Life With Lipstick On


kacee geoffroyComment

For the last couple years we have been traveling for Thanksgiving.  This past year my mom and I headed out to our annual Disney cruise while my dad and hubby work or travel themselves ( they can only take so much Mickey ) Last year we decided it was sad to not be together on Thanksgiving so we bumped up our trip to this week.  Problem solved!  We hit the Bahamas and make it back in plenty of time for turkey and time with loved ones.  

For family holiday's I feel like I hit the jackpot when I claimed hosting Easter!  My sis in law is a great hostess and always tackles Thanksgiving.  She is a great cook and we always have something delicious and unique additions to our feast.  I always aim for to bring something super yummy and fabulous. Any of you girls have a killer recipe for this year?  I've done stuffing a couple years back and mac n cheese 2 years ago.  So I need a really good one to up the ante on my mac n cheese!   It was LEGIT!

That being said, I am planning my most turkey dinner friendly outfit so I can do some major work on all yumminess! This turtleneck is perfect!  It's nice and blousy but still has cute little peak a boo cut outs in the back to add a little interest.  Top it with a festive scarf and you are ready to all the food!  

Photos: Corey Morgan