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Plaid cape

Fashionkacee geoffroyComment

We had a fun and pretty relaxing weekend! On Saturday night we met up with some good friends to try the Eskape Room.  Have any of your tried one? Here's how it goes, you are given clues and puzzles to try and escape your room.   You are trying to smart your way out of a room basically.  Once you have figured out all the clues and decoding you can unlock the door with one of the codes.   So to give you the whole picture, I was going with an attorney and two police officers.  I was obviously going to be completely worthless in my "decoding knowledge" .  It was so much fun though! We ended being in an expert room which was definitely expert!  Even our guys couldn't figure some of it out!  I can't wait to go again and try a beginner level to redeem myself and my smarts! Overall a great double date!