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Friday Festers

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Happy Friday! Hope you've had a fabulous week and are ready to the long holiday weekend! Don't miss my top 10 Memorial weekend sales! You won't be disappointed!  This week has been all about organization, cleaning and catch up.  It's been a busy couple weeks and a couple days of down time catch up welcome! What are you festering on this week?  Any good restaurants, sights or topics I need to know about?! beach chair

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This week and basically forever, I am obsessed with candles.  I collect them all the time and have a pretty impressive stash of delectable options to make our home smell yummy and fresh.  This week I've burning my faves from Voluspa and Anthropologie


I am so excited for summer fun and these adorable beach chairs are the perfect beach ready accessory. I'm planning on salty hair, toes in sand and fresh lemonade.


A couple of my girlfriends have been making their own cleaning products lately.  I am typically more into buying whatever I need and get the job done quick.  I am trying to be more conscience of the chemicals in my home and found this great article about how to make my own cleaners simply at home.  Sign me up!


Girl crush alert!  I adore Emma Stone and even though this video has been circulated heavily for about a month, I can't take how funny she is!  Who looks that gorgeous rocking that hard? It was a close battle Jimmy but  Emma killed it!