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Plaid Frolicking

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There is nothing I love more than my two littles!  I have the best little built in buddies and man are they fun!  We have been working our way through our Christmas bucket list.  Our favorite past time is picking out the saddest little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We like the most pathetic one.  This year we found our keeper and man is she mini.  We got her home and fluffed her up with a string of tinsel, gold beads and loads of our favorite ornaments.  Peyton is the notorious ornament crusher in our family ( 7 last year) and tried her best to not be a klutz and destroy some on day one.  Poor thing can't help herself!  Thank goodness for our Elf Sugar who I enlist to help keep her little fingers off the tree. We feel like she is happy now with all her holiday fluff!   

On Capri: Beanie, Coat on sale now,  Sweater on sale now, Jeans, Boots

On Peyton:  Dress sold out but similar here, Boots sold out in brown but love these and these