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Palm Springs vacay packing list

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    I am so giddy to be heading to Palm Springs with my guy next month!  We used to make this our annual trip and haven't been able to make it happen for a couple years now.  I booked us at The Saguaro which I have never stayed at before.  I love the bright, retro vibe of the hotel and can't wait to lounge poolside all day!  So excited!  Of course, my outfit situation is in full force!  I can't take a mini vacay without an outfit!!

Palm Springs packing list

     Here's what my overnight bag will be holding!  I like to keep my packing really simple when we travel.  I wash and wear my hair on most days or blast it with dry shampoo.  Throw on sunnies add a little color to my cheeks and hit the pool.  I have officially embraced my one piece life and love a good bright swimsuit for a day at the pool.  Erik and I like to keep our dinners out simple.  We like to walk to a new restaurant or explore after eating.  A comfy sundress and slides makes for the perfect evening outfit.