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Mommy Monday-Back to School, chore charts and picky eating

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So many mommy things going on this summer!  We have had the best summer and never want it to end!  With that said, we went to school today to drop off our next year's tuition (OUCH $$) and our principle mentioned that our school year packets are coming in the mail early next week!  Yay!  I wasn't expecting them for a while!  Something about these packets gets me all excited!  I love paperwork and schedules and stuff!  I love inputting the school calendar, looking over the supplies list and thinking on back to school cute outfits.  We will also find out who we are getting for teachers next year! So pumped!  The girls are going into  3rd and 1st grade which is just the saddest!  I feel like time is going to fast!  So anyway, back to cute outfits. I LIVE for back to school outfits!  I have the best memories of my mom taking me to The Limited Too ( anyone with me on how "little girl chic" Limited Too was??) We would go for hours and do fashion shows and pick out loads of cute things for the new school year.  We'd go home and do another full fashion show for my dad. To fun!  Of course, this is one of my most favorite things to do with my littles.  If you have followed us for a while, I'm sure you have seen our Instagram fashion shows.  They are VERY serious!  We don't start back to school until after Labor Day and last year I made the rookie mistake of waiting until the end of August to do my back to school shopping.  So many schools in our area go back mid August and I'm seeing all the sales pop up now.  This mama is not messing around this year!  I've hit our favorites and saved so much $$.  We destroyed Old Navy, J.Crew and Cotton On Kids.  Peyton is very into dresses and will rarely tolerate shorts.  Capri got funny last year about ruffles so we are now into a sportier look.  We are doing stripes, white denim, comfy dresses but really no frills.  She is super girly but the ruffles just didn't make the cut.  It stays so hot in our area until about October so I didn't put to much attention on winter items yet. I will go through ZARA and Gap later in the year for warmer things.  Here are some of the things we got.

In other news, we have started chore charts.  Capri is getting to the age were we need to start instilling the value of money and saving.  Both girls have been spoiled with loads of luxury travel but we aren't big toy consumers.  They very rarely get any toys are goodies outside of their birthday and Christmas.  Still, chores are on the radar.  We officially started our charts two days ago and neither of them have completed their days.  KILL ME now!! I'm talking easy chores too!  Like making their beds, brushing their hair etc.  Come on now!  To much frolicking to do apparently.  So hopefully today is the day.  We worked out a system of $5 a week for all their chores completed every day and then bonus chores for .25 each.  Capri is saving for an American Girl doll and Peyton (little sissy that she is) has no real clue but says she is going for an American Girl doll too.  Any other mommies have luck with getting this chore chart biz?  

I also had a major mommy win this  last week with a dinner that they would eat!  Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!!  Man these two have pulled a fast one on me in the eating department.  One eats broccoli sometimes and other won't at all.  One eats pbj and the other only pb and honey!  This goes on and on!  I made them ravioli the other night and you would have thought I was trying to poison them!  I tried my luck with a toss together crockpot meal and WON!  I had 4 chicken breasts that needed to be cooked so I tossed them into the crockpot with two jars of salsa, approx. 1 ts coriander, chili powder, cumin and garlic.  I cooked the chicken on low for 8 hours then shredded it and left in juices to warm.  I found a random can of refried beans in the pantry. We topped whole wheat tortillas with the beans, sprinkled on mexican cheese and topped both with the chicken!  Both girls gobbled up their burritos and gave a thumbs up!  I WIN!!!  Anyone else have a go to meal that the kiddies will eat?