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Tutorial Tuesday: 2 minute Side Bun

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Most of us busy girls have two seconds to get out the door and look chic! Always seems impossible but don't you fret!  I have started this new series to help you hustling ladies out!  I will go through various quick tips and looks to help you get out the door looking fabulous!  I will also give my top product recommendations below so you can get situated with the right tools.  

To kick off our first Tutorial Tuesday, we have this super cute and simple side bun. 

Step 1:  Start by loosely curling hair or best on second day hair that is already curled.  Blast hair with a good dose of Dry Shampoo to add some grit to hair. 

Step 2: Gather hair to side and fasten near lower ear.  Pull rubber band down a little  to loosen. 

Step 3: Split ponytail into two sections and loosely twist them around each other to bottom.

Step 4: Wrap the twisted ponytail around the rubber band to create bun.  Keep loose so make sure bun looks casual and effortless

Step 5: Fasten around the bun with a couple pins.  Fluff as you like. Mist with hairspray.

Products to create this look below

See full tutorial in pictures here!!