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Fresh faced beauty- Tory Burch

BeautyLorely Meza1 Comment

I get asked a lot to chanel Tory Burch's fresh faced natural makeup often!  I'm not surprised!  She is the epitome of understated chic and her beauty routine is no exception!  Here are my recommendations in achieving the "Tory" look  yourself.

tory collage
1.  Using your fingers apply Tinted Moisturizer all over face and neck.
2.  Blend a couple swipes of concealer/highlighter under eye and blend with fingers.  A good rule is to keep bulk of concealer in under eye closest to nose and blend down and outward as to not get the dreaded "raccoon" look.  By highlighting under the eye and by nose you are drawing attention to center of face.
3.  Using eyeshadow crayon in dark brown, draw thick line on upper lash line.  Blend with thin brush or finger to smudge line.
4.  Apply two coats of mascara
5. Brush up brows and fill in if desired
6. Sweep blush/bronzer  on apple of cheek to create rosy, sun kissed glow
7.  Apply light gloss to lips and Voila!