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Our Cozy NYE Party

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As I sit and gather pictures for this post my house is still full of glitter and balloons are still floating. We had the best time ringing in the new year with some sweet friends!

NYE champagne bar

If  you follow me on Instagram you saw my story about not having much a decor meter. I either go full out and have a whole styled decor situation or I do nothing. Not great at the middle ground.  I decided to keep my crazy down to a normal level and do a festive drink station and only a couple other sparkly accents.  I love how our little champagne bar turned out!  


 I wanted to keep the vibe celebratory but super comfy and simple.  We had each family wear their comfiest pjs and bring a little something to eat.  I put together some sparkly cupcakes and a charcuterie board along with a handful of pizzas and sipped on Chandon.  

NYE party

The kids started the night with a round of Twister while us adults got into my pile of games.  I have been really wanting to start hosting game nights so this was the perfect excuse to bust out the games.  Us girls broke open What the Meme and the boys joined us for Telestrations, Left Right Center and Cards of Humanity.  I had never played Telestrations but it quickly became my favorite!  My tummy muscles hurt today from laughing so hard.  

NYE Party games
NYE party

We were hoping to pop our poppers and do an early East Coast ball drop to keep it an early night.  We quickly ditched the idea of turing in early and kept the fun going until 11:30.  I had a handful of poppers for the kids and some super big crackers for us adults.  Our house was quickly full of glitter!  I have to say it doesn't bother me one bit!  

NYE party

Cheers to you and a sparkly 2018!  I can't wait to share new content, videos and travel with you this year! 

NYE party