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Whole30 Week Two Recap

kacee geoffroyComment

We are halfway through!  Phew this a is major long 30 days!  We heard all the warnings of the dreaded week 2 of Whole30.  Most of the reviews we read or people we had talked to said that week 2 is the worst because the "newness" has worn off and now you are getting into the nitty gritty.  You are pretty over your standard recipes and over the food prep.  That was us this week!   I also had a big obstacle with my cousin's bachelorette party last weekend.  The drinking wasn't really a big issue it was more what to order to eat.  This was my first dinner out and I also being with a lot of people.  I just didn't to make a big deal about watching my intake.  I studied up on my approved cocktails  ( sign up for my newsletter to get the recipes of my favorite mocktails) and looked over the menu before hand so I didn't have be super annoying with 20 questions and changes to the waitress.  I decided on a Tonic water with lime for my drink and was shocked when it came.  It tasted sweet!  So weird!  I thought maybe the bartender had added a  splash of Sprite or something yummy.  It was to good!  I had my cousin taste it and we even sent it back to make sure.  The second drink came and it was just as good!  Score for me!  The flatbreads at Seasons 52 came next !  Danger zone!!!  They ordered 4 for the table and man did they smell amazing. Thank goodness for a healthy restaurant pick though. I would have been screwed if I was up against bar food.  I decided on Cedar Plank Salmon with veggies and smashed potatoes.  I was such a happy camper.  Crisis averted!  Also this week was the unwelcome visit of "that time of the month"  I am a major PMS chocolate eater and that has been a bit tricky.  


No bloat feeling

Pretty skin- no but seriously I feel like my skin looks so happy and dewy

Sleeping better- I am a light sleeper and found myself recently waking a lot throughout the night.  I noticed this last week I have been noticeable sleeping better. I also added herbal tea to my night time routine and I think that has been helpful too. 

Coffee without sugar is getting better- I am not a huge coffee drinker but more like the morning routine of it.  I typically sweeten my coffee with Stevia drops and was majorly missing that last week.  This week I found I needed to swap the Coconut milk I had been using to Almond milk.  I was getting horrible gas.  I am so much better now with that little switch up.  



Wine still is quite missed

Sluggish- this week with PMS grossness and catching a cold I felt so sluggish.  I went to bed around 8:00 two nights in a row.  

Cranky- again this could have been the PMS but man was I crabby this last week.  


Erik seemed to make it through his week pretty well at work which was great!  We have to batch meal a bunch of things for him so he can grab and go.  Our lifesavers this week have been this hash with a couple fried eggs on top.  Erik also is a big protein bar guy so he was happy to find some approved LARA bars to much on when he was in a pinch.  I am also getting myself a "zoodler"  because a. I like the word zoodle and b. because I think it'll be fun to mix up our veggies a bit.  Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for exclusive recipes.  This week will be all the mocktails I've tested and am loving!