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I was having a conversation with a friend recently and the topic came up of how frustrating it can be when you have friends that just don’t seem to “get it”. To clarify, there is no real “it” here. I guess the “it” would encompass whatever things you may have stacked on your ever rotating plate. Frustrating kids, exhaustion from running kiddos to and from activities, feelings of isolation or on the positive end to have opportunity to travel or lunch with friends. You know, just stuff. We circled on the topic for a bit about how it can feel frustrating when you aren’t in the same season as your peers or friends. It can make you feel like you are missing out or doing something wrong because you aren’t living life as busy or fully. The comparison trap can be a REAL beast. I remember feeling a loss of my identity in a way there for a bit when Capri was little. My mom would remind me of my “season”. Seasons come and go. We get the Summers full of fun, the Fall full of contentment, the Winter of struggle and the Spring where new growth comes. It’s all a cycle. It’s just how we look at it. I remember laughing with a friend when the girls were little about how we secretly “hated” our hubbies so much when they would act even the smallest bit tired. I wanted to crush it at my business and have the freedom to do that but then had the crushing mom guilt of leaving them. I had a totally messy house all the time and being so bored of watching Mickey Mouse club house. I remember being so envious of friends who could go on a “kids free” lunch date. I was in that exhausting season of running after toddlers and keeping up with housework, growing my business and trying to keep my marriage in a solid place. I so remember feeling stretched. Kids took a lot, hubby needed a lot and my biz demanded me. It just was A LOT. It was a tough season. I didn’t know it at the time because I was just in it. I wanted things to be easier but I just wasn’t in a season that allowed ease. I saw my friends lunching and shopping and really just couldn’t wait for that time to come. If I’m really honest, I also remember wanting to rush the kids to grow up sooner so I could get to the next phase where the load lightened up just a smidge. Then feeling awful for not savoring their littleness. Ugh the mom guilt back and forth.

Fast forward, to the next season. The girls were now both in school and I had some freedom but we were really working hard on our marriage. We were leaning in to date nights and really trying to reconnect. Career changes, personal goal changes, growth in business changes, moving changes caused stress for us. Just a time of change. Nothing we wouldn’t get through but it was just gonna take time and work. That time was very challenging for me. I had a lot of personal self induced growth during that time. I firmly believe that if things don’t change then things don’t change. I was on a war path to change myself for the better. I knew our struggles wouldn’t ease unless I worked on myself first. It takes two right but it started with me!

Final and current season…. today the hard work has paid off in our marriage and we are in a consistent place of happy. Now I’m in the season of raising up these girls to be women of God. I work hard every day to foster confidence, kindness, hard work ethic etc in them and it’s really hard! I’m in a time of self sacrifice for them but this time is SO sweet! I hustle as quickly as possible during the day to make sure I’m all theirs starting at 2:30 when I pick up from school. I sit with them at dance for hours each night because they both love when I’m there. I’m their safety net. They are changing rapidly and demand a very tuned ear to their feelings. I’m up against the hard talks of periods and peers. I may not be changing diapers and exhausted, now I’m giving long hugs and cheerleading like I’ve never done before. It’s just a different pressure. I feel very much that the next season of Junior high and High school are going to be potentially challenging as our world changes and the demands on our kids becomes different than we were used to. I’m trying to lay down some super strong foundations for that next season and secretly pray my current one stays as long as it wants.

I share all this to encourage you ladies that are in a season that seems to be taking a long time. A season that is tough. A season that feels isolated. You don’t know there is another season ahead until you get to it. I do however hope you can find so much joy in your current season. The simple pleasures of playing at home with your little one before they are of school age. The sweet time in the car with them before their practices to catch up with them their day. The long prayers for patience or guidance. None of us know if we are doing this thing right. We just have to try our hardest to our best in the season we are in.

Book Review: The Nightingale

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To kick off our Life with Lipstick On book club properly, I thought I’d review my January read. The Nightingale was hands down one of my top 5 favorite reads ever! I literally couldn’t put it down ! To be honest the size of the book would have intimidated me probably right off the bat. I knew that it was a historical fiction which also seemed daunting. The book was highly recommended from my cousin as being one of her all time faves so I picked it up.

I was quickly swept into the 1940s during the WWII German occupation of Paris. A time in history that I should know more about but just didn’t. The story of the women’s war. I have never been a history buff but this book really took you quickly into the that overwhelmingly scary time. The story is of two sister Vianne and Isabelle. They were shuffled around as young girls after their mother had died and their father in his despair became a drunk. Vianne married her great love Antionne and Isabelle was obsessed with becoming a part of the war. She could think of nothing else than how to be of help and make a difference in some way. Yet, she was young, defiant and reckless. In her desperation to aide the war efforts, she finds herself in the throws of danger that she just isn’t prepared for. She is eager to prover herself as important and capable. She begins secretly dispersing notes amongst the town debunking the Nazi propaganda that was being splashed about. This mission creates a bravery and skill that no other woman had possessed. She then was introduced to a larger opportunity to aide in rescuing downed American pilots by leading them through the treacherous mountains to safety and escape. She became what was known as the Nightingale. The heroine to the war efforts to her people. I sat on the edge of my seat while she trudged through the scariest of interrogations and the most impossible seeming missions. Back home in their village, Vianne’s own mission of bravery was under way. She fought tirelessly to keep her family and friends safe as their homes and town was overcome by Nazi’s. A German Captain moved into their home which made for a very intense daily life mixed between fear and rage. The climate became even more dangerous and the Nightingale’s efforts became more successful. Vianne’s daughter Sophie became her beacon of light while Antionne was away in the war. She took into two other orphaned children as their parents were seized and taken to camps. That became her war cry. To save the children left behind. As the story of love, bravery, unbearable struggle and reality of life at that time envelops the reader you begin to feel every nuance as you are there yourself.

Kristen Hannah’s writing transported me instantly into that scary world. I read in tense suspense, cried at the despair and felt the wave of overwhelming love as the conclusion of the two women’s lives reveals itself. Ugh! You guys! The BEST!!!! I would recommend it a million times over! You don’t have to be interested in history to get swept up into this story! It was breathtaking!

So as promised we are officially starting our Life with Lipstick On book club!!! I can’t wait to book worm it with you girls! Here is how it gonna work. I’ve created a Life with Lipstick On Book Club Facebook group. Make sure you are signed up there to follow along with our announcement of our February book coming soon and for the date of our review on Facebook Live. It’s going to be so fun! Make sure to send in any reading requests too! I plan to keep our genres really diverse!

2018 in review

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As we get closer to the end of the year, I wanted to look over what my goals and visions were for this past year and see what came to fruition. Remember how fun our Goal Setting Gathering was this past January?! I was blown away when I sat with my vision board for a bit and really absorbed how amazing putting my goals into vision. Some of these images and thoughts seemed so impossible and so big. I can’t even begin to describe how cool it is to look over this vision board and see literally everything that I felt like was so unattainable come to reality.

  1. I wanted to focus on traveling this year as family. I wanted to make camping a priority specifically. This year we spent almost a week at Newport Dunes and had one of our best family vacations yet. The girls rode bikes for hours, Erik and I unplugged a bit and we just soaked up the summer sun. We also had been saving and hoping to get a travel trailer at some point in our future. We have been renting trailers up to this point which we found a bit limiting financially. We were eager to get our own and be able to adventure whenever we wanted. Last month, we found a perfect trailer and snatched it up! We are off to our first camping getaway in a couple weeks. We have at least four more trips on the books for 2019 in our cute little trailer.

  2. Marriage was a huge focus for me this year. I wanted to build our marriage up on a foundation of love, consistency, faith, investing in each other and simplicity. With two kids and a lot of changes in our personal world it was getting hard to stay connected and keep our relationship easy and consistent. This year has blown me away in our marriage. I feel like the work and dig in we committed to has paid off ten fold. Not without a huge amount of prayer, humility and grace.

  3. Our home projects were on my list this year. I firmly believe that your home should be your safe place. It should reflect all your favorite things and give you energy. We finished our built in, living room, fireplace, chicken coop and dining room this year which really changed the whole feel of our home. It’s such a happy, cozy place for me.

  4. I made 2018 my year of strong connection with the girls. We have always been really close but as they get older I want to make sure I am all theirs and they know it. I wanted to continue to build our bond stronger and stronger. We have had so many fun adventures, hard lessons, belly laughs, sparkles and snuggles this year.

  5. Self care and self talk is a struggle for most of us girls right?! I’ve always been confident but as I settle in to my mid thirties I wanted to lean into myself and grow. I wanted to tap into what made me anxious or stressed. I wanted to try and learn about what motivates me and what makes me stop in my tracks. What makes me beyond giddy or super content. I wanted to make exercise in some form a regular habit and did so by rejoining my favorite gym T3 Fitness. I dove into self growth podcasts, bible studies and books.

  6. I wanted to learn photography this year. Now, I can't claim any real talent in this arena but I did really get some new skills under my belt. I learned how to work my fancy DSLR for the most part and learned how to edit in Lightroom. I still have super long way to go but made some major progress this year.

  7. Lastly, I wanted to host. I wanted friends and family around our table. I ended up hosting around 10 different fun soirées with my friends this year and loved every second.

Charcuterie board tutorial

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charcuterie board

There is nothing I love to serve more at a gathering than a gorgeous chartruterie board. I feel like there is an anatomy to creating a well rounded and beautiful board. Here are some of the tips and tricks I’ve found make the process super simple!

To start, you need to decide how large of a board you are going to fill. I have three different sizes on hand. It’s nice to have a couple to feed larger or smaller groups. For this particular gathering I was hosting I wanted my largest board. I love this one because of it’s handles to make serving super easy.

charcuterie board

There are countless pairings you can do when it comes to what you add to the board. I like to include a couple staples and favorites or at least categories.

You will want to have a variety crackers, meats, nuts, dry and fresh fruit, pickles, olives and garnish. I like to have around 3 types of each category.

charcuterie board

I included every day finds all from Trader Joes.

Here is your shopping list to replicate this exact board:

Crackers: Trader Giotto's Rosemary Italian Style Crackers, Fig and Olive crisps, Sharp Cheddar Sourdough Cheese Sticks 

Meats: Salami, Prosciutto and Capocollo

Nuts: Sweet and Spicy walnuts and Fancy mixed nuts

Fruit: fresh pear, pomegranate seeds, dried apricots and dried cranberries

Cheese: Smoked Cheese, White Stilton with apricots and Creamy Toscano soaked in Syrah

Pickles and Olives: Cornichons and Marinated Olive duo in lemon and herbs

Garnish: fresh Rosemary and Sage


charcuterie board

Place three white ramekins in a triangle shape in the center of the board about 2 inches apart.

Stack each type of cracker in a star shape next to each of the ramekins

Add the cheese next to each cracker pile. I like to make sure the lighter colored crackers are paired with the darker cheeses to make a contrast in color. For example, pair the Stilton next to the Fig and Olive crisps and the soaked Toscano with the plum edges next to the Rosemary crackers.

Next add in the meats. I like to fold and twist the slices to make them look less stiff. Tuck in the pieces next to the cheeses.

Divide the pear slices and fan them in a pile on opposite sides of each other on the board. Do the same with the dried apricots. The fruit will create a cross if looking down on the board.

You should be getting fairly full by this point with just a couple holes. You can easily fill the holes with little clusters of nuts and dried cranberries.

Fill each of the ramekins with the olives, pomegranates and pickles.

Tuck in the rosemary and sage for pops of green.


Gifts for boys

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We have a lot of little guys we shop for this time of year. A total 6 boys in all ages. We love gathering some fun ideas for our cousins. The girls love outdoor activities so we keep our focus on outside fun for our picks. We imagine lots of puddle splashing in these rain boots and camo vest. They can set up a fun backyard camp complete with walkie talkies and camping story book for boys night. The girls have this laser tag set and we think it’s hilarious! It’s one of Erik’s favorites. This kids size golf set is perfect for the little budding athlete. Lastly the endless fun to be had with this kids razor and helmet.

Gifts for boys

Gifts for girls

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We had a really fun time getting together the girls’s picks this year. Dance has become a big hobby so we focused on dance gear a lot. They chose new hip hop shoes, tops for jazz, water bottles, caboodle for show makeup and personalized gold dance bags. Capri has shown some major interest in drawing and is actually a pretty good little artist so we added in some cartooning books and fancy colored pencils. We couldn’t pass up some serious Disney swag like sparkly gold Mickey earrings for Peyton and sparkly Minnie ears for our Disneyland trips. We thought this pink electric scooter was the coolest along with sparkly cozy things like this metallic moto jacket and faire aisle sweater.

Gifts for girls

Black Friday Sale

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Fall inspired pizza

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You will be the belle of your Thanksgiving ball with this fall inspired Spinach Artichoke Pizza! I whipped up this bad boy for our Friendsgiving lunch and it was our number one hit with close second being this Spicy Butternut Squash and bacon option. I love the ease of a flatbread style pizza and I tweaked my main recipe a handful to keep my time and mess as low key as possible. I literally got all my ingredients from Trader Joe’s! Make sure to check out my doctored up, easy peasy stuffing from last year! You won’t be sad about it!

Spinach Artichoke pizza

Fall Inspired Spinach Artichoke Pizza

You will need for sauce:

1 T unsalted butter

2 cloves minced garlic

pinch of red pepper flakes

1 T all purpose flour

1/2 cup milk ( I use 2%)

1/4 c half and half

1/4 t sea salt

1/4 t ground pepper

pinch paprika

1 heaping spoonful cream cheese

2 T grated parmesan cheese

For crust:

Trader Joes Pizza Crust ( can be found in the bread aisle- it’s in a two pack and rectangle)

For toppings:

8 oz grated mozzarella cheese

1/2 package of precooked Trader Joe’s Just Chicken ( found in refrigerator aisle)

1 bunch baby spinach

1 6 oz jar marinaded artichoke hearts

1/4 cup shaved parmesan cheese

1 T grated parmesan cheese

To make:

  1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.

  2. In a medium saucepain on medium low heat, add in your butter to melt. Once melted toss in your garlic and red pepper flakes. Stir frequently for about 1 minute. Whisk in flour for 1 minute.

  3. Slowly add the milk and half and half constantly whisking. Add in salt, pepper, and paprika. As sauce gets thicker, turn up the heat a bit and cook for 2 minutes. Whisk in the cream cheese and parmesan until all melted. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

  4. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper to keep clean up a cinch. Lay your pizza crust on the parchment paper.

  5. Spread the warm sauce over the top, then half of the mozzarella cheese. Add the chicken, spinach and artichoke. Finish her off with the last of the mozzarella.

  6. Slide the pizza into the over for about 12 minutes or until all cheese is melted and golden. Sprinkle with shaved parmesan and grated parmesan. Let cool slightly before topping your favorite cheese board with this beauty. Slice and enjoy!

  7. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.

Holiday party looks for girls

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holiday party looks for girls

I gathered up all the prettiest dresses, accessories, outerwear and shoes for your little ladies. Nothing cuter than a little girl who feels fancy! These picks are great for a fancy Nutcracker evening, Christmas day or a holiday party.

Holiday party looks for girls

Gifts for Mom

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Time to spoil those mamas in our lives wether it be our own mom or our mother in law. These ladies are such MVPs! Help make them feel pampered with cozy slippers or personalized scarf, loved with a personalized calendar filled with your family pictures, and pampered with a pretty bauble or luxurious fragrance.

Gifts for mom

Gifts for Teachers

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Teachers can be tricky to shop for! I always want to give them something special but not to personal. Tough!! This year a lot of you were requesting a guide for teachers gifts and I was up to the challenge. I’ve gathered up all the best gifts at super reasonable prices to spoil your kiddlets teacher. From classroom treats to yummy sweets to beauty indulgences, I’ve got you covered!

Gifts for teachers

10 must have Disney Cruise essentials

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We are Disney Cruise bound tomorrow sailing to the Bahamas for our annual girl’s trip. My mom, the girls and I are cruising for our 5th time and can’t wait! We are packing our last minute essentials and wanted to share our must haves to take full advantage of all the Disney fun on the ship!

Disney cruise

1. Ears! You can’t go on a Disney vacay without a little Disney swag! Last year we did personalized pajamas for Pluto’s PJ party. This year we got cruise themed ears! These are fun to wear as you board the ship, at the Bon voyage party or just to dinner!

Disney cruise

2. A cute coordinated family outfit for boarding the ship. There is a handful of cute photo ops as you board the ship. We always go with a nautical look of stripes. The characters are roaming around all in their nautical gear too.

Disney cruise

3. Door magnets are a fun kid’s activity. We got personalized door magnets a couple years back and the kids get such a kick out of labeling our board room ours for the week with their cute mini ears and nautical outfit magnets. A big percentage of the staterooms have decorated doors from other guests so it’s fun to add your own flair to your door.

Disney cruise

5. Princess dresses for a night you want to be fancy or for a princess activity. We always have our dresses ready for a fancy night. It’s so cute to see the girls in all their glory.

6. Warm layers are something we have found the most helpful. The ships can be chilly so having a pair of pants or a sweater is really helpful. We always make sure to pack cozy sweats for the girls for when they come in from the pool with wet hair and are chilly for their afternoon activities.

7. Comfy cruise clothes that you can relax in. We have learned that Disney is so relaxed and so easy breezy with it’s dress code. We love that we can wear sundresses and a sweater for most any of the dinners or shows and feel comfy. Having loose comfy clothing let’s you make belly room for all the yummy treats.

Disney cruise

8. Trading pins have become a must have. We started our lanyards on our second cruise and it’s become a great evening activity. We gather up some good pins we are willing to part with ( aka buy a handful fo to trade with the best collector pins on the ship. They even host a Captain’s pin trading night where all the officers of the ship gather with their pins to trade. The girl’s were honored with special Officer Pin awards last year. It was a huge highlight!

Disney cruise

9. You want to be ready for Mickey’s Pirate Party. It’s a total blast! The ship provides themed bandanas but it’s fun to go the extra mile for the party with some easy costumes.

Disney cruise

10. We find that we don’t get off the ship much outside of exploring Castaway Cay. There are lots of fun picture ops on this special island. The characters venture off the ship in their island gear and are so fun to mingle with. We plan for our cute swimsuits and cover ups this day. We have our annual picture of the girls over the years next to the big Cay anchor and it’s such a fun memory.

Disney Cruise

We are off to sail on the Disney Dream this year and couldn’t be more excited! We have had the best time each year and it just never disappoints. Between gormet food, Broadway worthy shows, character meetings and a million other activities it’s virtually impossible to not have the greatest time.

Best gift for the ladies in your life

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plum pretty sugar

We all have that one lady on our shopping list that is tricky. The friend who seems to have everything, the mother in law you want to make a good impression on, the little ladies that you don’t want to have any more toys or the bridal party that you want to spoil. I have you covered this year with the most luxurious gift for any and all of those ladies. Plum Pretty Sugar is the ultimate gift for anyone looking to give something special.

plum pretty sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar has created the most gorgeous feminine loungewear with the softest materials. I feel like a princess padding around my house in these stunning pieces. Having something pretty to slip into for the day really sets the tone. From robes to pajama short sets to bridesmaid dresses, Plum Pretty Sugar has a little treasure for everyone on your shopping list.

plum pretty sugar

We are getting to the age with the girls where they are wanting to be big girls and be like mommy. When I saw these sweet mini versions of this lavender lace robe, I just about died. They felt so fancy in their special peices. These luxurious robes are perfect for matching sister sets or bridesmaid robes.

plum pretty sugar

Gifts for the Hostess

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gifts for the hostess

Friendsgiving lunch

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As I’ve gotten older I have grown to value my friedships so much! I have gathered quite a group of different ladies as my inner circle but man are they all crazy special to me in their own ways. I wanted to celebrate these girls with a Friendsgiving lunch.

After visiting Napa a couple months back, I’ve been in love with the easy breezy entertaining style of that area. I envisioned a menu full of Thanksgiving flavor but all family style. I wanted this lunch to be no fuss but still fall inspired. I chose a variety of flat breads and yummy mixed salads.

For our setting, I made soft blues and rustic tans my main pallet. I added foliage from my yard to give settle pops of color. A coastal feel always is my go to favorite so of course we added some of that ambiance with crisp white china and stripped napkins. My favorite fall accent was the sweet custom made maple leaf place cards from Delovely Designs. I think any custom element makes guests feel like you put in some extra love for them and it works as a great little party favor.

Holiday entertaining essentials

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holiday table

The holiday season has fully commenced and I am in major hostess with the hostess mood! To kick off November, I am hosting some of my favorite girls to a luncheon for Friendsgiving. I love setting beautiful tables. I feel like the effort really sets the tone for the party and let’s your guests feel how important they are to you by making it pretty. Over the years I have gathered some tried and true staples to make any table theme gorgeous. Here is my round up of home entertaining holiday essentials that work with any season and feel.

Gold flatware goes with everything for every season. I grabbed 6 settings of this gorgeous flatware last year and find they are all I use now for entertaining. They elevate any place setting and give it a little shine with a modern design.

Neutral chargers are my staple. I use these ratan chargers for literally every gathering. You have seen them in both Fall , Spring and Christmas gatherings. They go with everything and give a nice texture to a tables cape

Candle sticks add a little height and drama to your table. I like level changes through my settings. Simple candle sicks allow guests to still see each other but get some ambiance.

Serving bowls and platters are the most basic essential in setting any table for a gathering. No matter if it’s a potluck or a full spread it is lovely to have a cohesive feel to your serveware. I like to mix strong white peices with airy glass bowls for salads.

Versatile drink ware can both serve for everyday use or for any gathering. I keep a nicer set of plastic cups both big and small on our exposed shelves. They look pretty and are super handy to grab when entertaining.

Basic white china can be mixed and mingled any way you like. I registered for this beaded white china for our wedding and still use it for every gathering 11 years later. It’s simple yet the beaded rims add a little sweetness to my tables without being to distracting.

Lots of seating is a must! We just updated our dining room and have capacity for 8-10 seats at our new dining table. I keep a handful of extra chairs that match tucked away for occasions with more guests. That way you don’t always need to keep the leafs out on your dining table but are able to accommodate extra guests if needed.

Cheese boards are the chicest appetizer display in my book. If you have been following my Insta stories you know I am having a complete obsession with charterturie boards. They are perfect in any setting.

Speaking of snacks, make sure to have plenty of cute snack bowls available to add to your cheese boards, scatter around the house or add to your tables for smaller condiments.

Tween makeup

Beautykacee geoffroyComment

Hello awkward tween age!!!! We aren’t quite in it yet with Capri but it’s coming and it’s going to be glorious. We have a friend who’s daughter Lilah is 12. For her birthday she asked for a makeup session with me. How cool am I????!!! Lilah’s mama Kristi suggested we hit 100%Pure to keep her products as clean as possible, which I thought was an amazing idea. The whole line is gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, natural and fruit pigmented. I hear all the time that so many women have no clue how to make themselves feel beautiful with makeup. Either it intimidates them or their mom never taught them. I feel like it’s such a skill to teach our girls. To not only educate them on how to take care of their skin with basic hygiene but also teach them how to highlight their own beauty in a natural way. It can only help them in so many occasions to know how to put their look together and put their best foot forward.

lilah makeup

Now a little background on why this mama trusted me with her babelet. I have been in the beauty industry for 11 years with my hair and makeup biz KG Hair and Makeup. My whole philosophy when it comes to beauty is to accentuate and highlight each person’s individual beauty. Kristi knew I would have a light touch when it came to keeping my recommendations and lesson very age appropriate.


I wasn’t super familiar with the 100%Pure line so it was really fun to get my hands on the products and educate myself on the goodies. I also find it really important to learn about our own features and learn how to properly. Lilah is starting into puberty with a little acne but nothing big. We wanted to address that to give her tools to feel confident through that fun phase. I really wanted to focus on ease also. I chose products that didn’t need a lot of fuss or finesse.

Here is what we chose and why…

Luminous Primer - “Silicone-free, vitamin and antioxidant-infused, luminous primer makes cosmetic application last longer and flawless; fills in lines for smoothness while light-reflective pigments diffuse flaws and illuminate for a healthy, glowing complexion.”

Why? a. makeup goes on so much smoother when skin is prepped with a primer. It also helps create a barrier between skin and makeup. I asked Lilah if she liked a dewier look or something more matte. She liked mine (personal high five) which is on the dewy end. Tween skin can be on the oilier end so we are going to watch that and see how the Luminous formula looks on her.

Powder Foundation- “Talc-free, fruit pigmented® powder foundation absorbs oil and reduces shine with medium coverage, mattifying rice powder. Made with nourishing fruit oils.”

Why? a. I was between the Powder foundation and Tinted Moisturizer . I loved both but figured the powder would be more user friendly for Lilah and less likely to get over done. I wanted to get something that would even out any redness and blur any of the new little pimples that may come up.

Cheek and Lip Tint- “Designed for double duty as both a cream blush and lip tint. Made with vibrant fruit pigments, plus shea and cocoa butters for intense skin and lip-softening.”

Why? a. I loved the simplicity of a double duty product. We chose the color Pink Grapefruit Glow which was the perfect light pink for her fair skin. I showed her how to apply it lightly on the apple of her cheek. When using tints like this you want to build the color slowly. Pat your ring finger on the product and tap the color on to get a good read on how color is building. You want to mimic a natural flush.

Satin Eye Shadow-

Why? a. I love a cream eye shadow for ease of application. You can apply a swipe of a creme eyeshadow with your finger and you are good to go. Simple and pretty! I didn’t want to jump into blending lesson with Lilah yet. I explained to her how her eyes are almond shaped with a monolid so she knew how to describe her eyes and work with their unique shape. I explained the goal with her eyes would be to open them up and keep them bright. We chose the color Bahamas for it’s soft flesh color shimmer.

Ultra Lengthening Mascara- “Lengthens and separates lashes without clumping, smudging, or flaking. Coats each lash with conditioners and natural pigment from black tea, berries, and cocoa.”

Why? a. We definitely didn’t need the lengthening aspect of this mascara but wanted to give Lilah some darkness on her light blonde eyelashes. She has the prettiest blue eyes and I opted for the Blackberry color for her. It’s a really gorgeous deep plum color to pop her baby blues. I explained to her that plums and warm brown colors are best for her blue eyes. Another great option would be a brown mascara but I thought the plum was something a little fun and different for her.

What 33 taught me

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Life with Lipstick on

It's my birthday!  Year 33 has been a good.  There has been a lot of building, reworking, learning and refocusing this year all wrapped up in a lot of joy!  Mid 30s I think bring lots of self development and lots of juggling.  I learned a couple key things this year.  

1.  It's okay to be exactly who you are, all the time.  Thank you Enneagram test for leveraging that real self talk! 

2. It's totally okay to not be crushing it at everything all at one time.  I finally eased into the reality of not needing to be achieving my highest levels of success at every moment.  Each life category has it's shining moment at it's own time.  

3.  Girlfriends are like gold.  No one replaces my mama but man have I found lifelong bonds this year!  Trusting these girls with my victories and defeats has been incredibly good for my soul. 

4. It's okay to cry and just not be okay for a little while.  Then we put on our big girl panties and get on with it. 

5.  To flip that coin, it's really okay to celebrate the crap out of victories big and small! 

6.  Personal growth sets you free.  If I'm not growing how am I getting closer to super woman status?

7.  Forgiving doesn't mean they won.  It just means that YOU are no longer mad.  So much power in that.  God handles everything always how it should be. 

8.  God really shows up!  All the time! 

9.  Fine lines are just a real thing.  They are coming in hot and who the heck cares.  

10.  It's okay to be a little fat and happy now and then!  This 34 year old body is pretty okay. 

11. Saving money sucks all the time.  But having that extra $$ when you need it or want to splurge is heaven! 

12.  Standing up for yourself and for others matters.  If you don't who does?  

13.  God has a specific plan for me. He knows exactly the woman I am now and who I am to become.  He knows the wife and mother I will be and He's got it worked out.  Man is that reassuring to not have to worry about that.

14. I cackle when I laugh and it's a lot but it's okay

15.  34 looks good!

Inspired by: Black Leather Jackets

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black leather jacket

Look one is the perfect athleisure approach to a leather moto jacket.  Layer on your leather jacket  over a grey sweater and white t-shirt for a cooler day.  Add comfy yoga pants and black sneakers and you are set for a day of errands.


Look two is one of my favorites.  Pair your leather moto jacket over a comfy black dress for an edgy feminine mix.  Add some studded sandals and practical tote bag for a day of running around with the kids or lunch with friends. 


Look three brought to you by the queen of effortless chic, Jen Aniston.  No one does it better! Top your cozy scarf over a leather jacket, add black jeans and tan riding boots for the chicest way to run around town.