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What topped my Christmas wish list

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I sat down a couple weeks back after a lot of nagging from my husband for my Christmas wish list.  I just couldn't think of anything tangible that I wanted.  We typically don't exchange gifts, but this year decided it would be a fun change.  I thought and thought about all the little things that I wanted and just didn't come up with anything that I cared that much about.  It made me realize that what I really wanted for Christmas was time together.  Isn't that the most precious thing you can give another person, is your time?  

Erik and I both have very busy schedules. To be honest ,we more often times than not, feel like strangers passing in the night. One heading this direction and one running in that direction. School, homework, dance, work etc etc etc.  A law enforcement life sorta looks like that and definitely a family with young kids does.  I can't say that I have anything to complain about because if anything it has taught me to prioritize our time and really value what time we do have.  If that means, missing events or scheduling a date night weeks in advance, then that is what it is. We have luckily made it work but not without effort.  If you have followed my insta stories for some time you know how many times, I look over to see my romantic movie night partner dead asleep. 

So this Christmas, I asked for time.  I've asked for a long drive to a explore a new city.  I've asked for a night of playing cards by the fire.  Just slow, quality time to connect. Cheers to you and your loved ones getting that quiet time to focus on each other and create priceless memories.