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Power of girl's weekend

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I had the most amazing weekend!  If you follow my Insta stories you know how bougie and gorgeous my weekend has been! I would hate me!!  After the holiday's I felt so in need of a break.  Not to say we didn't have a really great Christmas and New Years, I think we can all agree the holiday's are a lot of hustle bustle.  I was ready to get organized and back on track with goals and plans for an exciting 2017 but needed a little kickstart.  

My grandma lives in Washington on Bainbridge Island and every January and February she comes to So Cal to beat the winter.  We typically spend the couple months on Balboa Island at our favorite beach house that we have rented for years but this year we decided to mix it up.  This time of the year is always so special for our family.  I have a really close family whom I adore and it's so beyond reviving to be together!  We sit around and talk for hours, take little excursions, see movies we're all wanting to see etc.  Nothing really major ever is on the agenda but our time together is all we need.  We love it!  In leu of Balboa Island this year, we decided to move grammy into  Pelican Hill.  It was beyond heaven!  She moved into a three bedroom villa bigger than my house!  It is magical!  The views are incredible and we had the best time!  

I dropped off the girls with my mother in law on Friday night and high tailed it to meet my mom and grammy that night.  We had an awesome dinner then tucked in by the fire and talked until 1:00 am.  Nothing like hours of girl talk to clean the brain!  The next morning, my mom and I woke up and did some yoga and headed to Lido Village for some shopping! I had been wanting to visit there for a while now and particularly wanted to play at Serena and Lily!  Both my mom and I are obsessed with home decor and projects right now.  I am starting on the girls rooms in a couple weeks along with kitchen reno right after and mom has a bunch of rooms she is working on at her house.  We could have left Serena and Lily with every piece!  I think mom may just might!  

That night, I picked up the girls and we had another great dinner in and snuggled in for a cozy night.  We hit the pool the next day and my 86 year old grammy played with the girls in the pool for about an hour!  She was the cutest!  

Back to reality this morning as I dropped the girls off at school after our long winter break.  I am looking forward to getting back to our routine.  I have the house to put back together, projects to coordinate and dinners to plan!  I feel so lucky to have had such a great weekend to get me back in gear!  Until next weekend Pelican Hill!