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5 ways to refresh your home for the new year

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Always after the new year, I get itchy to clean my house.  Sort of an early spring cleaning of sorts.  This could be a big closet clean out or declutter of my pantry.  I have to admit I haven't done either of those things yet but I have done 5 little things that make my house feel fresh and bright. I hope these tips help you start your new year fresh and calm. 

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1.  Open all the windows- my dad has always been so big on getting all the windows open during the day and the lights on at night.  We always eye roll when he is bustling through the house opening all the windows.  I'm officially becoming my father in my fresh air ways.  I absolutely love having all our back doors open and the fresh breeze coming through our windows. I say this because it's 75 degrees in California!  Even a little cool winter air can freshen up any space. 


2.  Lemon in the garbage disposal- age old kitchen trick but always works.  Since redoing our kitchen we did replace our garbage disposal but there is nothing like the fresh smell of lemon.   I use lemon in my water and through the rinds  in and grind them up.  


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3. Dust your hard to reach spots- you know those spots.  The tops of the fan blades, on taller shelves and on top of the fridge.  There are a million more places but tackling these make me feel that much more clean at home.  

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4  Bring in nature- we have a couple monstrous rose bushes on our porch.  They are huge and bloom bright pink and purple roses.  While I'm a major white rose only person, these gorgeous blooms get brought inside more often than not for a pretty pop of color.  If you don't have flowers at home some branches with pretty leaves are always lovely and create interest in a room. 

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5. Hang tea towels- simple but there is something really pretty to me about tea towels.  I love to collect pretty ones on my Home Goods runs and hang then over the oven handle or drape them over our sink.  It's just makes me feel fancy somehow.