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How to apply lashes like a pro

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How to apply lashes

Lashes can be the trickiest thing when it comes to completing your look yet the most important when you are trying to make an impact. There are a few tips and tricks I've gathered in my years of dance and as a makeup artist.  Here are my tried and true techniques to make lashes a breeze!

Step1: Choose your lashes.  I prefer individuals for a fluffy natural look but strips really bring an impact and can be easier to use on yourself.  Demi lashes or half lashes are even easier and can really look pretty natural depending on the length and style.  

Step2: Measure lash to lash line.  Not all lash beds are the same length and you will go crazy if your lashes are to long.  Gently lay your false lashes on your lash beds and eye ball how much length needs to be trimmed.  Remove lash and using small lash scissors trim false lash as needed.

Step3: Using Duo glue, make small dot onto lash package of glue.  Dip the end of a pair of tweezers into the glue.  Apply in a thin even coat to the bed of the false lash line.  

How to apply false lashes

Step4: Blow on glue to make glue a little tacky.  Bend lashes to make playable.  After about 10 seconds lay lashes onto the middle of your lash bed. 

How to apply false lashes

Step5: This is going to be the ticky part. Don't panic!  Using the tweezers, gently adjust lashes to meet inner corner as well as out corner.  Press lightly with tweezers to make glue adhere as you like.  Keep eyes low or looking down for a couple  more seconds to allow glue to dry.  

Step6: After glue has completely dried, lightly apply 1 coat of mascara if you'd like.

For full tutorial on how to apply individual lashes check my article for Momtastic.