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Fresh fall skin

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I've been off my schedule in the finest way this summer.  We have frolicking and sun basking our days away and it's time to get back on the skin care program.  I have stubborn melasma from the couple pregnancies and fine lines have started to creep in.  I swear the day I turned 30 I found fine lines.  Not fair!  I'm on the attack and here are my go to power punchers in the skin care department.  

Morning:  I start with cleaning my face with a gentle cleanser.   I wipe my face with toning pads to clean off any excess dirt.  Next, I apply a brightening serum to help with the melasma.  Next, I add eye cream and a light moisturizer.

Night: To take off my makeup, I cleanse again with my gentle cleanser.  I next, apply a scrub to my face for one minute then scrub for another minute to exfoliate dead skin.   Once a week, I apply a more intense Brightening serum to handle the melasma.  I add my eye cream and slather on my night cream.  

Bonus: Once a week, I apply a mask depending on what issue has cropped up that week.  If I feel like I need a little clarifying for blackheads, I go for a clay mask.  If it's that time of the month, I opt for an acne mask.  I also adore this Brightening mask for a dewy finish.  

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