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2017 Goals

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Happy 2017!!!  Man , 2016 flew by!  We had a wonderful year last year and I pray for more of the same!  I love making goals and plans and so resolution time makes my heart happy!  Here are some of the plans I have for 2017! 

                                        This just makes me laugh!!!   via

                                        This just makes me laugh!!!  via


Learn photography ( I signed up for an course yesterday and am so fired up to dust off my DSLF and make my brain work! ) 

Time block -ie crush my days more efficiently

Spend at least 30 minutes each day on house cleaning ( not excited about this one but know it will be worth it! )

Drink more water

Create a personal savings account ( get intentional with my spending) 

Enjoy the process - I can get so into planning mode than I forget to enjoy and savor where I am currently. 

Be mindful of what brings me the most joy

Pen in time with friends twice a month

Take more adventures with my family

Plan and stick to date nights

Read one educational and one fluffy book each month

Educate myself on more holistic methods for my home and family