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Tutorial Tuesday : How to spice up your ponytail

Beautykacee geoffroyComment

Let's be real!  The main reason I have two inches of hair is because I have no patience to do anything with my hair on a daily basis.  For you ladies that aren't ready to take the short hair plunge I've got your "go to " ponytail spiced up.  

Step 1:  Using second day hair or loosely curled hair.  Douse hair with a good dose of dry shampoo to give hair some grit. 

Step 2: Gather hair to crown of head and secure with clear rubber band. 

Step 3: Braid your pony tail and secure at bottom with another clear rubber band.  Pull and tug braid to create loose look as you like. 

Step 4: Wrap a small amount of hair around the bottom rubber band and fasten into braid with a bobby pin.  

The key to this look is that is effortless yet so chic.  This is a great look for an evening out or even the gym.  Super versatile.  

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