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Living room inspiration with Modani Modern Furniture

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When it comes to home decor I think a lot can be inspired from fashion.  Fashion is such a fun way to show your sense of  personal style and what you gravitate too. I believe your home can be the same.   My home has always been my oasis and my safe place.  It was a welcome hug after a long day. I love to come home to all the little personal things that  made me happy and the people shoe I love the most. We have lived in our home for almost 8 years and we are still trying to completely make it our own.  I find our family room to be the nucleus of our home.  It's where the kids play with theirs toys and books.  It's where my office has been built in. It's where the dogs snore on their overstuffed dog beds.  It's where my hubby and snuggle in with a glass of wine at the end of the day and watch our favorite shows.  It's the center of our play and relaxing time together.  Although this room is beyond functional, I think every room in our home should be beautiful as well.  Modani Modern Furniture's pieces are classic yet with a clean, modern twist.  I love the structure of Modani Modern Furniture's collections and consider them basics.  Just like a basic go to outfit a great room needs great bones.  The accessories can be changed out to create a different feel but the basic pieces stay classic.

I've inspired my new living room by my love for this simple neutral and white ensemble.  I love the freshness of white with the coziness of the rich tan.  It's dressy but still totally comfortable and lived in.  Just like this room will be.  Kacee from Life with Lipstick On

Living room decor-Life with Lipstick On

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