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Gifts for Kids

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I am so giddy with my shopping picks this year for the girls!  We aren't a big toy family and the girls rarely get gifts outside of their birthday and Christmas.  I found some of the cutest presents this year that I can't wait to surprise them with!  Here are some of my favorites! 


Best Christmas gifts for kids

1.  iPod Nano- if you have followed my Insta Stories you are familiar with Peyton's epic dance shows we get each night.  I am so excited to load up all her favorite tunes for her to rock out with. 

2.  Polaroid Instax Mini - Capri went to her dance competition team party a couple months back and I really wanted her to be able to take pictures of her and her friends since mommy's weren't allowed.  This is the perfect camera for her for next time! 

3. Mind Blowing Science kit-  I love interactive, activity gifts.  This kit has tons of cool learning projects. Perfect for school age boys and girls who have everything.  

4. Mancala- BEST board game ever!  

5.  Luminous Skateboard- a skateboard that lights up!  I more discussion!

6.  Teepee- perfect for the little ones to snuggle in with their books and toys.  My girls still love having slumber parties their big teepee at nana's house!  So cozy!  

7.  Off Broadway puppet theater and Medevil puppets- so adorable for any age!  Create your own show and work that imagination!  

8.  Lemonade cart- The girls LOVE selling lemonade and other odds and ends in the summer.  This cart makes their little entrepreneur endeavors all the more official. 

9.  LIFE board game- this has quickly become one of our family's favorite game night picks. 

10.  Kids Kayak- This gift makes me so excited!  This will be Capri's big Santa gift.  We visit Balboa Island often and each time we visit she befriends any kids that have one of these kayaks. Eventually she hijacks it completely.  Now she has her own to adventure with!