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Summer vacation planning

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We are so hot on summer vacations at the moment and are trying to narrow down our game plan.  We are rustling around with a road trip up the coast, a Disney vacay or a beach camping trip. I am notorious for coming up with fantastic family vacay ideas and then not researching enough to make for a perfectly seamless trip. One year, we were going to drive up the coast and make a ton of great planned stops.  Capri was about one and half  at that point and I figureded it would be totally fine since we had rented an obnoxiously large RV. We ended up driving for 10 hours straight because I hadn't made camp site reservations and we slept in an empty parking lot.  It wasn't my best work.  Since then, I've gotten more efficient!   I am in for a beach camping trip and am working feverishly on finding the perfect place to meet our criteria.  I jumped on  Bing to help me on my hunt. My must have list is major…camp on the sand, bonfire option and beautiful surroundings.  We are circling around Monterey, Santa Barbara or Orange County. bing-2418 Using Bing new Rewards program, I am able to search all the options of our trip and earn spending points to all of my favorite places.  I plan on buying all the snacks, entertainment and gear for the trip with my Bing Rewards points.  Literally you get rewarded for searching!  #winning!!!  bing-2425

To get on the awesome bandwagon,check  into your iPhone IOS settings and switch your search engine to Bing. Then, create a Bing rewards account and you can get points (good for gift cards) for doing internet searches on your iphone too. Pop on Bing rewards for details, but if you do a lot on surfing on your phone, it’s worth signing up.


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