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Mommy Monday- Stuck in a rut

Mommy Mondaykacee geoffroyComment

As you know, the girls have been back to school for a couple weeks now.  For some reason this year, it was really hard for me to get back into a groove.  The first week back, I felt like I was a little aimless. I have had a list of to do's growing by the second but I couldn't get myself sorted out enough to tackle any of them. I really noticed myself not really interested in getting ready for the day in anything but workout clothes.  Not that I was really working out though.  I hate the feeling of non productivity and am used to getting a lot done in a day. This odd feeling of lack of ambition was really thick and I didn't like it at all!  I decided enough is enough of that!  I decided to get my act together and get back to my normal kick butt routine and feeling great.  

Here was my plan: 

First, I decided to tackle myself.  I took a long shower, slathered on some tanning lotion ( I feel like tanning lotion solves a lot of issues - if you can't tone it, tan it :)).  I whitened my teeth and got myself in for a hair cut and color.  BAM!!  Already feeling a little better.  I decided to get dressed up a bit even just to pick up the kids from school.  I put on my makeup and off I went. This can seem so trivial and superficial but I think my rut was something of not feeling great about my appearance too.  Once, I put in a little more effort my focus came back in line.  

Second, I started making tight plans to workout again regularly.  I don't love to work out but know it does wonders for my productivity and doesn't hurt in the body either!  I've gotten back on the train with my Tone it up workouts and am doing regular yoga too.  Yoga is a savior for me!  

Thirdly, I made a master list of what I wanted to accomplish that week and a plan on how to get it done.  Little to big!  I packed our fridge with healthy food, meal planned for the week, made sure we had pencils and erasers set aside and ready for homework and mopped the floors.  I took a look a head at my work needs and made a plan of attack on scheduling and emails.  I did all the laundry and organized the girls clothes back in order. This alone made me feel so in charge.  

Lastly, I picked out a new outfit for a date night with my guy. It was a funny feeling going gapping specifically for a date night outfit. We have been married 10 years now.  With crazy work hours, his new position at work and me with the kids schedule, it can be really tough to plan/justify a date night.  Nevertheless, I was a woman on a mission!  I put together an outfit that made me feel pretty and we loved our night. I can't say I've woken up this week with the same pep in my step but I plan to repeat steps 1-4 and tackle this week again like a BOSS! 

Anyone else feeling like they have been a little "stuck" lately?