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Friday Festers

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How to organize my ever insane workspace in the most lovely way!  I'm making progress!  Needing #4 in my life asap!



For all you parents out there, this is so funny!  Still laughing!



Summer grilling is on the brain!  I am obsessed with grilling everything right now and these veggie burritos look incredible!


I'm super excited about summer nights and concerts! I am doing a girl's night to see Rascal Flatts but also have the Move Tour and One Republic on my agenda as well.


We went to my daughter's ballet show this past weekend. I literally live for these events.  Dance shows and school parties make my world go round.  Seeing the gorgeous performances, made me miss my dance days.  How amazing is this piece from a recent So You Think You Can Dance?! I'm pretty sure I stop breathing every time I watch it.


I'm off to a magical 4 days of Mexican getaway amazingness!  Can't wait to hear what sort of summer agendas you have in mind.