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"Someone you love"

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Dallas Clayton "Stand here and think of someone you love" - Dallas Clayton.


So I did.   I thought of my biggest gifts of all time my baby girls. I thought vividly of their perfect little faces and sweet little hands.  I thought of my handsome husband, who at any moments notice sweeps in and protects me from everything scary and can make me laugh until my tummy hurts.  I thought of my parents, who constantly and unconditionally support my every thought and whim.  I thought of my friends who endlessly listen to my gibberish about fashion and makeup until their eyes glaze over.   This could take a long time...

This week I attended my second ALT Summit conference, Dallas Clayton spoke at our last keynote and to be honest I hadn't heard of him. He casually jogs up the stairs with messy, long hair, rainbow sneakers and old sweater with his illustration on it. He begins to ramble on, looking at the floor and pacing around the room about funny and nonsensical topics about his adventures.  Where was he going with all of this? He goes on to say there are " no rules" which seems very fitting considering his casual approach to this whole thing. He says "have an adventure".  Again not surprised by this.  He goes on and that's when it clicks and we all feel it.  He encourages us to get our noses out of our phones and computers and live our lives.  Go get lost.  Go have an adventure.  Have stories to tell.

He finishes his talk with a portion of his still untitled new book.  I was moved to tears.  The man writes the most incredible, moving, hilarious children's books I've ever heard.  He is the modern day Dr. Suess.

I can't get my hands on his books quick enough.  I want my girls to hear what I heard and feel what I feel.  I want us to have stories to tell.  I've decided to give my littles each of his books on Valentine's Day.  I can't think of a better way to "think of someone I love".

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