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Plaid wrap skirt

Fashionkacee geoffroyComment

We have been having so much fun decorating the house, planning school parties and holiday dance shows this last week!  I have fully embraced my inner "dance mom" at this point!  She has been waiting patiently to come out and it's go time! Both of the girls are in jazz right now while Capri still does ballet at a separate studio.  The jazz girls are performing at the Mission Inn's Festival of Lights this year and I'm dying!  I live for this stuff!  Us moms have gotten together for full sequin domination on the girl's performance shirts.  We have gloves, leg warmers and bows that rival the size of a bowling ball in the works!  Going to be the cutest thing I've ever seen!  

I also need to brag for a second and say I have crushed my shopping list this year!  Granted, I only have like 5 gifts to buy but still worth noting!  We don't go overboard at all on the girl's gifts.  Growing up we got about 4-5 gifts and it was just perfect.  

My Black Friday and Cyber Monday picks are rolling in and I am so giddy!  We have plaid top, velvet top, this adorable wrap skirt, super chic booties and some over the knee boots!  Winning!!!!  Do you girls get anything fabulous for yourself? Share! Share!