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Snuggle in

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After the festivities of Thanksgiving, I love to snuggle in and ease into the Christmas spirit. I am usually still in a food coma and not feeling that ambitious. One of my most favorite past times is snuggling up on the couch or in bed with a great Doris Day movie. One of my all time faves I have watched for years with my mom is "Pillow Talk". We would snuggle up in my parent's bed with cookies or a grilled cheese and giggle for hours watching Doris Day and Rock Hudson fall in love. I can't wait to start that tradition with my little ladies.

I'm Kacee and I hail from Sunny So Cal where I live with my hunny Erik and two daughters. I am a wine loving, lipstick obsessed, fashion crazed, hair and makeup artist. I journal my fashions, beauty tips and some of my favorite things. I hope you enjoy the little things that make me happy!