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Home Management Binder

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I shared this genius and super simple life hack last week on Instagram and you girls had such a strong response so I decided to do a more thorough run through of how amazing this binder is and how you can create one for your household. Show that paperwork who’s boss!!!!


Here is what you will need:

A large 3 ring binder

zipped pouch

page protectors

pocket folders

Nothing makes me feel more in charge of my gig than having my paperwork organized like a maniac. Anyone with me?! Mom’s really are the command center for all the moving parts in our family’s lives and it’s so important we keep tabs on all the info to keep ourselves sane. With that though, our family should be able to find info for themselves too. Anyone in our home can find what they need because we have adopted the Home Management binder. No more paper shuffling or lost info.


When it comes to breaking down your binder into categories, I have a couple suggestions but really it’s up to you and your family’s activities or your personal projects.

Some suggestions of categories:

Front pocket: most pertinent projects ( bills, rsvp, grocery list, etc)

Pouch for gift cards

Personal paperwork: workout plan charts, mom related projects ( your business’, side hustles)

Kid’s School: Hot lunch schedule, School year schedule, class projects, fundraisers, field trip info

Kid’s activities: Dance, Sports, Girl Scouts, Music lessons,

Home projects: Business cards of your home laborers ( landscaper, dog groomer, plumber, electrician etc) All contracts, flyers, brochures for home projects big and small

Recipes: recipes or food ideas that you want to try when you are stumped for weekly meal planning

Vacations/parties: vacation bookings and itineraries, party invites ( wedding, baby shower, kids parties etc)