Life With Lipstick On

What 33 taught me

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Life with Lipstick on

It's my birthday!  Year 33 has been a good.  There has been a lot of building, reworking, learning and refocusing this year all wrapped up in a lot of joy!  Mid 30s I think bring lots of self development and lots of juggling.  I learned a couple key things this year.  

1.  It's okay to be exactly who you are, all the time.  Thank you Enneagram test for leveraging that real self talk! 

2. It's totally okay to not be crushing it at everything all at one time.  I finally eased into the reality of not needing to be achieving my highest levels of success at every moment.  Each life category has it's shining moment at it's own time.  

3.  Girlfriends are like gold.  No one replaces my mama but man have I found lifelong bonds this year!  Trusting these girls with my victories and defeats has been incredibly good for my soul. 

4. It's okay to cry and just not be okay for a little while.  Then we put on our big girl panties and get on with it. 

5.  To flip that coin, it's really okay to celebrate the crap out of victories big and small! 

6.  Personal growth sets you free.  If I'm not growing how am I getting closer to super woman status?

7.  Forgiving doesn't mean they won.  It just means that YOU are no longer mad.  So much power in that.  God handles everything always how it should be. 

8.  God really shows up!  All the time! 

9.  Fine lines are just a real thing.  They are coming in hot and who the heck cares.  

10.  It's okay to be a little fat and happy now and then!  This 34 year old body is pretty okay. 

11. Saving money sucks all the time.  But having that extra $$ when you need it or want to splurge is heaven! 

12.  Standing up for yourself and for others matters.  If you don't who does?  

13.  God has a specific plan for me. He knows exactly the woman I am now and who I am to become.  He knows the wife and mother I will be and He's got it worked out.  Man is that reassuring to not have to worry about that.

14. I cackle when I laugh and it's a lot but it's okay

15.  34 looks good!