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Summer workout outfits

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It was time for me to get my booty back into gear and start working out again.  If you follow my insta stories you know I started BBG before our kitchen remodel.  I hung in there for about 6 weeks but found with my schedule it was tricky to get my workouts in.  Now that I'm back on my wellness game, I've started daily workouts with Tone it Up and am following their nutrition plan.  Both are really conducive to my summer schedule and I'm feeling great!  The nutrition plan focuses on clean eating 5 mini meals a day!  That is my favorite type of eating because I get to stuff my face constantly!  FAVE!!  I am not a picky eater and love all healthy veggies and fruits. I've been whipping up veggie packed frittatas for quick mornings, chopping up fruit and munching on super yummy salads with all the veggies I can find.  I've also upped my water intake to 90 oz a day which keeps my system flushed and my energy up.  I am horrible at water drinking so I'm making a super conscience effort to mix up my infused water options and this must have bottle with me all the time to sip on.  The workouts are great because they are quick on most days.  I even break them up  into morning and night deepening on our schedule to feel less daunting if it's a longer 40 min workout that day.  Because working out is that much more fun in super cute workout gear, I've rounded up my favorite summer J.Crew Sport items for you!  Everything but the sneakers are 30% off right now with CODE YESPLEASE!

summer workout outfits