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Kitchen farmhouse sink

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There were a couple changes I made to my original kitchen plan and the sink was one of my favorite switch ups.  I thought that I could save a buck by putting a stainless steel undermount sink and call it a day.  As I festered more on it, the idea of mixing metals that close to each other was bugging my eye.  I was dead set on a brass faucet and brass hardware and I felt that the stainless steel sink would though my off.  Not to mention would be harder to keep clean looking. 

Once I had decided that I was going the farmhouse sink route, I went on the hunt for something in the right size (36 inch) and reasonable. I wanted a single bowl option.  I found a great option in the right size at Ikea but the apron wasn't long enough.  This was apparently a thing that I didn't know I was supposed to pay attention too.  I moved onto another option on Amazon  and ordered the longer apron to find out that this option was now to long for our cabinets.  Kill me now!!!! I jumped back on Amazon and ordered the shorter version of the white farmhouse sink. This time was perfect!  It's such a simple piece in the kitchen but I feel like adds so much!  So worth the shopping around! 

In my research, I was shocked at how many cool farmhouse style sinks there were.  There are stainless steel options, textured white options, copper and even black sinks for the edgy kitchen.