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Floral Wrap dress

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I'm on this major "clean up my life" kick right now and really trying to tighten up our routine with the kids to help them be less messy! The messes are on another level!! We are tackling the deep cleaning and the projects that have been shuffled to the side.   I decided to break our chores down so I didn't lose my mind cleaning and the girls can tackle each day's task quickly.  We are three days in and it's going well!  No my house isn't all clutter free but we are making some major breakthroughs with my little piggies!  Any clean up tricks you mama's have had success with?  

In other news, this bomber jacket is getting so much play with fall!  I paired it here with a purple shift dress and today with a floral wrap dress.  I also wore it over the weekend with distressed jeans, flats and a tee. Favorite peice in my closet right now! Why wear black when you can mix it up with olive green?

Photos: Corey Morgan