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Tween makeup

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Hello awkward tween age!!!! We aren’t quite in it yet with Capri but it’s coming and it’s going to be glorious. We have a friend who’s daughter Lilah is 12. For her birthday she asked for a makeup session with me. How cool am I????!!! Lilah’s mama Kristi suggested we hit 100%Pure to keep her products as clean as possible, which I thought was an amazing idea. The whole line is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, natural and fruit pigmented. I hear all the time that so many women have no clue how to make themselves feel beautiful with makeup. Either it intimidates them or their mom never taught them. I feel like it’s such a skill to teach our girls. To not only educate them on how to take care of their skin with basic hygiene but also teach them how to highlight their own beauty in a natural way. It can only help them in so many occasions to know how to put their look together and put their best foot forward.

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Now a little background on why this mama trusted me with her babelet. I have been in the beauty industry for 11 years with my hair and makeup biz KG Hair and Makeup. My whole philosophy when it comes to beauty is to accentuate and highlight each person’s individual beauty. Kristi knew I would have a light touch when it came to keeping my recommendations and lesson very age appropriate.


I wasn’t super familiar with the 100%Pure line so it was really fun to get my hands on the products and educate myself on the goodies. I also find it really important to learn about our own features and learn how to properly. Lilah is starting into puberty with a little acne but nothing big. We wanted to address that to give her tools to feel confident through that fun phase. I really wanted to focus on ease also. I chose products that didn’t need a lot of fuss or finesse.

Here is what we chose and why…

Luminous Primer - “Silicone-free, vitamin and antioxidant-infused, luminous primer makes cosmetic application last longer and flawless; fills in lines for smoothness while light-reflective pigments diffuse flaws and illuminate for a healthy, glowing complexion.”

Why? a. makeup goes on so much smoother when skin is prepped with a primer. It also helps create a barrier between skin and makeup. I asked Lilah if she liked a dewier look or something more matte. She liked mine (personal high five) which is on the dewy end. Tween skin can be on the oilier end so we are going to watch that and see how the Luminous formula looks on her.

Powder Foundation- “Talc-free, fruit pigmented® powder foundation absorbs oil and reduces shine with medium coverage, mattifying rice powder. Made with nourishing fruit oils.”

Why? a. I was between the Powder foundation and Tinted Moisturizer . I loved both but figured the powder would be more user friendly for Lilah and less likely to get over done. I wanted to get something that would even out any redness and blur any of the new little pimples that may come up.

Cheek and Lip Tint- “Designed for double duty as both a cream blush and lip tint. Made with vibrant fruit pigments, plus shea and cocoa butters for intense skin and lip-softening.”

Why? a. I loved the simplicity of a double duty product. We chose the color Pink Grapefruit Glow which was the perfect light pink for her fair skin. I showed her how to apply it lightly on the apple of her cheek. When using tints like this you want to build the color slowly. Pat your ring finger on the product and tap the color on to get a good read on how color is building. You want to mimic a natural flush.

Satin Eye Shadow-

Why? a. I love a cream eye shadow for ease of application. You can apply a swipe of a creme eyeshadow with your finger and you are good to go. Simple and pretty! I didn’t want to jump into blending lesson with Lilah yet. I explained to her how her eyes are almond shaped with a monolid so she knew how to describe her eyes and work with their unique shape. I explained the goal with her eyes would be to open them up and keep them bright. We chose the color Bahamas for it’s soft flesh color shimmer.

Ultra Lengthening Mascara- “Lengthens and separates lashes without clumping, smudging, or flaking. Coats each lash with conditioners and natural pigment from black tea, berries, and cocoa.”

Why? a. We definitely didn’t need the lengthening aspect of this mascara but wanted to give Lilah some darkness on her light blonde eyelashes. She has the prettiest blue eyes and I opted for the Blackberry color for her. It’s a really gorgeous deep plum color to pop her baby blues. I explained to her that plums and warm brown colors are best for her blue eyes. Another great option would be a brown mascara but I thought the plum was something a little fun and different for her.