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Porch swing and Sun Tea

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I came across this gorgeous porch with perfect swing and couldn't help but think of tea and summer.  It's heating up here in Cali and I've been hankering for sun tea.  My mom used to make batches of it with Nestea in the summer time when I was growing up and I wanted to make my own with some fun variations! porch 2

I found this great and super easy recipe on Free People Blog  and can't wait to give it a whirl!

You will need:

A glass jar with a lid (I used 24-oz. mason jars) Lemons Tea of your choice Fresh mint Distilled water


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What to do: 

1. Sterilize your jar by washing thoroughly with soap and water. Making sun tea provides an ideal situation for bacteria growth, so this step is very important!

2. Cut a lemon into slices. Add a few lemon slices and some mint to your jar.

3.  Add some tea bags to your jar, and fill to the top with distilled water. I made three types of tea: three mint, chamomile, and jasmine green tea. When it comes to the amount of tea bags, it’s better to use more than less. You can always water your tea down later if it’s too strong. I used 3 tea bags for each 24-oz. jar, and I felt that I could have definitely used another!

4. Set your jar outside in direct sunlight for at least 2 hours. The higher the temperature and brighter the sun, the faster your tea will be done.

5. Check your jar after a few hours. The darker the color, the stronger the tea will be. I left mine out in about 70-degree weather for about 5 hours, and the tea was the perfect strength for me

I want to try variations like, raspberry/ orange or blackberry.  So refreshing!!!  What variation would you try?