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2018 Goal setting gathering

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Goal setting for new year

It's a sparkling fresh new year and time for new goals and dreams!  One of my best friends is a major promoter of vision boards.  I make pretty thorough goals for myself throughout the year but never have made a vision board.  We thought how fun would it be to do our vision boards together and have a couple more of our favorite ladies play too.  It became a thing!  Goal Gathering!  I like a name for get togethers!  

We kept our gathering small and intimate with just 4 of us.  I put together a Charcuterie board with yummy snacks and we sipped on mini Chandon splits.  

Charcuterie board

A couple of the girls have done intense courses on goal planning for their businesses and helped create a format for both our big goal lists and our vision boards.  We broke down the goals into categories.  

Here is how it looked: 

Family: to encompass anything family or relationship related.  This would include family camping trips, quality time with each child, date nights or getaways with your hubby, lunch dates with parents, special notes and coffee dates with friends, etc. 

Spiritual: faith based goals like incorporating a daily devotional into your morning routine, attending a women's bible study, making Sunday's a priority to attend church, read faith based books, etc. 

Physical: this could be the obvious like getting back to the gym or cleaning up your eating.  This category could also be things like bleaching your teeth regularly,trying that new haircut you have been eyeing, doing weekly at home masks or practicing yoga daily.  

Educational: this category could be business related or personal development related.  I am going to take an official photography class to learn more about my camera.  You could make it a goal to go back to school, attend conferences in your field or reading educational books like biographies or biz books. 

Business /Work: this category can include your work goals for promotion or even little goals like keeping your office drawers organized regularly.  

Material things: this is a bigger category.  This would include the material things or projects you are aiming to gain or finish in the year. This category can also include getting debt free or adding to your savings. Some of my material goals this year are to add built ins and a powder room to the house.  I also want to create my garden this year.   

Then you get to my favorite part!  The vision board making!  I am super visual person and really get inspired by beauty.  We chose our most powerful goals for the year and found inspiring images for each from Pinterest.  We all found the most inspiration from pins we have already gathered on our boards. We then  used  templates to upload our images and create our beautiful vision boards.  


I hope you are more than inspired throughout the year to attain your goals and dreams!  I am a huge goal setter and believe in 1, 5, 10 year goals!  I'd love to see your vision boards too!  If you create one add it to Instagram and tag me in it! Cheers to a gorgeous 2018!