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Grey and Black

kacee geoffroyComment

After a super slow to 2016, I'm excited to hit the ground running after a couple quiet weeks.  I have been slowly getting to my to do lists, organizing the house and getting back into the girl's school and activity schedules.  I'm also excited to announce that our new website for my hair and makeup business is launching this week!  Yay!  It's been 8 years now and I'm excited for an exciting fresh look for my company.  

I  decided to make one of my goals this year to get dressed every day.  I mean " really dressed" not the "I may have a covered up version of my pjs from school drop off" dressed, I've been sporting.  I had a couple meetings and errands to do this week so kicked off my schedule with this dark grey and black outfit.  I love these heels because they are edgy yet still super comfortable with a slightly smaller heel.  

Cheers to an amazing 2016!

Photos: Corey Morgan

Jacket and this option under $75,  Top, Pants, Bag, Heels, Sunglasses, Bracelet