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Family night

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Now that it's been lighter later and our weather has been gorgeous, all we want to do is be outside.  We decided to take our family night outside this week.  Here's what's on the agenda... family fun

On the grill: Daddy is going to grill up some of our faves- chicken, corn and zucchini.

Activity: While the yumminess is cooking, the girls will be working on their scavenger hunt. Some of our favorite things to find are rollie pollies, lemons on our lemon tree, cloud shapes, flowers, and bark from the trees.

The sweet: Last but not least dessert!!!  Strawberries are fresh and in season right now so we are gobbling them up in all forms!  For family night we are going to do good old Strawberry Shortcake.  The girls love to assemble them themselves and of course load them with whipped cream!

Cheers to outdoor family fun!