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The Talking Shirt

kacee geoffroyComment

As moms we have that moment of "what the heck am I doing"  feeling most of the time , no?  I have no idea of what I'm doing is ever right or if any of the lessons are ever sinking in.  What I do know is that I adore my little ladies and they have the kindest hearts.  My mom always tells me when I'm struggling with motherhood, that leading by example is the best lesson you can give.  Kids see everything and they are our biggest reflectors.  The moment I became a mother to my girls I thought long and hard about how my parents raised me and what kind of mother my mom was.  She always instilled love and tough love but the biggest lesson I took away and my biggest character trait is confidence.  I always felt that confidence was the key to any success I ever had. The number one thing I pray I enstill in my girls is confidence.  I think this can be tricky in our time.  With the faces of young women being celebrated for wearing the most makeup and the most revieling clothes.  Don't get me wrong, I wore some pretty itty bitty outfits in my time #brittneyspearsera . I wonder in our time what my girls will face in their future.  What struggles will come their way.  I want to arm them with love and give them the armor of self confidence to tackle all that is ahead.


 I've teamed with The Talking Shirt in spreading this message. Their whole company inspires me and I love what they stand for.  They have taken adorable designs and driven them with a message that "kindness is always in style".  As a gift to all you confidence builders, hug givers, positive message mamas out there, use code KEEPTALKING at and receive 20% off all online orders.