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Easter brunch menu

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Easter brunch is a must in our Easter plans and I keep our menu easy breezy so we can just enjoy the day! Something that is never not on our table is my “fancy salad”. Really any salad that has more than a couple ingredients is dubbed a fancy salad in my book but this one is so delish and my go to.

Easter table

We get all hands on deck making our table lovely and ready for our family. The girls love to help adding their own special touches. Capri’s favorite part is to set the table and decide the napkin design. Peyton is in charge of flowers this year and she is all about it.

Spring salad

Kacee’s Fancy Salad

( all ingredients can be found at Trader Joes)

Spring mix

Green grapes halved

Strawberries quartered

Grilled Chicken chopped

Candied Walnuts or fave nut

Dried cranberries or cherries

Crumbled goat cheese

Fig balsamic dressing

Assemble and enjoy!

Some other dishes that I love to whip up is a big batch of Kodiak Cakes waffles, a veggie packed frittata, bacon and a fresh fruit salad. You can’t forget the champs either! I have a variety of juices on hand for mimosas. For a kid friendly drink, we add frozen blueberries to lemonade so the kiddos feel like they are getting special treat too. The blueberries keep the lemonade cold and infuse a little blueberry flavor to the lemonade.