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Like to Know it-Why You Need To Use It

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This week I asked you guys how many of you know what Like to Know it is and how many of you have no clue.  The polls came back 50/50.  Some of you know what it is and use it in different ways and some are missing out the awesomeness of the tool!  I'm here to demystify it all so you can easily find all the fab pieces I am curating ! 

 Let me give the skinny on why you may want to use Like to Know it!  You may already use it, but there are so many ways to maximize your shopping with different Like to Know it tools you may not be familiar with.  

Like to Know It is here to save your life, well not really, but it is definitely here to save you tons time! It is an easy way for you to shop via Instagram. Once registered, you only have to ‘like’ my photos and Like to Know It sends you an email (usually within 5 minutes) with the links to every item I am wearing or showcasing!


1. Go to and watch the tutorial video that pops up (under the sign-up button).

2. Register (takes 2 minutes, and it is completely free)

3. Come to my Instagram and ‘like’ one of my photos. Within 5 minutes you will have an email that has all of the outfit details in it!! It will have pictures of the items that, when clicked on, will send you straight to the store that I got it from to check them out!

4. If someone doesn’t have the exact item they are wearing linked, it is because the store doesn’t work with rewardStyle. You can usually check out their blog and they will have a link there to the exact item!

5. You can also shop directly from the LiketoKnow.It website itself! You can keep track of everything you have liked on Instagram under the ‘My Likes’ tab, that way you never loose the outfit! You can also shop all of your favorite blogger’s posts, but adding their Instagram handle at the end of the URL. For example, you can shop all of my posts here:

By taking two minutes to register, you will save yourself hours of time! You can also use the app.  


1. Download the Like to Know it app

2.  Screenshot any of my images.  The heart symbol is a giveaway that the image is Like to Know it enabled.  Not all enabled images will have the symbol but most will.  

3.  The images you have captured will all be collected in your app for you to shop.