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Friday Fester

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I'm very on the fence with the ear cuff trend… I think they can be fun and edgy but not sure if I'm cool enough to rock it. How gorgeous is this DIY ear cuff. After seeing this I just may be on board.


I am always on the hunt for an artist that is a bit nautical, a little retro and keeps my interest.  In the last couple years I kept coming across Gray Malin's work but never connected the dots that all of these incredible pieces were his.  I love all his work but always gravitate to his beach scenes. My new obsession is to have one of his pieces in my home so I can fester on it daily!  Something about his work makes me so happy as art should.


We have been patiently waiting to visit our favorite you pick blueberry farm and it opens this month!  Can't wait to try my hand at this amazing Blueberry Mojito recipe.


I'm dreaming of dutch doors and summer breezes.


What are all you pretties festering on this week?