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Valentine's DIY Centerpiece

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vday floral I wanted something gorgeous for our annual Valentine's day dinner for my little family of four.  I always make a yummy dinner of filet and my kids favorite mac n cheese.  We light candles and put on fun music.  Daddy always brings home special treats for the girls and I fill their Valentine's mailboxes full of silly little treasures.  I got the inspiration from my dear friend Alice's baby shower a couple weeks back.  Fantasy Floral created the sweetest centerpieces and one of the vases was on a tray.  It was all white ceramic and had multiple small vases attached to the tray to create a great high-low effect.  Here's my take….

What you will need:

variety of vases (2 large, 3 medium and 2 small)

glass paint ( I used Martha Stewart brand)

your favorite flowers  in a variety of colors

sparkly string and pink and purple paper to cut your x and o ( I used the Cricut)


1.  I picked up a variety of vases and even salt and pepper shakers from the dollar store. Be creative! You could even use a mixture of vases from flee market or from around house.   I picked out this festive cherry red glass paint and applied 3 coats to all of the vases.vday vase paintvday vases

2.  Pick up your favorite blooms from farmer's market or favorite flower shop.vday flowers

3.  Cut their stems and start arranging to your liking.  I like a variety of sizes and quantities in each vase.  I've always heard the rule of thumb is keeping flowers in odd numbers.vday flower arrrange

4.  I used my Cricut to make sweet little x and o for Valentine's day and glued them to sparkly ribbon I hand on hand. vday xo closeupvday xoVoila!  An inexpensive, fun project that will jazz up your table for the month!  I did end up glueing my vases to the tray to keep the whole project in tact.