super big Halloween people, we do love a goof family costume! We vote every year on what to be. We try and keep it fun and always throw daddy under the bus!

Family halloween costumes
Family halloween costumes
Family halloween costumes
Family Halloween costumes

and this year we have a good one in store! The girls voted in July and now it’s just between what Erik and I are going to be. Going to be a fun!

Easy back to school hair styles for girls

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All Things Back To School.png

With school back in full swing, our schedule get’s more packed by the second. We need simple, cute hair styles to get us out the door looking great with little effort. Here are some of our fave go to looks for all things hair cute.

Twisted bun:

This style is so simple! You part the hair on the side. The start rolling a 2 inch section away from the face tightly until you reach nape of neck. Pin and repeat on the other side. Secure the rolls with a rubber band. Tuck under the remaining hair to create a little bun. Add a fun scarf tie or a scrunchie to hide the rubber band. This style is great for dirty hair!

hairstyle for girls
hairstyle for girls

French braid pony tail:

This is exactly as the title says. Start by brushing all hair back. Then start an inside out french braid ( instead of sections going over each other these sections go under) Stop braid at crown of head. Sweep the rest of the hair up to meet braid and make a pony tail. Secure hair with a rubber band. Pancake or fluff the braid by gently tugging each loop out to make a thicker look. Add favorite scrunchie or bow.

Easy hairstyle

Headbanded side bun:

We love a good head band moment in our house! They handle a world of weird hair days with one simple step. This look is easy peasy. Part hair and brush smooth. Top with favorite headband. Then brush all hair smooth to side and secure into a pony tail under the ear at neck. Twist ponytail and wrap into a bun. Secure with pins. This looks is ideal for dirty hair or bad hair days.

Easy hairstyle for girls

Half up:

With shorter hair a top knot really isn’t as easy. This cute half up style is still out of the face but give that perky cheerleader vide. Sweep hair towards top of head starting at the ears. Brush top section and secure with a rubber band. Loop the pony tail section under to create little tucked under bun. Secure with cute bow or scarf to match outfit and give flair.


Easter dresses for girls

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Easter outfits for girls

Nothing says Easter dressing like a floppy hat and floral dress! The girls are so ready to celebrate Easter in their sweet Spring outfits. I’ve rounded up rompers for the serious egg hunters and frilly dresses for the sweetest of Easter bunnies!

Easter outfits for girls
Easter outfits for girls
Easter outfits for girls

Fourth of July at Monarch Beach Resort

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Monarch Beach resort

We love Fourth of July and always make a point to explore new resorts and experiences each year.  This year we tried Monarch Beach Resort having heard such fun things about their Fourth of July festivities.  

Monarch Beach Resort

We checked in on the 3rd and bee lined it for the beach.  Beach access is by jumping on a cute little trolley that winds you through the resort to the beach.  They have the sweetest set up including loungers, anoraks and The Monarch Bay Club with yummy cocktails and local menu. I had big plans of parking my booty under an umbrella with a glass of rose, but the girls were ready to party.  

After getting properly sandy, I snuck away to the spa for a facial.  To say I was giddy was a massive understatement!!!!  I was welcomed with a Detoxifying Ginger Elixir shot made with lemon and ginger juice, black pepper and raw honey. To follow the ginger shot, I sipped a Soothing Green Elixir made from celery, cucumber, pineapple, apple and kale juice.  So refreshing!  The Miraval Spa is pretty legit!  With full service treatments including Diamond facials and Hydrafacials, massages , yoga and endless fitness classes.  It even has a DryBar to keep your tresses looking perfect! 

I had a Hydrafacial and it was the dreamiest!  I would say one of the most luxurious facial experiences I have ever had!  My skin was left decongested and glowing and the scalp massage was beyond divine!  

Monarch Beach resort
Monarch Beach resort
Monarch Beach Resort

The next day was the fourth and we hit the ground running with pool time!  What I loved about the resort is how easy access everything is from morning coffee and healthy snacks at the Part & Parcel market to super attentive pool staff.  This mama was so happy!  The girls right away made some new friends.  We split our time with festive waterslides, snow cones, the pool and endless fun in the kids club.  They got crafty with USA Sand art and Patriotic glitter tattoos.  That evening we got ourselves cleaned up for a magic show.  The kids were mesmerized!  After our minds were blown with the magic, we headed up to enjoy a massive, delicious Fourth of July BBQ buffet and fireworks show!  There is nothing like sitting under the stars with your people watching fireworks. My heart is so full watching the girl's faces as the fireworks explode.  

Monarch Beach resort

The next morning, my mom and I tired Aerial Yoga. We were both a little intimidated but have always wanted to try it.  How bad could we be right?!  We had the best time!  The funny thing was that we surprised ourselves with what we could do.  Everything is very mind over matter and once we got over the little fear that came we were able to conquer a couple really cool poses and stretches.  There was even a handstand involved.  So to say we are submitting our applications to Cirque de on! 

Monarch Beach Resort

Overall, we had the best trip!  The hotel is beautifully styled, has impeccable service, yummy food and a million activities to keep all ages busy and excited!  We will definitely be back!

Monarch Beach Resort

7 reasons why I probably shouldn't be a dance mom

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So here's the thing.... I danced for over 18 years.  Was I the best, no.  Did I work the hardest, no.  Did I think I was pretty good, yep!  Am I beyond competitive, yep!!  I'm going to be brutally honest in the most loving way possible!  We keep it real in our house! The girls had there dance show this weekend and it through me into a tailspin of OMG!  Capri's potential is beyond and Peyton is living her best life in her costume with full makeup.  So that's the situation.  Capri is a dancer in every form but can't retain choreagraphy and isn't that excited about practicing.  Peyton, is pretty hard core but has a serious knock knee, sickle foot scenario going on.  All the heart and not that much natural talent.  What I realized is this, I probably shouldn't be dance mom, and here's why....

Reason 1.  No one wants you fogging up  the glass during class while your daughter is dancing.  Disclaimer on this one... I did ask Capri if she wanted me to watch her practices and she said yes.  My intensity level was apparently accepted. 

Reason 2.  No one wants you, as a grown woman, doing the Jr. Jazz routine almost full out in your chair.  

Reason 3.  Calm down, the pirroute prep situation is giving you a major eye twitch.  Can she just turn the correct way?  Don't even get me started on Peyton's turnout!

Reason 4.  My panic ensues when we are off count.  

Reason 5.  Can we just let it be fun and not be about being the best?  I'm not sure on how to even deal with that basic question. 

Reason 6.  Capri forgot half of her 2 routines in her first show.  I broke out into a cold sweat.  

Reason 7.  There was a mother/daughter dance at her show. Should I even tip my toe into that situation?  It took every restraint to not bust a serious move.  I thought about it but for sure knew I'd rip my hammy so that settled that.  

So overall, I'm trying to be a good dance mom.  It's taking a very large effort and I'm working really hard on making sure the girls aren't aware of my level of crazy.  What I can say is we are pretty situated in our stage hair and makeup game.  #wegotthis Parenting is no joke! Any other dance moms feel me? 

Westin Mission Hills, Palm Springs - Spring Break 2018

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Westin Mission Hills

Palm Springs is always our favorite go to when it comes to spring break.  We love that if feels like a real getaway but is still close to home.  We stayed at the Westin Mission Hills this year and were so excited to explore.  


First off, we made a b-line for the pool!  It was a mad house but we hit the water like no one's business. I booked this resort solely for it's waterslide to be honest.  The girls swam for about 3 hours and took turns on the waterslide a million times.  We had a hankering for Mexican food and drove a couple blocks for some yummy tacos and chips.   We decided to tuck in early that night and continue our Star Wars marathon we had started earlier in the week.  Us girls had never seen Star Wars so Erik thought it would be fun to watch all of them over the break.  


Day Two, we hit the pool super early.  This pool seating situation was no joke.  I set my alarm and off we went at 7:45 for our spots.  Once our mission was accomplished, we grabbed a nice easy breakfast at the Mission Hills Market Cafe.  I love the ease of this sort of breakfast.  They offered fresh pastries and Starbucks coffee along with toiletries and snacks for the rest of the day.  Cereal for the girls and coffee for mommy and we were set.  We also had the option of fresh pancakes by the pool too which smelled delish.  That was definately a perk of getting to the pool early was  yummy breakfast options and quiet pool.  The Westin hosted super fun kids activities all throughout the day. From family fishing to waterslide lifeguard games to watermelon eating contests there was always something fun to do.  Capri decided to participate in the watermelon eating and won!  Girl can take a watermelon down!  


That night we ordered Dilberts pizza in for more Star Wars.  They were playing a fun movie that night by the pool but we were all sun kissed and exhasted from the pool all day.  

Palm Springs

Day Three greeted us again with a simple cafe breakfast and comfy spot at the pool first thing.  My idea of a vacation is parking myself by the water and absorbing myself in a book all day.  I got my wish!  I literally barely moved and was so happy about it!  For lunch the girls noshed on freshly grilled burgers and mommy got a fresh watermelon salad while Erik hit the gym.  The girls swam all day and when we had our fill, we hit the road reluctantly.  


Tips for your stay: 

- Get to the pool no later than 7:55 am to get a spot.

-Take advantage of poolside breakfast and cafe.  They will save you money and time getting a whole family breakfast situation at a restaurant. 

-Plan to keep an eye on little ones, the pool does not have lifeguards.

-Take advantage of the kids activities and kids club for a nice adult free couple hours. 

-Bring fun pool floats and balls.  There are a million kiddos around and the floats were a hit. The pool also has a volleyball net to play with. 


Overall, another great family Spring break vacation for the books.  


Day in the life of a momprenuer

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I had a funny conversation with a friend the other day about what was on my agenda for my "average Momprenuer" Monday.  I was saying how relaxed the day was going to be and then got to really thinking what my "normal" Monday would be. Momprenuer life is no joke!  Mom's wear many hats and then add in work life the hats double and triple.  I am so fortunate to have a couple businesses that allow me most of the time to work from home.  Nevertheless, my days are run like a well oiled machine.  Not every day is the same but here is my Monday from this week.  Don't miss the big GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!!! It's a good one!!! Let's get into it!

7:00 am I rustle up throw on my robe over my pjs and get to the morning routine. Yes, I am 100% the mom that rocks her robe to school drop off!   Peyton is not a morning kid and loves to be cozy so she takes quite a while to get rolling.  Capri is much more like me and once we are up , we are up.  We check the weather and quickly decide what to wear that day.  As the girls wake up and get dressed, I start breakfast. Our hens are giving us so many eggs so mornings consist of scrambled eggs, berries and english muffin. As the girls eat, we listen to some music and I work on lunches.  Lunches consist of half a sandwich ( peanut butter only for Capri and peanut butter and jelly for Peyton- Don't mix them up mommy!!) a piece of fruit like a cutie orange and a healthy chip or pretzel with juice.  Snacks get packaged and put into backpacks while the girls grab their vitamins and start working on brushing their hair.  Hair done, teeth brushed, shoes on and off we go!  

Day in the life of a momprenuer

7:40 am Off to school.  We love to listen to music and chat on the way to school.  I really try and make mornings fun so it starts our day off great!  

8:05 am We roll into school drop off with kisses and love

9:00 am 2 cups of coffee and email checking begins while one load of laundry gets started.  

9:30 am I make a couple protein pancakes or eggs and get to responding to my emails, making grocery lists for the day, list of things I need to accomplish that day ie. change sheets, pay bills, clean bathrooms, workout, bleach teeth, shower etc.  

To do list

10:00 am Start to do list.  Fold and restart new load of laundry. Strip the sheets on the beds.  Clean dishes from morning and clean kitchen countertops and reorganize living room.  Run Puppy ( Roomba) 

Smile brilliant
Smile Brilliant before and after

Smile Brilliant before and after results

10:30 am Workout for the day ( quick Tone it Up workout or a class) and beauty maintainence.  This would be doing some self tanner, giving myself a mani pedi, face mask or teeth bleaching. This may seem silly but being a blogger and work in the wedding industry it's important for me to keep my self situated.  Nails are in my bride's wedding photos and in my blog photos.  We randomly need to shoot a look or something quick for the blog so self tanner helps me not look scary.  Teeth bleaching was on my 2018 goal list.  I partnered this year I partnered with  Smile Brilliant and have the prettiest teeth I've ever had.  I've used white strips in the past and would be so frustrated with them sliding around and missing the stains on my gum line not to mention ouch to my sore gums.   Smile Brilliant bleaching trays have been a game changer!  I got customized trays that fit my teeth perfectly, bleaching gels and even desensitizing gel to keep my gums happy.  I pop in my trays and get on without a hitch in my to do list.  I can tackle phone calls without sounding funny, do a workout, take a shower or even run an errand and they are virtually undetectable. I brush my teeth to get my morning coffee off, pop on my trays with bleaching gel in for 30 minutes.  Brush with wet ,sans toothpaste and follow with desensitizing gel for 20-30 min.  I rinse and viola! I pop in my trays and get on without a hitch in my to do list.  I can tackle phone calls without sounding funny, do a workout, take a shower or even run an errand and they are virtually undetectable.   

11:30 am  possibly shower and back to computer.  This time I follow up on morning emails and start working on timelines for upcoming bride trial runs and weddings.  Next, emails go out to my team to keep them up to speed on upcoming appointments or weddings.  This is my time for brainstorming on new blog posts and/or shooting them and online shopping for items for upcoming posts or trips.  

12:30 pm  out of the house chores.  This Monday,I dropped my car off at car wash and walked over to  Target to get a competition team little present for Capri's competition team sister, more La Croix ( obviously) and trash bags.  Next was grocery store for week's worth of groceries and Erik's meal prep items.  

1:00 pm Run home with groceries.  Throw together a simple lunch ( I love leftovers or lettuce wrap or salad).  After lunch, I put away the morning's laundry and listen to a podcast ( I'm into Goal Digger or Lady Gang) 

2:00 pm I grab a La Croix and head to pick up the girls from school

After school snack

3:00 pm I prep a snack for the girls while they relax and start getting homework out.  We like crackers, celery and peanut butter, apples or pretzels and quac or hummus. Snack plates and fruit bowls are big favorites.  

3:15 pm Homework for both girls while I go through their school folders to see what's up for the week from their teachers.  

4:30 pm  Capri gets ballet gear on and hair up in bun and off we go do dance for the night.  Monday's dance schedule consists of Ballet and Lyrical for her. 

5:15 pm  Peyton finishes up homework or works on some chores while I start dinner.  Tonight we are having spaghetti.  Ground turkey, yummy Rao's sauce, whole wheat noodles for girls and zoodles  for me and Erik.  After dinner is ready Peyton and I play a game or watch a movie together. 

7:00 pm We pick up Capri from dance and daddy gets home from work. 

7:30 pm We gather at the table for dinner ( non-negotiable) and chat about our days.  We have our routine of "Best Day"  we each take a turn discussing the best part about our day.  This could be something awesome that happened that day or something simple like the pretty weather or great song we heard.  It gets us all talking and connected.  I'm a big believer in family dinners and lots of conversation at the table.  


8:00 pm Girl's jump in shower, brush teeth, brush their hair and night time books picked out for reading.  Hugs and kisses and na night time.

8:30 pm Erik usually tucks in around this time too for his early morning wake up call (3:00 am) while I clean up after dinner.  I usually hit my emails one more time to make sure I got any lingering emails answered, blog posts finished or projects wrapped up.  Tonight I finished up my computer work and plopped down on the couch to work on my bible study lesson for Thursday.  After my study, I either play on instagram and watch all my favorite stories, watch a quick episode of my shows ( The Crown or Animal Kingdom) 

10:30 pm Lights out for mommy! 

Every day is different and I keep a tight eye on my schedule for the week to make sure to stay ahead of any things that may need prepping.  Girl Scout badges needing sewing, school party treats, new dance tights etc etc etc.  In honor of all you busy working mamas, I've partnered with Smile Brilliant to giveaway $149 credit towards your own Smile Brilliant bleaching kit and 15% to all my readers using the code below! 


15% off coupon code: lifewithlipstickon15

Giveaway link:


Easter basket treats

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I asked you guys last week on Insta Stories what your Easter basket go to's are and got so many awesome ideas!  I am avoiding candy or sweet treats and wanted to keep the whole thing simple. My girls get little treasures all year with a new movie or a Disney day so all the gifting doesn't feel super necessary to me.  But who doesn't love a sweet Easter basket?!  We got so many great ideas from swim suits, coloring books to bubbles and chalk.  My most favorite one was additions to our fairy garden!  We have a special spot in our yard we planted last year that houses our fairy garden and I can't wait to add precious little additions to it. We now have two new fairy residents of our precious little spot.  Their home is complete with tree swing, bark path and wishing well.  I had so much fun creating this sweet little land and adding blooms from our peach tree for a little extra.  I have gotten so excited about all the fun treasures and created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to all the magical things people have created for their gardens.  

Spring J.Crew sale for little girls

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You guys know I lose my mind for J.Crew's kids line Crewcuts!!  It's the perfect time to snag some major deals on all things spring for the little ladies.  Use code ZMTWKIP for up to 40 % off!  Just in time for Easter! 

J.crew sale for girls

Christmas picture outfit inspiration

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If you are a "Classic Christmas" fan and love all things green and red for Christmas you may lean towards this timeliness option for your pics.  We did a play on this look last year amongst the trees and it turned out so festive. You could also shoot this look next to your Christmas tree at home.  

Tip: Don't be afraid to introduce sequins and navy blue into your classic feel.  Navy adds some dimension to the traditional red and green and there is nothing more Christmassy than sparkle! 


Our 2015 Christmas pictures ore my favorite to date!  We were barefoot and casual.  These pics turned out so dreamy!  I wore a flowy navy blue dress which caught the slight breeze perfectly.  The girls wore soft cream dresses and Peyton topped hers with a faux fur vest.  The added texture and color was unexpected but just right.  I loved our clean pallet that just lent itself perfectly to the coast. 

Tip: Mix and mingle textures in neutral colors for beach shoots.  I always aim for coastal colors when shooting at the beach. Think creams, tan and blues for the perfect soft pallet.  Bright hues tend to detract from the gorgeous coastline.  You want to pop against the waves but organically so. 



Think crackling fire, snow covered trees and snuggles!  This theme is so fun and totally casual!  Go all out with your plaids, beanies, vests and fur!  All of it works!  

Tip: Classic red and greens are super festive for this sort of theme.  I like to play the outside of the obvious choice and go with neutrals and deep jewel tones.  Layer colors and fabrics to create something interesting and different. 


Oak Glen Apple Picking

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September is in full swing and we are plotting our Fall bucket list.  I love apple picking and last week we had perfect weather for it!  We were a little early in the season but still had a great time! We are lucky to be so close to apple country and love the sweet country feel of the area.  Our favorite Riley's farm was closed , so we visited Riley's Apple Farm to pick our apples.  We had such a great lazy day.  The girls found some fun activities.  Capri decided she was very into archery.  Little Peyton was to young but was just as happy to watch.  After our Merida moment we went on the hunt for apple pie.  We ventured up the hill further to Los Rios farm and picked up a slice of apple pie.  The fresh air, bbq smells and families frolicking on the large grass lawn made for the perfect kick off to Fall.  

Mommy Monday- Summer tutoring, delirium, groceries and game day

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We have heard nothing but daunting claims that 3rd grade is the most challenging  academically. Man, I thought 1st and 2nd gave me a run for my money with my not so studious big girl.  She comes by it honestly though.  The academic part of school was not my specialty.  Ha!  I had the social part down though!  Learning new skills still are hard for me.  I have to work really hard to master something and Algebra was never one of those things.  We are supposed to tackle multiplication, division, long addition and subtraction and ALGEBRA!  What the heck!!  I was planning on doing some tutoring with both girls this summer to hopefully get a head but we are into August and mostly have been just partying!  I decided that since all I've done is work on the fashion part of school next year, I should probably get going on this "getting ahead biz".  Math is her biggest struggle.  I called a couple local tutoring centers and they were all so pricey!  I thought maybe I would skip a formal atmosphere and get them something online that they would think is fun.  Challenge accepted. We do Jiji math at their school but I wanted to try something not as familiar for them to hopefully keep it fresh.  We landed on Splash Math and it seems to be going well.  They start with an assessment and then we move on slowly through the different lessons to really hit all angles of the new skill.  Both girls seem to be enjoying it and most of the time they are able to get the hang of it themselves.  So far so good!  

Today was filled with church and solid delirium for both the girls.  They were so giggly and looney!  This makes me nuts!!!!!  I love the giggles but the loon nonsense makes me crazy! They just start getting ornery and stop listening.  We have been staying up really late and I've decided it might be time to start inching towards our normal bedtime to avoid days like today.  The day ended nicely thoug.  I fired up my Chris Tomlin worship music and sent them outside to jump on the trampoline for 4 hours.  Work that energy out while mommy get's rid of her crazy eyes.

Next thing that I can't understand is the sheer amount of food my family eats during summer!  Any other mamas find this to be a struggle to keep up with?  I'm talking meals and snack plates every hour!  I really try my best to feed my family fresh and organic.  I know this isn't for everyone but it's really important to me and something I try to stick to.  We have a great produce stand around the corner from us that I make weekly trips to stock up on all of our fruits and veggies.  I recently tried Butcher Box for our meats and we gather fresh eggs from our hens daily.  My girls are super picky as I mentioned last week in my Mommy Monday post and my hubby is pretty picky too. I'll eat anything so I'm super easy I think!  Erik is a big guy so to feed him is literally 3 servings of our dinner or meal.He likes what we have coined "goulash" meals.  That means basically anything that looks like a casserole and is all wet and mushy together.  He also is trying to keep the lbs. off so he wants me to make healthy " goulash" . What?!  He loves mexican food, won't eat fish, no pork, minimal fruit and some veggies.  Okay, good luck to me!    My struggle is not spending an million dollars a week on feeding everyone.   How does anyone else battle this?  I think it may be time to get back to Costco trips!  

Lastly, I had such a happy mommy heart this week with my whole gang together.  If you have followed for a while you know my hubby is a police officer.  We don't see him as much as we would like to.  When he is home our time together as a unit is gold!  He took the kids with him running errands the other day and came back with two games. They picked up LIFE and Battleship.  We decided on LIFE first.  We got our snacks all ready and gathered around our sweet new breakfast nook table to play.  We giggled and played together for about an hour.  Man do I love my little group.  Time like that is so priceless and makes my heart so full. 

Capri's gallery wall

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I finally finished Capri's gallery wall!  I have had this artwork for months now and have been dragging my feet on completely the project.  Well, this past week was the week!  I knew I wanted an eclectic yet polished feel for the wall.  The gallery was being done above her day bed on a large wall.  I had super cute artwork with a coastal, fun feel. I found this adorable striped umbrella print and this  ocean wave illustration to kick me off in the right direction.  I consulted Framebridge to help me with the layout and some design ideas.  They have this great design program for $100 that you can send them the sizing of your art and they will design a couple layout and frame options for your wall.  This also includes the hanging measurements of each piece too on your wall.  I love it!  Sort of everything I needed.  You can of course choose from their huge variety of frame options or take the basic idea and replicate the look on your own.  I did decide to take full advantage of a frame sale going on a Michaels and get some similar frames to those Framebridge picked out for me.  I just adore how it all came together.   

Peyton turns 6

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Our sweet little peanut Peyton turns 6 this week!  Can't believe how time has flown!  There is nothing sweeter than this little girl!  We celebrated with a handful of her school friends in our backyard.  The party was super simple and just as she wanted it. We did a Moana theme with the cheesiest of Party City party supplies.  We ordered pizza and sang happy birthday with an ice-cream cake! Do birthdays get any better?